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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Andy Martin says Barack Obama may face scrutiny in Chicago criminal trial

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(CHICAGO)(January 10, 2008) In the Broadway hit and later award-wining movie “Mr. Roberts,” the enraged captain of Roberts’ ship runs amok when his beloved palm tree disappears. “Whoooo did it?” the captain screams. “Whoooo did it? Whooo did it?”


Who brought down the Barack Obama dynasty? The 96-hour wonder. Was it Hillary Clinton’s crying game? I don’t think so.

The mainstream media dare not speak its name: the Internet.

Mainstream media have professed shock at the sudden decline of Obama from front-running victor in New Hampshire to also-ran. Not since president Truman’s Chicago Tribune “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline has such a shocking event scalded presidential politics. So who did it?

Nothing so reflects the lack of connection to reality in the Obama campaign than the remarks cited in Lynn Sweet’s Chicago Sun-Times column Wednesday.

Obama apparently believed “he was done being vetted.” Sweet, a Chicago veteran, begs to differ. So do I. As if on cue, John Kass, another Chicago muckraker, popped up with his own anti-Obama sentiments:,0,4588673.column

And then there was a sort-of Obama defender, Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, who ended up making my own case even better than I had, even if that was not Gerson’s intention.

I was inundated with Obama’s supports’ criticisms after I pointed out Obama had used a teleprompter to say “thank you” to the People of Iowa. Gerson thought a canned speech was evidence of “well-crafted rhetorical ambition.” Not in my play book.

I was also criticized because I said Obama’s Iowa speech sounded canned, and stale. Was it ever. A TV dinner of political platitudes. Gerson confirms my instincts. He discloses that not only were Obama’s remarks canned, they were canned before the caucuses even took place. “But a few days before his Iowa win, Obama called his speechwriter in Des Moines to say his victory speech…Obama’s bright young wordsmith, Jon Favreau…”

So Obama canned his spontaneous and sincere victory speech days before he even won. Some sincerity. Some spontaneity. Gerson shows just how far removed the Washington Post and he are from reality when he congratulates Obama, when he should be castigating him. And, once again comes out smelling like a rose because we brought you the truth first, based on appearances and not based on an insider’s leak from within the Obama camp. Obama’s supporters should be quaking. Obama not only doesn’t write his own speeches, he cans them days in advance. Canned sincerity? Canned spontaneity? Watch out for the Clinton can-openers.

I wonder if Obama canned his concession speech in New Hampshire days in advance. Or was that spontaneous? Mr. Favreau, are you talking?

Well, as president Reagan would say, “That’s just not the way its done, sonny.” And that from a cannery captain of the first order.

Obama got canned by the voters in New Hampshire. Big surprise and no surprise. And his reaction is, well, no surprise either. Obama is talking “Chicago tough” again. He said he “comes from Chicago politics,” and “We’re accustomed to rough-and-tumble.” He better get ready for the real thing.

Obama’s spiel has been stale for a long time. Now that he is at the top, the Clintons’ long knives will come out. Obama’s “dream house” was purchased with financing from a Chicago swindler and slum lord, Tony Rezko. Rezko’s criminal trial is approaching next month. Rezko’s lawyers say he fears “anti-Syrian” bias because of his parentage. What? An Arab in Obama’s background? Not really.

Rezko was a notorious campaign influence peddler and purchaser. He was strictly business. And he did business with Senator Barack Obama, after his election to the United States Senate. To paraphrase president Bill Clinton, that’s no “fairy tale.”

In the Broadway/movie hit “The Music Man,” the huckster Harold Hill eventually has to go legit. Will Obama eventually go legit? I’m not sure. I’m not sure he can. Wednesday Obama was at it, soliciting new campaign contributions. He’s going to need the cash, for the long, drawn out battle ahead.

The Obama dynasty began on Friday, January 4th. It ended Monday, January 7th. Maybe instead of comparing Obama to John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King we should be comparing him to the fictional “king” Ozymandias of Percy Shelly’s poem. I do not for a moment suggest Obama’s campaign is over. But as the campaign goes on, people are going to become as aware as I am that Obama’s speeches are stale, and canned, and he keeps repeating the same old sizzle without ever delivering any real solid steak. Or should I say, “Where’s the beef?”

In all of the drama of January 8th I believe the Internet received grossly insufficient credit. If the material which crosses my desk is any indication. Obama is far, far away from being vetted, either in the mainstream media or on the Internet.

Finally, to avoid crediting the Internet, mainstream media have sought to explain Clinton’s victory based on her “crying game” the day before the election. Personally, I am doubtful. Crying is not a viable campaign strategy. It could work, once, but not again. It may even be sexist patronizing to suggest a woman won because she cried. No one knows for sure. But I put my chips on the Internet influence. Unseen, and unstoppable.

Next up: the Tony Rezko fiasco. Why did Obama ever take Rezko’s money to buy a house? I’ll “rough-and-tumble” on that one. Over a year ago, I pointed out desperate men change their tunes, and deliver the goods:

Rezko may be primed to deliver Obama to federal prosecutors. At a minimum Rezko’s lawyers may call Obama as a witness. As Barry O would say, “I’m from Chicago.” So am I. Which is why I have been questioning Obama’s bona fides for 3-1/2 years.

Bring on the Clinton can-openers. Obama may be canned. But the presidential campaign obviously is not. It’s wide open.
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