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Saturday, November 24, 2007



(MIAMI)(July 27, 2000) U.S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference Thursday, July 27th to propose a peace plan which will avert war in the Middle East. Martin will also criticize Hillary Clinton and President Clinton for "playing politics with peace."

"I propose a peace plan that will avert war and bring peace to the Middle East," Martin says. "Only the United States can avoid a war."

"First, the President and Hillary must stop playing politics with peace. They are using the peace process to solidify the Jewish vote. This is not in America's interest. America must remain neutral. America must put United States, not Israeli, interests first, last and always.

"I speak with considerable expertise on the Middle East. My family has been involved in the region for almost 100 years. My grandfather was one of the British liberators who marched into Jerusalem in World War I. My parents were involved in the Middle East, as was I. And I have contacts who follow the European Union and its internal workings very closely.

"First, we must recognize that we have a conflict with two horrible, historic victims.

“The people of Israel were victimized by the crimes of the Third Reich. It was proper for the United Nations to create the State of Israel. But in creating Israel, the U.N. took from a people, the inhabitants of Palestine, who had done no wrong to anyone, and who saw their homes taken, and their lives uprooted in a war not of their own making. The Palestinians are also victims. I am pleased that honest Israeli historians are now admitting these unpleasant facts.

"Second, the United States must stop pretending that Israel is 'negotiating' to give the Palestinians a state. The State of Palestine will not be created by Israel. It was created by the 1947 United Nations resolution. Israel is not giving Palestinians anything. Palestinians are recovering what is lawfully theirs.

"Third, extremist Israeli politicians must stop preaching theology to a secular world. God did not create the State of Israel. It was created by the United Nations. Israel itself is a creation of international law.

"Fourth, the United States must stop playing politics with Jerusalem. The laws passed by American politicians of both parties, pandering to the Jewish vote, ordering the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, violate International Law. At the present time Israel unlawfully occupies portions of Jerusalem. Until this illegal occupation is ended the U.S. would violate international law by placing an embassy there.

"My peace plan calls on the United States to create the State of Palestine by announcing, promptly, that on September 13, 2000, the United States will formally recognize the State of Palestine as encompassing all the land of United Nations Resolution 242 and the West Bank. By accepting the inevitable the president would regain and control the initiative.

"Resolution 242 is international law. Neither Israel nor the United States can pretend that international law does not exist, or seek to 'negotiate' an extortion of land from people who are protected by Resolution 242.

"Recently The New York Times carried a harrowing story of how Israel is committing mini-genocide against the Palestinian people by denying them water. It is tragic that a state that was created in response to the darkest horrors of humanity should stoop to these vile tactics.

"I know many Jewish people will think I am making extreme suggestions. I am not. If my plan is not implemented, here is what will happen:

"First, there will be a brief war in the Middle East. Israel will react unlawfully, as it has threatened to do, defy international law, and 'annex' land that does not belong to it. These acts will be nullified by the United Nations. Israel will be branded an outlaw state.

"Second, based on my information and sources, if Israel defies international law and annexes any part of the land covered by Resolution 242, the European Union will step to the fore and impose an embargo on Israel. To date the U.S. has been the leader in the peace process. But if the U.S. abdicates a meaningful, neutral role, the initiative will pass to the European Union.

"If the president does not stop posturing and do the right thing, he may not only precipitate a war. He may defeat his own Democrats. If war breaks out there will be another oil embargo. The economy will go into recession on the eve of the election. As an independent Republican I do not seek to profit from this horrible scenario. But if Clinton ignores my plan, he will destroy what remains of his legacy.

"The Twentieth Century saw the deepest, darkest days of humanity in the Third Reich. We must not begin the new millennium with a breakdown of international law," Martin says. "I wish the People of Israel peace, I wish the People of Palestine peace, and I wish for the United States to bring peace, not war, to the Middle East."

For further information and to participate in the news conference at 1:00 P.M., please call (888) 320-2639. Web site © Copyright by Andy Martin 2000


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