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Thursday, February 08, 2007






(CHICAGO)(FEBRUARY 8, 2007) The late Chicago columnist Mike Royko used to say that the motto of the City of Chicago should be “Ubi est mea?” (“Where’s mine”) to reflect the fact that Chicago was a city quintessentially built on greed, not public service.

Mike Royko, meet Barry and Michelle Obama.

Senator & Mrs. Barack Obama have become wealthy “playing the system” in Chicago, and playing up their own bank balances. Now Barack (“Barry O”) wants to be president. In a “bid’em high” contest with Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, Obama proposes free health care for everyone: Obamacare.

It might behoove us to see how the Obama family has become wealthy at the expense of their “community.”

Mrs. Michelle Obama is paid a third of a million dollars a year to serve as “Vice President of External Affairs” at the University of Chicago Hospital on the city’s South (and poor) Side.

What is it exactly that Michelle Obama does to merit being paid a third of a million dollars every year? Like her erstwhile husband, who claims he came to Chicago to be a “community organizer,” and never successfully organized anything but his own personal wealth, Michele Obama essentially does nothing for her cool third-of-a-million. She, too, is also an “organizer.”

The reason health care in America is so expensive today is because we have allowed racial and political hucksters such as the Obamas to get rich exploiting poverty and the poor. The Obamas manage to use societal guilt to pyramid their own economic success and self-importance. They are quick to play the race card to improve the balances on their cash card.

Mrs. Obama has a law degree from Harvard. Why would she want to be engaged in superintending “community affairs” when she could practice law? Because “community affairs” is where the money’s at, goofy.

Mrs. Obama’s salary has gone from approximately $50,000 in 1999 to over $300,000 after her husband was elected senator. What does she do for that money? Well, according to the Chicago Tribune, Mrs. Obama is in charge of “women and minority vendor purchases, rejuvenation of [the hospital’s] volunteer program” and a “collaborative effort” with South Side clinics to provide care for low income residents. Three hundred thousand dollars a year for that? Good work if you can get it. And good luck.

If you’re sick, do you really need “outreach” to find the nearest hospital? Not really. People know where to do to find emergency treatment, a community clinic, a doctor.

So Mrs. Obama is not saving lives, working in an “ER” or contributing anything positive to the medical environment on the Southside of Chicago. Instead of being a part of the solution, she’s part of the problem. If Senator Obama wants to find out why “health care” costs so much today, all he has to do is roll over in bed and talk to his wife. Barry, ask Michelle a few questions, painful as that may be to your bank balance.

Mrs. Obama used to work in a law firm. But at law firms actually have to work to get paid. Nonproductive people are weeded out. In “community service” organizations such as hospitals we have tolerated the creation of bureaucracies of highly paid people such as Mrs. Obama who produce nothing and contribute nothing to health care—except the improved health of their own bank balances.

Again according to the Tribune, the University of Chicago Hospital has approximately 17 “vice presidents” earning in the third-of-a-million-dollar range. What is Obamacare going to do about this kind of payroll padding that inflates health care costs? Add more people, more “community organizers,” more Obamas.

Hospitals used to be charitable institutions. Doctors would treat the indigent as well as the wealthy. It was not a perfect system but then we don’t live in a perfect world. Then the “poverty pimps” arrived. Or “poverticians” if you prefer. “Poverticians” became part of the medical landscape as part of the civil rights revolution.

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch described poverticians as people who got rich from poverty, people who made fat, easy livings profiteering from racial guilt and fears of community rebellions. A little mau mau action (ah, those Kenyans again). A little Jesse Jackson give-my-family-and-friends a franchise to get wealthy or we'll shut you down on Thursday action. In short a “reverence” for personal profit instead of community progress. In short, Mayor Koch was describing Michelle Obama.

She contributes nothing to health care except increasing the cost. She collects a third of a million dollars—tripled since Obama was elected to the U. S. Senate—to “reach out” to people who are desperate for medical attention and supposedly can't find treatment due to the “high cost of health care,” in reality due in large part to the fact that “health care” supports nonproductive people like Michelle Obama.

The health care system is “high cost” because it supports lavish lifestyles of people such as the Obama family who consume mightily and contribute nothing to the healing process.

So if you are happy to have the Obamas become rich profiteering from poverty, meet Obamacare. Obamacare would deliver “free” health care to the masses. But such treatment is available today. Obamacare would substitute today’s admittedly imperfect system for a perfect system of racial and community profiteering. We would have more people earning huge salaries to engage in “outreach” and “community development.” Nothing would change in the operating room but everything would change in the operators’ living rooms through the addition of more well-paid parasites that did nothing but get rich from doing nothing.

As I constantly like to remind people who are mesmerized by Barack Obama, what did he ever “organize” in Chicago? A strike? Heaven forefend. A successful community movement? Nope. He organized nothing except his own self-advancement. The poor that Obama claims to have organized are still poor and still there where he found them decades ago.

Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich, and succeeding; but please don’t tell me you were organizing the community when you were only organizing your own financial enrichment.

I want to be clear that that I am not saying that the Obamas are bad people. On the contrary, they are good people. They seem like a charming couple. But the “Godfather” would understand the financial reality of using race to get rich. The Obamas trained learned law school to use briefcases instead of legal briefs to advance themselves into the realm of the rich and famous.

We all want to achieve the American dream: a fancy home financed in part by someone such as Illinois’ sleazy Tony Rezko at taxpayer expense. A job where you show up and collect a cool third-of-a-million for doing nothing and contributing nothing except serving as an ornament to our societal stupidity and guilt. Today, “wealth” is being created by public agencies that bemoan “high costs” while they support 17 “ vice presidents” doing nothing.

Obama organized his resume as a “community” worker to catapult himself into Harvard Law School, then “public service” in Chicago. First he padded his resume; then he padded his bank balance. Then his wife padded hers. Ubi est mea.

Or, as Pogo would say to Barack and Michelle, “We have met reason for high cost health care; and it’s the Obama Family.”

But don’t say, “Physician, health thyself,” because the Obamas are lawyers, not doctors. Indeed. the last thing we need in hospitals is more lawyers. But that’s what “Obamacare” would provide. And Obamacare has already provided well for the Obama family.

Mr. Royko, “Ubi Est Mea” it is. And Mr. Obama and Mrs. Obama have found their “mea” getting rich off the poor. Nice work if you can get it. Code Blue anyone?



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