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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barack Obama unleashes “telephone terrorism” on his opponents

Andy Martin warns that “Obamabots" are reprising the “Brown Shirts” of the Third Reich. Obama has two million “Obamabots” standing by to attack any radio or TV station that airs his opposition, Andy Martin says. The increasingly totalitarian and authoritarian airs of the Obama campaign mean only one thing: Bill Ayers is Obama’s real campaign manager.

Barack Obama/William Ayers Week: DAY ONE
Andy Martin on Barack Obama’s Brown Shirts
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(CHICAGO)(September 17, 2008) When Barack Obama visited Berlin in July I suggested the ghosts of the Third Reich awaited him.

The odor of the Third Reich which was increasingly enveloping Mr. Obama in July has turned to a stench in September. Barack Obama is bringing Hitler’s brown-shirted bully boys to American politics.

In its early days, Nazi Germany depended on a corps of violent louts to harass and intimidate anyone who spoke against the growing Nazism in Germany. Barack Obama, our scholar-in-residence in the presidential campaign, has learned the lessons of fascism well.

Where else can we look to similar examples of disaffected morons with too much money and too much time on their hands, haranguing and harassing society? Why to Billy Ayers’ Weather Underground of course. Why is it that Barack Obama seems to want to walk in William Ayers’ shoes, and to duplicate his loathsome attacks on society.

The latest Ayers trope that has morphed into the Obama campaign is telephone terrorism.

Presidential candidates do not bomb buildings. At least not yet anyway.

But Obama has come up with a new tactic: unleash his brown-shirted bully boys on anyone in the media who dares to allow an Obama opponent on the air. As the author of the most respected book on Obama, this wave of neo-Nazi intimidation is of vital concern to me.

The fascist tactic is documented in today’s Chicago Tribune:,0,6325137.story

How do you say “Obama Action Wire” in German?

Obama floods phone wires with idiots who have no idea what the subject is, except they are supposed to defend their “Perfect Master.’ He floods caller lines so that legitimate callers can’t get through. Obama has created telephone terrorism as his latest campaign tactic. Where is that Axelrod boy when we need him? I knew Axelrod 30 years ago when he still worked for a living.

Although I live in Chicago, I was never bamboozled by Barack the Entertainer. I knew in 2004 he was a fraud and charlatan. My book Obama: The Man Behind The Mask ( documents the detective story of how I began to unearth the truth about Obama, piece-by-piece, a truth he has buried deep below the surface. I am still learning.

I did not begin by believing that Obama would become the living embodiment of a new Furhur, with his own “Air Obama” (no American flag on the tail) or “Great Seal of Obama (why wait to be president before you display your own seal?) But Obama’s megalomaniacal pretensions now bring with them a new corps of Brown Shirts ( to do his bidding. I am increasingly concerned.

It is obvious that anyone in the media who wants to air an Obama critic will pause to consider the risks of having phone lines bombarded with threats and intimidation, and worse. Ayers is out there, still walking the streets, claiming he “didn’t bomb enough” in his younger days. What are they teaching at their “Camp Obamas?” I’ll bet that behind the scenes Billy Ayers is in charge of the curriculum; after all, he’s Obama’s “education” professor, isn’t he. They spent $150 million together cleaning up Chicago’s schools (“Show me the money?” Now where did I hear that?).

Free speech does not disappear in a day; it disappears dollop by dollop. Day-by-day. Authoritarianism and totalitarianism will come hand-in-glove with Obama’s election.

If you still needed a reason to vote for John McCain, you have it.

And so, my Dear Democrats, now that you have your new little Furhur, what are you going to do with him? More importantly, what is he going to do to you? Or do to us? He has millions of disaffected baby brown shirts waiting to be unleashed at the snap of the master’s fingers. Telephone terrorism may only be the first step. How long before the Obamabots are goose-stepping down Pennsylvania Avenue?

Bill Ayers anyone?

Hugo Chavez?

Or does Barack Obama say it all?

I hear my phone ringing. Maybe it’s Obama’s baby brown shirts calling.


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