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Friday, March 09, 2007



(CHICAGO)(March 9, 2007) Barack Obama is a brave man. He’s not afraid--to cut and run when he sees conflict ahead.

When Hillary “Catwoman” Clinton and her bubonic mice went looking for him a few days ago, Obama said he safely ducked into one of his favorite locations, a barber shop. I hope he remembers the name of that barber shop better than the shop he wrote about in his book; that barber was fictitious.

Obama is perhaps the most effete, fey candidate to seek the White House since—I don’t know when. Dennis Kucinich?

Teddy Roosevelt called the presidency the “bully pulpit.” Obama seems to think it is a pulpit to hide from bullies.

Obama invited his pastor of twenty years longstanding to give the invocation at his announcement in Springfield on February 10th. But on the night before, Obama was not afraid to dump the preacher--to “avoid controversy.” Obama “bravely” raises religious themes when it serves his purpose; and then boldly dumps his pastor when it doesn’t. He of little faith.

Loyalty is important to me. A friend of mind steered me to my first web service nearly a decade ago. I’m still there with the same provider. In the meantime my buddy has changed Internet providers constantly. When I ran for governor, the company that printed my petitions had first done work for me almost forty years before. I believe loyalty says something to me, and I hope it says something about me. I value loyalty.

And Obama’s loyalties say something about him.

A small book publisher took a chance on a rather sophomoric book of fiction styled as Barry Obama’s life story. “Dreams From My Father” was published to modest success. But as soon as Obama became famous he was not afraid to dump the small publisher that had invested in him, and walk across the street to the mega publishing firm that paid him millions. Now that’s loyalty for you. He’s not afraid to dump those who helped him up the ladder.

I wonder if they will be there on the way down.

Barry Obama says he represents “new” politics. Today Lynn Sweet reported in the Sun-Times that Obama is afraid to release his campaign schedule:

How very “old politics.” He’s not afraid to look foolish by concealing his whereabouts. Not at all. And he’s not afraid to ask for big bucks from big donors and make a mockery of his “new politics” supporters. I hope Obama is using smoke-free rooms instead of smoke-filled rooms for his secret sessions. But then he’s a smoker, isn’t he?

Barry, stop blowing smoke in my face.

Obama wants to run a “stealth” campaign? Richard Nixon, where are you when we need you? How pretty. A public campaign for his post-pubescent parade of believers. And a secret campaign for those in the know, and the dough. How cute.

Barry wants the media, as well as the rest of us, to play his “pretend” game and not “mix it up” over the obvious mendacity of his campaign strategy.

Obama is bravest where he claims to be the boldest: in the legislative arena. Just don’t get in his way when he is running for the cellar.

I wrote about Obama during the debate over congressional intervention in the tragic case of Terri Schiavo. Where was Barack? Hiding in the basement. He wasn’t afraid to cut and run, again.

Obama has never been afraid to run and hide. When he served in the Illinois legislature Obama was always willing to be “present” when controversial legislation was on the floor. See

Obama told my muse at the New York Times Maureen Dowd that he “came up through politics in Chicago.” Tough? No way. He came up through politics in Hyde Park, a liberal bastion surrounding the University of Chicago. His base was the brainiacs, not the Bridgeport (Chicago) brawlers. The only “tough” race he ever had, against incumbent Congressman Bobby Rush, he lost. Obama is no more a “Chicago” politician than Chablis and brie are the bestselling foods of the city.

Obama told Dowd he would not “mix it up” until he could discuss “health care” or “Iraq.” With Chablis and brie. He has the real world upside down. Tough guys tackle tough issues. Barry wants to be a tough guy—in a TV studio with rehearsed answers to manufactured questions. He probably thinks the Friday Night Fights on TV were shadow boxing.

Yes, Obama has been against the war in Iraq. Or rather, Obama was against the war. Before it started, and before he reached Washington. Once safely ensconced in the Senate Obama was not afraid to do a tap dance on Iraq that would do Fred Astaire proud. Where does he stand? Good question. He wants to get out, but not too soon. Obama’s “St. Augustine” solution for withdrawal; do it, but not yet.

Obama told Dowd that his essence revolves around “overcoming a father’s absence and reconciling the strands of my background and coming out whole.” But he didn’t come out whole. That’s the problem. He thinks he’s whole. And he’s not.

Obama has sold and resold and oversold the myth of his “absent father,” the bigamist from Kenya who dumped wife number two and family number two (Obama) on the way to wife number three and family number three. All, apparently, simultaneously. Just because your dad was a cad and you survived the shame of learning the truth does not make you a tough guy.

Obama wants an end to “tit for tat” politics. Of course he does. He can’t handle the combat of the arena. The Clintons are ruthless operators. They swiftboated Barry O over David Geffen and Obama doesn’t even realize it yet. He bravely abandoned Geffen and said he would not fight to defend one of his most important supporters.

Geffen raised over a million dollars for Obama. But when Catwoman Clinton sent her mice to attack Barry he did the brave thing—yup—back in the barber shop for a “cut.” I wonder if the “Cut and Run” is the only style in Obama’s barber shop. Cut and run. And, oh, yes, it was “Take your daughter to school day.” His cell phone was off all day. Another dead zone.

The mainstream media missed the Clintons’ clear message: Obama won’t stand by you even if you stand by him.

Obama has lived life in a protected bubble. Only he does not realize that fact. First, his forgotten mother’s parents got him into an exclusive school in Hawaii. Then he went Ivy League at Columbia and later Harvard. Then he “organized” something in Chicago. But all along the way Obama has never been a real fighter.

He is a “lawyer” that apparently has never tried a case. He has never made an argument to a jury. He has never faced an adversary in the courtroom. Too much “tit for tat” behavior for him.

One of these days I am going to give in. And belly up to the bar at Obama’s Kool-Aid stand. I want some of that “Jesus-but-not-controversial” juice so I can see why it is that sane people really think Obama is anything but a crass opportunist who has parlayed a placid and pleasant and intelligent personality into a pyramid of cash and public success, all because he was not a fighter. Not because he was a fighter.

This week Vladimir Putin killed another journalist. The Iranian mullahs are plotting something. After all, Iranian oil wells are running dry and the future is bleak. Something has to give. The world is a very tough place. Who knows what is going on in Korea, the Middle East and elsewhere? In South America we face the challenge of, can you believe it? Socialism. And Venezuela’s Chavez.

Instead of “tit for tat” Barry will have to go “mano a mano” with the gang of thugs than runs the world. It will not be a pretty sight if he stumbles into the White House. Today New York Post columnist John Podhoretz predicted a “Jimmy Carter”-style administration. Chaotic, defeatist, disastrous.

Just look at the road kill Obama has bravely “Obamaed” on the way to the White House:

The publisher of “Dreams From My Father.”

The pastor of his church, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Votes in the Illinois Senate and U. S. Senate.

And a strong defense and endorsement of David Geffen when he was mercilessly attacked by the Catwoman and her bubonic mice.

And I am sure there are more.

Who’s next? Who will Obama “bravely” abandon next?

Barack the Brave. He’s not afraid to dump friends, associates, pastors, anyone and everyone as long as it is in Barry’s best interest to do so. When the battle is raging, Barry can be found: in the barber shop or the basement. Brave. Brave. Brave.

The Catwoman is already gassing up her swift boats. She won the first naval engagement. Barry got seasick when he saw her swift boats on the water, and decided he needed a haircut. On shore. Lord Obama of Hawaii was beached before he launched.

Barry (Barack) Obama: no rational person could believe Obama is even remotely capable of sitting in the Oval Office. Help. Our “long national nightmare” is just beginning. All over again.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.


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