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Friday, March 02, 2007




(CHICAGO)(March 2, 2007) Hosting a talk show and writing a column that is heard and read around the world creates a personal contact with many of my listeners and readers. You develop a sense of feel about people's expectations, and how they will react to developments in the political arena.

My views and columns are especially controversial because they advocate a balanced Middle East policy, and call for engagement and American leadership to end the endless Israel/Palestinian conflict. Yes, it could be done. If only here was the will in Washington. The Andy Martin Peace Plan is still the last best hope for a solution to the conflict. Ironically, after years of ignoring the AMPP, even our State Department is now coming around to supporting my views. But only ever so slowly and ever so quietly.

So I was not surprised when many of my pro-Palestinian readers expressed great discomfort at my columns criticizing Kool-Aid salesman Barack Obama, the current Lion King of American politics. I knew they would soon be disappointed, but I didn't know when. Despite the occasional nasty e-mail about my attacks on Obama I knew I would be vindicated.

Today's the day.

All along I have known that our ultimate Kool-Aid salesman would eventually have to drink AIPAC's own brand of Kool-Aid, and genuflect to the masters of pro-Israel machinations in Washington. AIPAC stands for American Israel Public Affairs Committee. A couple of AIPAC's employees were recently charged with espionage against the United States. I was shocked, shocked to know there was Israeli gambling, I mean spying, going on. Round up the usual suspects, including Barry Obama.

Today is the first day of the rest of Barry O's political life: he enters the AIPAC den and he kneels at the altar. He will pledge to support Israel and to spend American treasure and blood to attack Israel's enemies. He will drink the AIPAC moonshine.

Surprised? I'm not. I knew all along that Obama would surrender to AIPAC. What's to be surprised about? And so my pro-Palestinian friends will have to go through an "agonizing reappraisal" of their support for the O-Man, and have to face the same reality that Obambi has: in the Democratic Party AIPAC calls the shots. Or you get shot.

Does this mean all Jews support war on Israel's behalf? Not by a county mile. Most American Jews favor moderate Middle East policies, and many of them want a sensible peace solution. They condemn the occupation. Especially young Americans. A majority is probably against the policies of the military junta in Tel Aviv. But in Washington moderate Jews are drowned out by the din of drum beating for the militant approach of AIPAC's pro-Israel Middle East policy.

At AIPAC, you drink the Kool-Aid first and ask questions later. In fact, you ask no questions, never, ever, no how. You do what you are told. That is why AIPAC's congressional parrots routinely adopt "pro-Israel" resolutions. No matter how contrary to American interests a law or resolution may be. When AIPAC talks, politicians listen. They are afraid of being branded anti-Semitic.

And woe to those who are labeled anti-Semitic. In the 1980's Illinois Senator Charles Percy was crucified for advocating a balanced Middle East policy. Likewise downstate Illinois congressman Paul Findley was similarly drawn and quartered. When southern Democrats make statements critical of Israel they suddenly find themselves smothered in AIPAC gold. Opponents materialize, campaigns are directed, the critics are silenced.

AIPAC is already sharpening its spears to lunge into my campaign when I file for the U. S. Senate. I am not pro-Israel enough. And I am equally pro-Arab. Horrors. I face a lonely battle.

These public executions send a message, and the message is "hooahed" right down the line to candidates of every party and persuasion: march to the tune of AIPAC or AIPAC will do its best to march you out of congress.

Obama may try to use a few of his famous weasel words and call for "audacity" for peace to appear "balanced" on Israel issues but the message will be clear: AIPAC orders, I march.

Ironically, Israel's friends have done that country no good, and continue to do extreme harm to Israel's long-term interests. By suppressing American debate on our interests and the long-term interests of Israel, policy is frozen, and made in whispers instead of out in the open by the people's representatives. It is not a healthy situation.

And so now the candidate of "hope," "boldness" and "audacity" will belly up to the AIPAC bar and drink the Kool-Aid waiting on the counter. End of debate. For Obama and for America.

The Democrats are now against the War In Iraq, even though they were for it before they were against it. Now where have I heard that before? And now they are for the attacks on Iran. But only "surgical" air strikes; no ground troops, no failed occupations. And so it goes. A long as someone else's kids are dying. Wasted? No, sacrificed.

Real tasty Kool-Aid.

But there's a very bitter after taste.

Just ask President Bush. He ended up having to deny he had gone to war for Israel. Only God knows, and maybe Bush, what AIPAC's policies hold in store for Iran. But whatever they are, Barry O will be marching in the AIPAC band.

Bottoms up, everyone.

And as for my disappointed pro-Palestinian readers and listeners? Well, I told you so.

This is only the first of many disappointments Obama is going to deliver to his followers.

TOMORROW, MARCH 3RD: Obama deals another blow to his "army." The summertime soldiers and sunshine patriots will soon be defecting.

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