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Sunday, January 14, 2018

GOP counterterror expert Andy Martin predicted a potential Hawai’i missile meltdown - in a November, 2017 Honolulu news conference

Counterterrorism expert Andy Martin, who over the past several years has repeatedly warned Hawai’i officials they do not take counterterrorism and critical infrastructure management seriously, told a Honolulu news conference on November 18, 2017 that the Governor and his staff were guilty of “pakololo politics” and charged that state’s residents are endangered by lackadaisical preparations for a threat. Saturday, January 13th, Andy’s predictions came true and Hawaii’s officials issued a “missile attack” warning that was not withdrawn for 38 minutes. Islanders were left in panic and there was an “emergency management meltdown” in the Aloha State.

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In a November, 2017 Honolulu news conference, GOP counterterror expert Andy Martin predicted that an episode such as Hawaii’s “missile meltdown” Saturday, January 13 was likely to happen

Andy has repeatedly warned Hawai’i officials that they do not take emergency management seriously

Andy says Hawaii’s lazy media do not act as a check on the incompetence and mismanagement of Governor Ige’s administration

Andy says because of the “insular” and “arrogant” attitude of Hawai’i leaders, President Trump should appoint an independent commission to investigate emergency management and counterterror preparation in Hawai’i

Over the past several years Andy has repeatedly warned Hawai’i officials of serious counterterror risks to the Aloha state

Andy says an air of “pakololo politics” pervades counterterrorism and emergency management preparation in Hawaii

(Manchester, NH) (January 14, 2018) Counterterrorism expert and current New Hampshire congressional candidate Andy Martin warned at a Honolulu news conference on November 18, 2017 (please see links below) that Hawaii officials were repeatedly failing to take counterterrorism and emergency management seriously. Andy said he was “concerned that a spirit of ‘pakololo politics’ pervades the state, with officials from the governor on down not taking counterterrorism seriously.

“Over the past several years I have repeatedly exposed and criticized lax security procedures in Hawai’i,” Andy says.

Here is what Andy said on November 18:

“I have seen how some states and cities respond, and others ignore the perils (of terrorism and emergency management). In Hawai’i, external threats are not taken seriously.

“Do state officials and local emergency management officers know where their infrastructure is exposed? Is there an inventory? A management plan? I blame the governor, I blame state officials and I blame city officials for lack of planning, lack of management and lack of a coordinated response. This time [the infrastructure meltdown] disruption was manageable. Next time the city may not be so lucky.”

Saturday, January 13, 2018, less than two months later, Andy’s prediction of an emergency management meltdown became real as Hawai’i officials bungled a “missile attack” and took 38 minutes to issue a clarification. Island residents and visitors were in a panic.

“Saturday afternoon, January 13, 2018 I was almost out the door to lunch when my phone rang. I went back and saw the call was from Hawai’i. My Honolulu station chief was very excited and said he had just received a warning the state was under missile attack. I told him I would check out the report but it took Hawai’i officials 38 minutes to issue a correction.

Hawai’i is an increasingly one-party state where there is no opposition, virtually no oversight and absolutely no concern for emergency management. Hawai’i media likewise provide little oversight and do not act as a serious check on local corruption and mismanagement.

“Looking like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights, Saturday Governor Ige said the missile reporting disaster ‘would not happen again.’ But that is simply not true. The system is broken, not just the panic ‘button.’ Ige presides over an arrogant and incompetent administration where national security and emergency management threats are simply viewed as ‘haole hysteria.’ While Hawai’i no longer has pineapple plantations, there is a pineapple-like mentality in the state capitol.”

“The time has long since passed when Hawai’i officials should stop pretending they are an independent nation and start acting like one of the fifty states. They need to rejoin the real world. Because of its location in the mid-Pacific, Hawai’i is at the top of the terror target list. I have been making this case for years, with officials steadily rejecting any connection to unfolding events and risks facing the United States from North Korea, radical Islam and others.

“How could someone ‘make a mistake’ and ‘press the wrong button?’ Is that the way emergency management is structured in Honolulu? Did it really take them 38 minutes to figure out how to correct their mistake? Who was on duty? We need complete transparency, not flatulent promises? Was one person able to make such a serious decision without consulting anyone? Was there really a button that someone could press to warn of a nuclear attack? Who is responsible for this system? Who designed it? Are there no checks and balances? No fail-safe procedure? I have been warning about lax emergency management for years and years and no one in stat government takes the issue seriously. The result: Hawai’i leaders look like a bunch of incompetents.

“Adding to the incompetence of local officials is U. S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s effort to shift blame for Hawai’i incompetence to President Trump. Neither North Korea nor Trump are responsible for the mess in Honolulu. I have been exposing emergency management failures for years. If Gabbard really believes what her blubbering peacenik remarks reflect, she should zip it because her remarks only enroll her in Ige’s college of incompetent jerks.

“I call on President Trump to appoint an independent commission to investigate Hawaii’s incompetent emergency management and counterterror preparation. Hawai’i officials are neither capable nor competent enough to investigate themselves,” Andy says. “Governor Ige has made Hawai’i a worldwide laughingstock. That’s the unpleasant truth.”

Andy is also congressional candidate in New Hampshire’s First District.


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