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Monday, September 29, 2008

“America’s Internet Warrior” leads battle to block Wall Street bailout

Andy Martin “ramps up” to make Congress keep voting down bank bailouts. Andy Martin says Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will go down in history as one of America’s most corrupt public officials. “Goldman Sachs owns both political parties,” says Martin. “This has to stop.” Martin says an Obama administration would also characterized by “kleptomania.”

Leading the battle to block the Wall Street bailout:

America’s Internet warrior Andy Martin

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”




(CHICAGO)(September 29, 2008) From his nondescript worldwide headquarters near downtown Chicago, American Internet warrior Andy Martin is leading the battle to block the Wall Street bailout. Andy Martin has been fighting for the People of Illinois and the United States for over four decades. He is the most notable acolyte of the late U. S. Senate reformer Paul H. Douglas.

“We have had to add computing power,” says Martin. “We are ramping up to keep the pressure on Congress to block the bailout. This is a war we can’t afford to lose. The American people are being robbed blind by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and his wolf pack of ‘Paulson’s Predators.’ They tried to intimidate the House of Representatives into voting for a massive giveaway, and failed. We need to ensure Paulson and his cronies keep losing.

“September 29, 2008 will be remembered as a historic day, when the American people said ‘enough,’ and began a battle to block the Wall Street bailout.

“Henry Paulson is also going down in history. He will be remembered as one of the greediest and most corrupt people to ever serve in the cabinet of the United States.

“We have seen how the evil Mr. Paulson claims he is trying to help Main Street, while he steals tens of billions of dollars in small shareholders’ equity and transfers this hard-earned and hard-saved wealth to the vipers of Wall Street. Paulson is wiping out retirements across the United States. Last week Paulson robbed the shareholders of Washington Mutual and gave it to a New York bank. This week he stole the shareholders’ equity of Wachovia Bank and handed it over to Citibank, another New York bank. Before that it was Bear Stearns. Who will be burglarized tomorrow to feed the insatiable appetite of Paulsen’s cronies?

“How can any Representative or Senator running in November vote for a bailout knowing that their own local or regional banks may be burglarized next by Paulson & Co? ‘Paulson’s Predators’ are out looking for more banks to seize and deliver as tribute to his Wall Street masters at Goldman Sachs.

“Paulson has spent a lifetime serving New York’s banks. Why would we expect him to suddenly put the people ahead of his own personal profits? When has Goldman Sachs ever put the people ahead of its profits?

“Paulson’s corrupt cronies, the ‘Friends of Paulson,’ are out to steal everything they can before the Democrats move in and start a new round of their own kleptomania. Goldman Sachs also owns a controlling interest in the Democratic Party.

“Barack Obama’s coterie of cronies is not any better. He had a former Fannie Mae boss, Jim Johnson, leading his vice presidential search team. Frank Raines, who looted tens of millions of dollars from Fannie Mae and used crooked bookkeeping to enrich himself, also claims to be an Obama adviser. An Obama administration would offer more of the same cronyism and corruption. Obama has received more campaign cash from Wall Street than John McCain. Greed is a bipartisan affliction in Washington. That is why today’s defeat of the bank bailout is so satisfying,” Martin says.

Martin is an unusual combination of financial expert and consumer protector. He began studying Wall Street as a young man, went to work for the bane of Wall Street, U. S. Senator Paul Douglas, and became an expert on bank holding companies. Andy conducted the first administrative trial at the Federal Reserve Board. He battled Citibank’s efforts to increase interest rates on consumer loans by expanding in South Dakota.

Martin is best known worldwide for his crusading radio talk show host, which originated in Palm Beach, Florida and was carried worldwide over the Internet (not currently on the air).

Since graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law Andy has been a relentless opponent of judicial and legal corruption across America. In the 1970’s he helped send crooked Cook County (Chicago) judges to prison.

Martin is also a seasoned veteran of broadcasting, having first assumed ownership of a TV station forty years ago in 1968.

After strenuously opposing the invasion of Iraq, Martin was based in Baghdad in 2003, investigating and exposing the arrogance and incompetence of Paul Bremer and his right-wing toadies.

In 2004, Martin began writing columns exposing Barack Obama’s secret life, his Muslim family history, his dual Kenyan-Ameircan citizenship and his constant attempts to conceal his past associations with violent radicals such as William Ayers.

In the past few days, Martin has been hectoring Republican presidential candidate John McCain to come out forcefully and unequivocally against the proposed Wall Street bailout. McCain has sent confusing signals of both support and opposition.

With forty years of broadcasting and communications experience, and with a law degree in his background, Andy Martin has truly become America’s Internet Warrior in the battle to block the Wall Street bailout.

“We shall not tire, we shall not falter, we shall not fail, in fighting to take back America for the American people. A pox on both parties,” says Martin. “Block the bailout.” (Now where have we heard some of those words before?)
Andy Martin is the legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He is currently based in New York selling his new book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law.

His columns are also posted at; Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, published in July 2008, see

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