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Thursday, May 17, 2007

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(CHICAGO)(May 17, 2007) Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times has been a “true believer” in Barack Obama since at least 2004. She has chronicled his rise to national prominence. But today’s column in the Sun-Times indicates that Sweet’s tolerance for Obama’s insatiable appetite for lying and distortion is ending. “Sweetie,” we hardly knew ye.

Likewise, when I began to write about Obama’s lies three years ago, no one was interested. They wanted to believe in the “dream.” The truth didn’t matter. One of these days the truth is going to come crashing down on these true believers. In the meantime, the extreme left of the Democratic Party has viciously attacked me, and forced me to become the point man in a conservative counterattack against Democratic media distortions.

Sweet is sending Obama a message today: Stop Lying! Will he heed, or even receive, Sweet’s cri de coeur? Good question. Sweet, of course, is a good deal more polite than I am. I have relentlessly hammered away at Obama’s links to indicted Chicago swindler Tony Rezko. But Sweet’s remarks today indicate that Obama’s endless litany of lies is wearing thin for his supporters in the Chicago media. When will the national media catch up?

Indeed, Sweet was much too polite. She limited herself to Obama’s lies on George Stephanopoulos’ program Sunday. She didn’t tie the entire oeuvre of Obama’s mendacity together. I will. Sweet points out that Obama lied when he said that he went to influence peddler Rezko for help buying a “first” house. In reality, Obama lied because he had already purchased a house and his latest mansion was not an innocent first purchase by an unsophisticated rube. He wanted Rezko’s juice, and he got it. There was no “boneheaded” mistake as Obama claims. Obama, moreover, was a practicing lawyer who was familiar with real estate law and financing.

Stephanopoulos, of course starts from a prepared script and lacks the ability to zero in on Obama’s lies. Obama went on to tell Stephanopoulos Obama didn’t take money from “lobbyists.” Sweet pointed out that he had, regularly. In his presidential race, Obama even has a lobbyist on his New Hampshire team.

It appears that Michelle Obama is also addicted to untruths and half-truths. Sweet was miffed when Michelle misled Sweet by removing campaign appearances from the “public” calendar because Michelle’s stops were “private.” Apparently it all depends on your definition of “private” and “public.” When is a presidential campaign fund raising stop “private?” Bill Clinton would be proud. He has a way with words too.

What Sweet left out, unfortunately, was the sinew that ties all of Obama’s Rezko lies together. Obama was collecting massive “campaign contributions” from Rezko at a time when Rezko had slum tenements in Obama’s own state senate district. Obama claims he had no idea Rezko’s slums were in his own district, a few short neighborhood steps away. If Obama didn’t know what was going on in his own tiny state senate district in Chicago (before being elected to the U. S. Senate) how can we count on him to keep track of the world? How?

Barry Obama has risen to great heights by alternatively playing the race card and brazenly lying about obvious facts, and always hoping that the truth won’t catch up with him. So far, it hasn’t. It will be a great fall when the truth finally does catch up. And he will then play the race card, again.

Tony Rezko faces serious time in jail. He can cut a deal and “drop the dime” on Obama. Here’s predicting Rezko "rolls over” and implicates Obama in some of Rezko’s criminal activity. Even if Rezko doesn’t, Obama will be a feature at Rezko’s criminal trial, just in time for the primary season.

Barry, or Barack, Obama, are you listening? Do you even care? Or are you so addicted to lying you will keep on manifesting contempt for the media and the American people?

Three years and counting I have been telling the truth about Obama. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

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