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Saturday, November 03, 2007


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Obama had a golden opportunity to skewer Hillary Clinton, and he was afraid to do so. He is the Cowardly Lion of the Democratic Party.
How could someone talk "tough" on Sunday and be a pussycat two days later? Obama must have been talking trash when he was interviewed by the New York Times. Barry gives a great speech, but he is no debater and no cross-examiner. Maybe that's why he has no courtroom record.

(CHICAGO)(November 3, 2007) Last Sunday Barack Obama gave the New York Times a front-page interview. The story said a new, "tough" Obama would tackle Hillary Clinton in the upcoming debate. At the actual debate, moderator Tim Russert asked the obvious question. You said in the New York Times you were going after Hillary, so "Where's the beef?"

Obama wilted, and backed off. How could he hype his new aggressiveness on Sunday, and then deny he was being aggressive on Tuesday? He's an embarrassment to his supporters. He is a "champion" who is not a champ. If they had cast Obama in the movie "300," he would have to stay home with the women. Or as we say down home in Southern Illinois, "That dog won’t hunt." Barry O said he was a predator on Sunday, and ended up being a pussycat on Tuesday.

Friday (November 2nd) Obama was back on the front page of the New York Times. It is painfully obvious that even as people in Chicago have come to the realization Obama is not presidential material, the New York Times persists in giving him front-page coverage to salvage his sinking campaign. Obama's views are no longer "exclusive" front-page news in Chicago's newspapers, not even in the Sun-Times. But in the New York Times, Barry O is still the Sulzburger Family's last, best hope to derail Hillary Clinton. So the front-page coverage continues in New York even as we in Illinois now know better. More's the pity.

Yesterday Obama sent out an e-mail with an extract from the debate. It was his "moment" of confrontation when he told Hillary to release her secret Bill Clinton-era presidential files. Bill Clinton has demanded in writing that Hillary's files be kept from the public until 2012. I wonder how he picked that year. What are they hiding?

Hillary tried to dodge the question over the files. Obama promptly put his hand up to comment and Russert recognized him. Obama should have gone in for the kill, and said "Hillary, stop dodging. It's time for some pillow talk with Bill. Ask him 'Bill, please revoke and reverse your secrecy letter.' Stop stalling and stop pretending the National Archives are to blame, when your husband is the one who imposed the secrecy demand." Boom. He could have blown Hillary away.

Instead, Obama went into a rambling, convoluted discourse that eventually got around to the issue of the secret files. But in the mumbo jumbo about everything else, Barry O fumbled the point that Mrs. Clinton should simply talk to her husband, and ask him to revoke his secrecy letter.

Cross-examination is a talent that is partly learned and partly innate. I was taught "Federal Courts" in law school by a brilliant trial lawyer who went on to become a federal judge, Judge Prentice Marshall. Professor Marshal taught me the rudiments and significance of cross-examination. I had a natural talent for combat in the courtroom. I have cross-examined lying witnesses who collapsed on the witness stand, and cross-examined evasive witnesses that reveled hidden truths in Perry Mason moments. I am comfortable in the courtroom, and the arena, as those who have seen me debate on TV will agree.

As for Obama? He screwed up a golden opportunity. The man is not a warrior; he is not even a competent lawyer. I would not want Obama representing me anywhere near a courtroom. He can't take the pressure. He has no presence as a debater. He has no presence as a cross-examiner. He has no ability to go for the jugular. And he wants to run against Team Clinton? Obama compared himself to Rocky Balboa? Come on. Casper Milquetoast is more like it. He had a classic opening to skewer Hillary, and he botched it.

What does all this mean for the Democrats?

1. Obama is doing exactly what I said in my column last week, deflating.

2. John Edwards is a lawyer. He knows how to go in for the kill. That poor boy didn’t get rich by backing off a battle in the courtroom. As Hillary stalls because of the utter mendacity of her botoxed presentation, Edwards is going to pass Obama and become #2. Once Edwards realizes that he really has to do what he really has to do, take on Hillary or see his campaign die, he will be up for the task. Obama is not. Obama's deflation opens the way for Edward's reflation.

3. There is an Obama who could sit in the Oval Office, but she's not running. Michelle is the "real Obama." Michelle vs. Hillary, now that would be a fair fight. She must have been sitting on the sidelines cringing as her husband fumbled a great campaign opportunity to tackle Hillary.

Barack vs. Hillary? It's enough to make me scream, "Barry O, you just can't cut it in presidential campaign combat. You may be the $75 million dollar fundraiser, but you're still a cowardly lion. Money can't buy bravery.

"Over to you, Michelle."

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