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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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February 6, 2007

Hon. Henry Waxman
U. S. House
Washington, DC 20515
Via fax (202) 225-4784

Dear Chairman Waxman:

I am a little astounded by the AP reports on testimony before your committee today by Paul Bremer. I am afraid he either committed perjury, inadvertently confessed to his own mental incompetence or else misled the committee to cover-up targeted looting by Americans of cash and cash equivalents that took place under his incompetent aegis.

Mr. Bremer's claim that he served in Baghdad at a time "when much of the city was burning and looting was widespread" is delusional. I served as a Baghdad bureau chief during much of 2003. I traveled across the city and across the country, traveling alone with one Iraqi aide. We were usually inconspicuous to invisible.

Indeed, it was my columns that first concentrated attention on Paul Bremer's unfitness for the job and incompetence to perform in Baghdad. He locked himself behind his walls and seldom came out.

The City was not "burning," and while there was minor looting the overall environment quickly became tranquil and safe. I felt free to go anywhere in Baghdad; I saw no evidence of protracted post-conflict looting or burning.

What is wrong with Mr. Bremer's mind? He will indeed be a tragic figure in American history.

If the Committee would like some truthful testimony on what Baghdad was like, and some testimony on how Iraqis were rebuilding the city themselves, and we were free to travel virtually anywhere, I would be happy to come and testify.

I am disappointed, of course, that my Republican colleagues persist in defending Bremer. He is indefensible.

Fax and e-mail reach me fastest.

Respectfully submitted,




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