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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


(FORT LAUDERDALE)(March 20, 2007) Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin will hold a toll-free telephone news conference Wednesday, March 21st to announce that he has filed charges against Larry "Crazy" Korda with the Judicial Qualifications Commission in Tallahassee.

Journalists are free to call in from around South Florida and the United States.

Martin has successfully filed disciplinary charges against more Florida judges than anyone else, including former Broward Circuit Judge Paul "Marko the Barbarian" Marko, two judges on the Fourth District court of Appeal in West Palm Beach, and judges in Miami-Dade and Citrus Counties. He has also been the catalyst for other disciplinary proceedings.

Korda is the brother of former Broward Circuit Judge Miette Bernstein.

"Just a few days ago I referred to Larry Korda as 'crazy' in the Anna Nicole Smith imbroglio. I knew he was nuts. Frankly, I thought it was just because of stupidity. But it now turns out he was turning on in the courthouse," Martin charges.

"Korda has been perhaps the most reversed judge in the Fourth DCA. It may be due to his drug abuse and lassitude in the courtroom. When I say he is incompetent, all you have to do is run a check of his reversal record in the appellate court. I did a quick screen on my computer and found almost fifty (50) cases where Korda had been reversed.

"The idea that the JQC would allow an arrested judge to stay on the bench is outrageous but only points to the college of corruption in the corrupt courthouse run by corrupt mastermind Dale Ross. The idea that Dale Ross would even consider such an arrogant affront to the judicial system is proof positive something is seriously wrong in the Broward County Courthouse.

"When a Fourth DCA judge was arrested for shoplifting I filed charges that led to his immediate removal; like Korda, he was trying to stay on the court while his case was processed. Such arrogance makes a joke of the judicial process.

"I think the JQC should also look at Korda's past racist behavior, and his constant abuse of litigants which triggered many of his reversals. His abuse of Hispanic litigants may also be due to drug abuse and intoxication on the bench.

Martin is a former South Florida resident who built a national reputation for fighting corruption while living in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach; he was featured on CBS' "48 Hours" and was also a guest on the "Phil Donahue Show."

Andy founded and is the Executive Director of the Washington-based Campaign for Court Reform (202) 496-1428.


WHO: Internet journalist/editor/critic Andy Martin

WHERE: Telephone news conference:

Toll-free call-in number: (866) 295-5950

Participant code: 2090340

WHEN: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 11:00 A.M.

WHAT: Andy Martin will announce that he is filing
Disciplinary charges against Judge Larry Korda
with the Judicial Qualifications Commission
in Tallahassee

CONTACT: (312) 440-4124


------------------------------------------Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.


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