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Saturday, June 02, 2007


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June 3, 2007

Dear Republican leader:

On May 21st I sent you a preliminary response to a smear campaign being waged against me by self-styled "Jewish Republicans" Michael Cohen and Paul Miller who want you to support Steve Sauerberg, my opponent. I promised some follow-up comments and I am pleased to provide them at this time.

First, let us be clear who "Pro-Israel Republicans" really are. They want to elect liberal Democrats. Paul Findley was a reliable conservative Republican congressman from downstate Illinois who had the temerity to question our Middle East policies a quarter century ago. He was targeted for destruction and defeat. Findley was replaced by—Dick Durbin. Pro-Israel Republicans launched the career of Dick Durbin.

Feeling flush, this same coterie of "Pro-Israel Republicans" then defeated an incumbent Republican senator, Senator Charles Percy, and replaced him with a liberal Democrat, Paul Simon. It wasn't long ago that "Pro-Israel Republicans" were calling President George H. W. Bush an "anti-Semite" because he sought to block illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian lands.

I could go on but you get the point. When they ask you to put Israel first the Republican Party always comes in second.

I have been committed to fair and balanced Middle East peace. Treating Palestinians like vanquished hostages to Israel will never serve American foreign policy interests and will never bring peace to the region. There is a great deal of confusion and disinformation about Palestinians. Surprisingly, some of the fairest coverage I have seen is found in the Chicago Tribune. I hope the Tribune's fair reporting will not become less balanced now that a "supporter of Israel" claims to have purchased the Tribune Company.

Second, I am committed to fairness and equality in the Middle East. As a young boy in the 1950's I grew up being schooled in the Holocaust by a refugee from Nazi Germany. He was a scholar whose books were burned, and who got out in time. He was a family friend. It is precisely because of the horrors of Nazi Germany that I have come to embrace human rights for everyone, those with whom we agree and those with whom we disagree.

I have led a life unhesitatingly committed to civil rights and fighting bigotry. That’s the kind of a senator I would be. The first African-American federal judge in Chicago once stated he respected me as a good man. A copy of his federal court transcript is available on request.

Third, my opponents always refer to a piece of gutter journalism that appeared last year in the Chicago Tribune. It was a smear job orchestrated by Rick Pearson. To paraphrase Capital One ads, I wonder "What's in Rick Pearson's wallet?" Pearson tried to patch together lies, half-truths and distortions to smear me. I must be pretty important if the Tribune organized a three-man smear squad to investigate me.

Is there any truth to the Tribune's lies? Not really.

Pearson refers to a series of lawsuits in the 1980's. He must be pretty desperate if he has to reach back 25 years to attack me, wouldn't you say?

In the course of a lawsuit, claims are made that do not necessarily represent the views of the pleader or the party on whose behalf a pleading is submitted. Otherwise, no one could make legal arguments.

In 1983 I was the victim of bankruptcy shysters. The bankruptcy courts are notorious dens of fraud and corruption. I was dragged there against my will, as punishment for fighting corruption in Illinois. I made the claim that I was the victim of religious discrimination by Jewish attorneys. That was a painful claim for me to make. But it was legally correct. The U. S. Supreme Court subsequently adopted my civil rights theory, see Shaare Tefila v. Cobb, 481 U. S. 2019 (1987). Making a claim that is later supported by the U. S. Supreme Court hardly qualifies as "anti-Semitic." It marks me as a legal scholar and nothing more.

A claim has also been made that I somehow ran a vicious campaign for office. That is a lie. I have repeatedly testified under oath that I had no connection with any such campaign. My testimony is a matter of public record. But my adversaries are not concerned with the truth; they are only concerned with spreading their smears and lies.

Well, as President Reagan might have said, "Why do they hate us?" In 2000 I produced the Andy Martin Peace Plan for the Middle East. Unbeknownst to me, parts of it were incorporated in President Clinton's peace offers. Today the Bush Administration is moving in the direction of my proposal. I am attacked because I am an apostle of peace, not hate; under my plan Israel would have to withdraw to the 1967 armistice lines and recognize the State of Palestine.

In 2008, the Middle East and Iraq are going to be at the heart of the election. I am the only acknowledged expert who has been in the Middle East and who can make credible attacks on Durbin.

Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune can publish all the lies he wants, and he can ignite all the frenzied hate he wants, but the truth will win out. Pearson has never met me, has never interviewed me and has never provided any opportunity for a discussion of his "issues." He was on a smear mission for his sponsors. I wonder who was supporting him. How could Pearson hate me so vehemently when he had never met me? Ask him.

Finally, two closing points. I am not popular in the legal system. Is there a reason? You betcha.

First, as a young law student at the University of Illinois I joined in researching the law that led to the ouster of two crooked Illinois Supreme Court justices (Klingbiel & Solfisburg). They were removed from the court. Even before I picked up my Juris Doctor diploma I was warned crooked judges and lawyers were waiting to retaliate. And they did.

The Illinois Supreme Court retaliated by trying to suggest I was unstable—all because an Army psychologist was disgusted by the corruption in Illinois politics. I hold an Honorable Discharge from the U. S. Air Force Reserves. I was in Viet Nam three (3) times. But the crooked associates of Klingbiel and Solfisburg tried to draft me illegally, to silence my corruption exposures. (I was pursuing more crooked judges on the court at the time, Democrats.) The psychologist tried to stop that abuse by declaring me "unfit" to serve, merely as a ploy to block the Illinois Supreme Court. He was disgusted by crooked justice in Illinois, and you should be too. By the way, if you would like a copy of my Honorable Discharge just ask and it will be faxed to you. Do Steve Sauerberg, or Mill-+er and Cohen and Pearson, have honorable discharges? Or Dick Durbin? Ask them.

Second, I have devoted my life to fighting corruption in the courts, not being a part of corruption. Most lawyers will tell you privately that a little corruption and a little back-room dealing are the emollients that make "justice" function. I prefer to rely on the Constitution, on Due Process, and on open and honest government. In the 1970's I used the racketeering laws against the Illinois Democratic Party, and helped launch a "Civil RICO" revolution. I was a point man in the efforts that led to Operation Greylord, where approximately eighty (80) crooked Chicago judges and lawyers were convicted and imprisoned. You bet there is a reason they don't like me in the courts. I force them to obey the law.

Enough said. I run a very open campaign, and I have led an open life. The Tribune tried and tried to find dirt and found nothing. So Rick Pearson invented the muck he published.

I am running a non-sectarian campaign. All are welcome to support me. But I am not beholden to any religion, to any ideology or to any orthodoxy except the United States Constitution.

Steve Sauerberg has every right to run for senator. But he is apparently not running on his own merits; he is running as a "Stop Andy" candidate. In other words, the "Pro-Israel Republicans" are at it again, trying to reelect a liberal Democrat. I think you should tell Sauerberg, Pearson, Cohen and Miller to stop their lies and face the truth. America needs Andy Martin, not Dick Durbin, in the U. S. Senate.

If I am fortunate enough to defeat Durbin, and beating him will be an extraordinarily difficult task, I will take an oath to support and defend the U. S. Constitution and nothing else. Unlike Mr. Durbin, I will put Illinois first, not the interests of my contributors and lobbyists.

In reality, Sauerberg, Cohen, Miller and Pearson are fronting for the Durbin campaign; Durbin is their man.

As for me, I am the last Republican Durbin wants to face. I will attack Durbin's sordid record as no other Republican can.

And now you know the rest of the story. The real story.

Respectfully yours,



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