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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin's "Checkers" Speech

Andy Martin says the election is over; Obama is kaput. Martin compares Palin's acceptance remarks to one of the most famous speeches in American political history, the "Checkers Speech," and says that Plain has solidified her credentials as a national candidate. John McCain made a powerful choice.

Republican National Convention doings: Part Four

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(NEW YORK, NY)(REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION)(September 4, 2008) Fifty-six years ago in September 1952, the Republican Party faced a challenge. The national convention had nominated Senator Richard Nixon for vice president. Questions were then raised about Nixon's finances. Nixon went on national television and salvaged his candidacy. But he stated that he would not return the gift of a small dog his daughters had named "Checkers." Nixon's defense became known as his Checkers Speech. He won the election.

Wednesday night Sarah Palin gave what amounted to a close approximation of a Checkers Speech.

Palin was nominated only a few days ago. Within hours, Democratic Party mud merchants began besmirching Palin. The media created a typical feeding frenzy. Palin was under intense pressure to deliver an acceptance speech that would respond to her inquisitors. She passed with flying colors.

The "case" against Plain rests on several illusory pillars.

First, Palin's Oprahesque "family situation" has been questioned. The family was there, together, Wednesday night and they were welcomed by Senator McCain. The issue of Palin's children has become so volatile that even Democratic women are now denying any role in raising questions. Left-wing South Florida Democrat Deborah Schultz steadfastly denied any basis to question Palin's role as a mother. A Democratic chorus on the Larry King show agreed. End of issue.

The second question arises out of Palin's views on social issues. She will undoubtedly be questioned on her prior assertions. Many will agree with her, and many will disagree with her. Her views on social issues are no basis to disqualify her from the vice presidency. Voters decide this one.

The third question arises out of Palin's qualifications. Here, both the media and Democrats have ignored what has always been in plain view. Palin graduated from a university with a degree in broadcasting and communications. She began her working career as a TV reporter. She is someone who has been in front of the camera and familiar with the camera for decades. Palin was clearly underestimated. Except by McCain and I.

Palin loves the camera, and the camera loves her. That's a natural talent. She will be a formidable TV presence.

Palin's experience is sufficient to pass the test for second-in-command. She is an elected governor.

Palin's views on specific issues are going to be reviewed. But here the case gets weak to the point of dissolving and borders on nitpicking. Palin may have voiced support for the infamous "bridge to nowhere" before she became governor. So what? People's views as candidates and incumbents often diverge.

There is no denying Palin sold off the state plane and fired the governor's private chef. Those were real decisions. They were made at a time when only the people of Alaska were looking. They do reflect an attitude of reform and economy.

Finally, there is the sex issue. Will she become the first woman to hold national office? I believe she will. Democrats are in a tizzy because they claim she won’t get all of Hillary Clinton's voters. Indeed she won't. But there are millions of Democrats that will vote for Palin in protest for what was done to Clinton. In what everyone agrees will be a close race the Clinton switchers could decide the election.

Women want to see a woman in national office. As I predicted, the first woman in national office, as well as the first African-American, will be Republicans.

Democrats may have become victims of their own success. They predict they will attain or come close to a "cloture-proof" majority in the senate (60 votes). I think it is too early to predict individual state elections. But as long as voters believe that Democrats will maintain or increase their control of congress, many voters will feel comfortable voting for McCain-Palin even though these voters vehemently disagree with the Republican Party on social issues such as abortion. Indeed, a McCain-Palin victory should not be seen as endorsement of conservative social issues. This team will win in spite of their views. Of course, if they do win, even without much in the way of coattails they may stem any Democratic tide at the Senate and House level.

The Republican "base" is being whipped up into a frenzy over Palin. A true social conservative has been nominated. There has been so much "red meat" flying the past two days the USDA should be alerted. Those who believe that social issues count, and those who discount the important of social issues with a Democratic congress, may combine in a perfect storm to elect McCain-Palin. Unbelievable. But true.

Howard Fineman of MSNBC and Newsweek called Palin a "dangerous heat-seeking missile" aimed at the Democrats. He is right. Keith Olbermann looked as though he and his trulove Rachel Maddow were contemplating a suicide pact.

A point of personal privilege. I have been writing about John McCain "the fighter pilot." People may have wondered what I was harping on. Read my old columns. Now you know. Johnny Mac has killer instincts. It looks to me as Barack Obama will soon have time to write his third "autobiography." He won't have to worry about moving to the White House.

Rudy Giuliani gave a fine speech as a warm-up to Palin. Giuliani looks to be a candidate for Attorney General in a McCain administration.

The bottom line: last Friday I predicted the election was effectively over. After Wednesday night I am convinced I was correct. Save this column and read it on November 6th.

It must be galling to the Democrats that the only ticket with a union member in the family is the Palin's, and that Republicans are going to win the race to elect the first woman.

As I wrote last week from Denver, Obama is and was timid. I know Barry O the same way I know Johnny Mac. McCain is bold. No one would call Palin a fading violet either. The rest, as they say, is "history." Fifty-six years after Richard Nixon gave the first Checkers speech, another Republican has electrified the nation, and possibly electrocuted the liberal media, with a new age Checkers Speech.
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