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Thursday, March 15, 2007



(CHICAGO)(March 15, 2007) You just have to wonder why people want to hide the obvious. Barack Obama’s “religion” was in the news again today, with a new round of Obama denials, prevarications and a new “modified, limited hang-out.”

Obama no longer denies he was a Muslim. Now he says he wasn’t a “practicing” Muslim. Well, I guess Obama learned something at Harvard Law School. How to lie with a straight face. Hey, “practice” makes perfect.

People in general, the general public, will accept most anything from public officials as long as they don’t lie about it. I knew former U. S. Rep. Mark Foley was gay fifteen years ago. Who cared? South Florida is a liberal place and if Foley had only come out at some New Years’ party his private life would have been a forgotten issue, not a guided missile that helped give Democrats a majority in Congress.

I am sometimes asked, “Have any skeletons in your closet?” My answer, “I have so many skeletons in my closet I can’t close the door. Which ones do you want to hear about?”

I have been lambasted by crooked judges, attacked by the Bush Brothers (Jeb and George) and generally beaten up by the power structure that I have spent a lifetime exposing as corrupt.

The Chicago Tribune unleashed a three-man “smear squad” on me last year, and published a pack of lies. The only thing missing was a female reporter to lure me into a “compromising” position. The Tribune ambushed me on the streets, reported untruths and half-truths and shaded the truth; and generally sought to smear me because one of their employees (Rick Pearson) has an obsession with me. Yup, one of those. But it didn’t hurt me and no one really cares. Sticks and stones.

Now Obama’s people are peddling thirty-five year old smears about me, and they won’t get any more traction than the Tribune. The public knows I’m honest, and the public knows I fight the bad guys. I have the scars to prove it. As a journalist, I try to be scrupulously impartial and honest. Just read my columns.

Which is all by way of introduction to “Barry” Soetoro’s past, I mean Barack “Barry” Obama's secret life in Indonesia.

Obama has a half-sister. Anyone seen a picture of her? She says she’s an advisor, but she’s kept securely locked in a closet, and only allowed to be heard when she is needed to deny Obama is a Muslim.

Today the Los Angeles Times published original research from Jakarta that confirmed my original research two and a half years ago. Yes, in 2004 I reported that Barack Obama had been a Muslim. I’m glad the L.A. Times finally caught up with my August, 2004 writing. I'm also glad all of the mainstream media around the world have, piece-by-piece, confirmed my original, and very controversial, reporting in 2004. Why did I have the story then, and they didn't?

Now I don’t really care one way or the other whether and why Obama was a Muslim in Indonesia. It’s an interesting footnote. But every time the truth oozes out, as it did again today, Obama’s staff goes crazy and flies into full Clinton-style “war room” damage control.

The Times reports that Obama was registered as a Muslim student all the time he was in school in Jakarta. Obama's sister, Miss Soetoro, denies her family was Muslim and says her relatives only went to the Mosque for “big communal events.” Well, Ms. Soetoro, have I got news for you.

There are millions of Jews who only go to synagogue for “big communal events,” such as Passover and Rosh Hashanah. And they’re still Jews. And tens of millions of “Christians” flock to churches for Easter and Christmas. And they would slap you down if you told them they were not Christians merely because they only appear twice a year for “big communal events.” And I am sure Muslims have their “twice a year” Muslims too.

So Obama’s family was just as Muslim as many Jews are Jews and many Christians are Christians. What’s the big deal?

Yesterday Obama’s press secretary trashed Obama’s childhood friends, stating according to the Times that they were telling stories “40 years old, and subject to four decades of other information.” Well, guess what. I still remember where I went to church fifty years ago, and longer. I remember going to church in Manchester, New Hampshire when I was five (!) years old.

Obama’s says he’s now a Christian, and I believe him. We Christians accept everyone who professes and steps up to be baptized. But what kind of a Christian is he? Obama asked his minister to give the invocation on February 10th, and then dumped him because the minister is too “controversial.” Barry, I have news for you too: Christ was very controversial. A real troublemaker. Still is. And he wasn’t a coward. You chickened out. Maybe you should read about St. Peter this month as we approach Easter Sunday. Will you deny your minister three times? I will be watching. So, what kind of a Christian are you? Really?

There is a little amusing sidelight to all of this Muslim-denial on Obama’s part. Until last year, Obama always reached out to the Muslim community. He sashayed around religious differences and was well thought of. As I noted in an earlier column, some of my Muslim, pro-Palestine friends were unhappy when I exposed Obama. They thought that Barry O was one of them.

That is until last week, when Obama drank the AIPAC Kool-Aid and said Israel could do no wrong. End of Muslim love affair with Obama. Obama had sold out to the highest bidder, and it wasn’t Muslims. Palestinians, to the back of the bus! Israel comes first, last and only. Especially when Hillary is watching.

So why won't Barry just fess up (he was known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia) and admit he was a Muslim and let the truth wash away his veneer of lies? No one will hate him for it. No one really cares except his campaign operation. And him.

But the longer he keeps denying the truth about his past the more people will remain interested. If you don’t believe me just go to today’s L. A. Times story and see for yourself:,1,26632.story

And while you’re at it, just remember I had that news 2-1/2 years ago. Obama lied then; he denied then. He’s lying now, and denying now. What’s wrong with the guy?

Now about the skeletons in my closet.

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