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Monday, May 21, 2007


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May 21, 2007

Dear Republican leader:

You have no doubt reviewed the weekend smear attack on me by the supporters of Steve Sauerberg. Later today I will be issuing a call for Sauerberg to condemn the hate tactics of his fanatic acolytes.

The attacks on me by Paul Miller and Michael Cohen will be dealt with in a court of law, affording these men an opportunity to make their case. I am also entitled to due process.

These men are relying on the smear journalism of Rick Pearson, a corrupt reporter at the Chicago Tribune who has an obsession with opposing me, no doubt because of his own hidden agenda. Pearson launches ambush attacks on me with no interviews, no fact checking, nothing at all. As a result, the Tribune publishes Pearson's malignant trash as fodder for people such as Cohen and Miller. Miller and Cohen are devouring the same kind of poisoned pet food that we are importing from China.

But I want you to also look at the wider picture to see what is at issue here. Miller and Cohen are not really concerned with 35 year-old court opinions, or long-since-closed cases involving me. That is not their real agenda.

Rather, Cohen and Miller are smearing me because I have a worldwide reputation as an advocate of Middle East peace. The Andy Martin Peace Plan was first promulgated in 2000. It was recently the virtual basis of a State Department peace proposal. Increasingly, the world is moving in my direction.

The pro-Israel fanatics can't stand my point of view. They want Israeli hegemony over the Middle East. That is not in the cards. So please be clear that the personal attacks on me are really political attacks.

For the past six years U. S. policy in the Middle East has been locked in the vice of pro-Israel genuflection. The result? Every day Americans are dying because of the faulty and fraudulent intelligence provided not only by the CIA but also the Israeli security services. I was there, in Iraq and Jerusalem. I know the inside. You don't. And Miller and Cohen don't want you to learn the truth.

To be fair, Israel didn’t start the Iraq war. No, George Bush and his group are solely responsible for that mess. But Israeli intelligence was clandestinely fed to the White House to justify an attack that has boomeranged not only on President Bush but also on the State of Israel.

To paraphrase President Reagan, is Israel better off today than it was six years ago, before Iraq? The answer is absolutely not. Israel is more endangered than ever before. All because of people like Paul Miller, Michael Cohen and Rick Pearson who want to make the United States Senate a subsidiary of Israel, Inc. Israel's greatest enemies are its misguided "supporters" in the United States.

Most of the American Jewish community, and most of Israel's citizens, favor an intelligent, fair, negotiated settlement that recognizes the humanity and territorial rights of both communities. Palestine and Israel must be treated equally if there is to be peace. That is what the U. N. contemplated when it partitioned the mandate. Only Likudnik zealots such as Cohen and Miller want to put Israel's right-wing in perpetual occupation.

I have news for Cohen and Miller and Pearson. I will not take their smears and hate attacks sitting down. The same types of extremists crucified Senator Chuck Percy because of his support for Middle East peace, and before Percy they crucified Congressman Paul Findley because he also asked questions about the legitimacy of our Middle East policies. Percy and Findley took attacks without responding. I will fight back.

Steve Sauerberg must condemn his extremist anti-American, pro-Israel supporters, or Sauerberg is unfit to be a candidate for the senate. My only oath of office will be to defend and support and uphold the United States Constitution, not Israel's.

I ask for your support, and I ask for you to condemn the politics of hate directed against me by pro-Israel fanatics such as Pearson, Miller and Cohen. It is time for common sense and plain talk with our friends and neighbors on the future of American policy in the Middle East. There is a role for Israel, but it is not as an occupier and terrorizer of the region that brandishes nuclear weapons and undermines U. S. security interests. American policy should be made in Washington, not in Tel Aviv.

I welcome any Jewish group or organization to invite me and to hear me out. My campaign is open to everyone, including the Jewish community. As for the extremists, I can only answer them in Hebrew: Yimach shemo, veshem zichro.

Republicans can win in 2008 if we reject extremist, blind loyalty to foreign governments and if the Republican Party again puts America First. President Bush has made serious mistakes and if we own up to those mistakes we can win. If we don't, we won't.

The attacks on my mental functioning are beneath contempt. If there is anyone in public life whose sanity should be questioned, it is the pro-Israel extremists who have helped lead America into war, and who are now itching for a new attack on Iran.

Dick Durbin took the insane position recently that he lied to the American people because he took an oath of secrecy. To whom? In reality Durbin was pressured to pull his punches by his pro-Israel supporters who were itching for war and got one. Durbin put campaign cash ahead of American lives, and the result is there to see on TV every night.

I will be writing a column to explain my views fully, and I will see that you receive a copy. In the meantime, I am posting this response on the Internet to expose the viciousness and vituperation being used to try to undermine my candidacy. Dick Durbin is afraid to run against me. So Durbin is using his pro-Israel saboteurs to try and muck up the Republican primary. Don't let Durbin get away with it.

One thing is clear: by the vehemence of their attacks, Durbin, Pearson, Cohen and Miller are proving my campaign has a winning strategy and a winning candidate. Can any other Republican make that claim? I doubt it. On to victory in 2008.

Respectfully yours,



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