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Monday, September 08, 2008

Andy Martin on the Al-Mansour/Obama connection

Barack Obama's Muslim connection: a new media cover-up

How much cash did Khalid Al-Mansour raise for Barack Obama's Harvard Law School education? What did Barack Obama know about Al-Mansour and when did he know it? Is the Obama/Al-Mansour a continuing connection? Or did Obama "Take the money and run?" asks Andy Martin.

Obama the Muslim; how the mainstream media lie
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(NEW YORK, NY)(September 8, 2008) The Internet is alive with excerpts from a Sunday news show where Senator Barack Obama told George Stephanopoulos of ABC that Senator John McCain had not raised questions about "my Muslim faith." While undoubtedly a slip of the tongue, it is time to revisit the question of Obama's "faith." The past week has brought devastating disclosures for Obama.

The mainstream media have used coverage of the Republican National Convention as a pretext to ignore those disclosures.
Before we move on, two cautions or "caveats." I accept that Barack Obama is a Christian today. Christianity is the original big tent. He appears to meet the visible criteria for being a Christian. Second, there is nothing wrong with Islam.

In probing for Obama's candor or veracity about his religious history, I have no reason to demonize Islam. I am solely concerned by Obama's steadfast efforts to deny or erase his religious past and now, based on the Al-Mansour disclosures, his financial links to pro-Saudi, radical Black Nationalism. Ironically, many of the Islamic faith believe Obama is Islamic and are proud of that fact.

First, "faith" is a legitimate area of inquiry. No less that the "media elite" Washington Post now says so.

Second, Obama has gone to great lengths to obscure or hide his religious history.

Four years ago, I was the first to publicize the fact that Obama came from a Muslim family with deep, active Muslim roots. Obama's book "Dreams From My Father" had alluded to his Muslim relatives but never focused in detail on his years in Indonesia, or addressed the conflicting views in Muslim theology. Some Muslim theologians believe "once a Muslim, always a Muslim." Others acknowledge that you can exit the religion. But, significantly, in Muslim countries where Islam is the state religion, many prohibit conversion or make it very difficult.

Since then both Obama and the effete elite have engaged in a massive fraud and disinformation campaign. The media elite publicized a "Fight the Smears" web site that Obama concocted to fight "smears" that he was a Muslim. He was a Muslim. That claim is not a smear or a lie. The newly disclosed Al-Mansour relationship reflects a reasonable probability that Obama was playing a "Muslim card" well into his twenties.

Second, although Obama has denied he was ever a Muslim, that denial is objectively untrue. The Associated Press provided a copy of Obama's school records where his parents registered him as a Muslim at a Jakarta school. Obama has a right to "explain" his religious registration, but we equally have a right to rely on the documentary record. People can freely choose which version to believe. He has no right to dictate the decision.

Third, Obamafascists and their fellow travelers in the media have tried to demonize me. I have been "exposed" by the extreme left as the leader of a "vast right-wing smear machine," when what I have done is conduct objective research and present solid facts. The "smear machine" exists in the media's imagination.

Truly, the question of Obama's "religious roots" has been a great detective story. The facts have emerged slowly, grudgingly, and only in disconnected bits and pieces. Last March I held a Washington, DC news conference to disclose Obama's links to the Nation of Islam. Only later did other media corroborate my research.

I have been investigating Obama's Islamic activity at Occidental College, his first year in College, but as yet have not presented a story. We try to be careful with the facts.

The biggest piece of circumstantial evidence in the "What is Obama's religious history?" story came last week, when Islamic convert, America-hater, Black Panther Party adviser, and Saudi royalty confidante Khalid Al-Mansour was disclosed to have raised money to pay for Obama's Harvard Law School education.

This is a truly bizarre fact. The newly disclosed Al-Mansour relationship is devastating to Obama. It could doom his candidacy. So once again, the mainstream media are burying the information.

The media claim they have a "First Amendment" right to report what they please. I agree. But what about the public's First Amendment "right" to receive fair, accurate, impartial and complete information about a presidential candidate? The Internet is growing because the mainstream media are a cesspool of manipulation, prevarication and outright lying about Barack Obama. The media have contempt for the American people. "Cover-up" does not begin to describe what is happening, as suppression of the Al-Mansour/Saudi/Obama connection confirms.

First, Al-Mansour has been characterized as an anti-American, Black Nationalist, Israel opponent and adviser to the Black Panther Party. What were Al-Mansour's original links to Obama? More importantly, did the Obama Al-Mansour connection extend from the 1980's into the present? You could well assume that someone who paid for your law school education would be someone with whom you stayed in close contact. Al-Mansour, anyone?

Secondly, why would Al-Mansour be soliciting money for Obama in the 1980's? Was Obama holding himself out as a Muslim to raise cash? What was the basis of Al-Mansour's interest in Obama? My hypothesis is that Obama portrayed himself, secretly, as a Muslim, to draw Al-Mansour's interest and financial support.

The fact that the radical, lunatic fringe of the African-American community was collecting law school money for Obama tells you inescapably that Al-Mansour saw Obama as a "person of interest." The fact that Saudi money was behind this America-hater (Al-Mansour) fits closely with the entire pattern of radical connections in Obama's life. Saudis have a history of subsidizing radical Islam. But they just don’t pass out cash on street corners. They have an agenda.

The mainstream media can pretend the Al-Mansour facts do not exist, but they do. The mainstream media can try to ignore the legitimate questions that flow from the bizarre linkage of Al-Mansour and Obama in the 1980's, but those questions remain.

The American people have a right to ask whether Obama's financial angel, Al-Mansour, who is a Saudi Arabian representative, has established a Saudi-Obama connection.

The fact that Obama, an obscure college student, was linked to an allegedly anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-White supporter is a staggering cloud on his fitness to serve as president. It is more. It is a disqualification.

John McCain may not want to raise these issues; that is his privilege. But I have been collecting, analyzing and presenting the unbelievable-but-true facts about Obama for the past four years. I am nevertheless astounded by the new Al-Mansour disclosures.

Al-Mansour and Obama: what did Obama know about Al-Mansour, and when did he know it? How much cash did Al-Mansour raise for Obama's legal education? What else has Al-Mansour done for Obama? "Just the facts," Mr. Obama. Just the truth. For a change.

Mainstream media can't be allowed to run from the truth about Obama.

The Internet rules!

Now you know why.

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