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Monday, October 27, 2008

Andy Martin on "Obama and Islam, Again," a recapitulation

Andy Martin ties all of Barack Obama's religious history together in one column.

CNN says Andy has changed his mind based
on his Honolulu research
CNN minimizes the value of research and testimonial evidence; oh really?

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Internet powerhouse Andy Martin continues his research into Barack Obama's religious heritage

Obama may not have been "practicing" Islam, but he was using Islam as a calling card well into his 20's, Martin says

SCARY: Barack Obama and Khalid al-Mansour


(NEW YORK)(October 27, 2008) Barack Obama's relationship with the Muslim religion becomes increasingly complex as we receive and reveal new facts.

1. The original view. We began with Obama's own claim, that his father was Barack Obama, Senior, a Kenyan student in Hawai'i. Senior was a member of the Muslim faith, in common with all of his other relatives. He was buried a Muslim when he died. There is no question that under general principles of Islam, Barack Obama's son would have automatically been considered a member of the Muslim faith based on his family heritage. Because I believed Obama's parentage claim, I originally wrote as though Obama was born a Muslim. Obama lied.

2. Our recent research in Hawai'i confirmed that Barack Obama Junior was not the biological son of Senior, as everyone assumed. Rather, "Obama" was really the son of Frank Marshall Davis, a controversial leftist with a checked history in Honolulu. Davis was already in an interracial marriage with a Chicago socialite (who had gone with him to Honolulu) when he impregnated "Obama's" impressionable 18 year-old mother. We believe that the evidence points overwhelmingly to the reality that at some time in his mid-20's Obama learned that he was in fact a Davis, and not an "Obama" as he had been told by his parents and grandparent since childhood.

Please note the fact that Barack Obama was not born Muslim has no bearing on whether he practiced Islam as a child, or played a "Muslim card" to ingratiate himself with Islamic students in college. CNN has tried to suggest I "flip-flopped." I did nothing of the kind. I merely updated my research based on newly discovered evidence. Nevertheless, while the CNN piece tries to challenge me, I believe the overall CNN report was reasonably balanced.

The "father" in "Dreams From My Father" was in reality Frank Marshall Davis, and not Obama Senior. Unfortunately for "Obama," the realization that he was a Davis came too late in life for him to make the shift to the identity of his real family. Obama was forced to continue propagating the myth that he was born of a Kenyan father.

The bottom line: If "Obama" is indeed Davis, he was not born a Muslim at birth because Davis was not a Muslim.

3. Obama was a Muslim until the age of 10. Notwithstanding the fact that we now believe he was not born a Muslim, Obama practiced Islam until the age of ten. His own sister Maya Soetero has confirmed that his family attended religious holidays at the mosque. Obama has tried to give lawyer-like responses to the Muslim issue. First he said he was never a Muslim. Then he said he never "practiced" Islam, when he did in fact practice the faith. His step-father was Muslim and they participated in Islamic religious observances together.

In Christianity we have "Christmas-Easter" Christians, who show up in church twice a year and would be very offended if you told them they were any less Christian because of their sporadic attendance. The Hebrew faith has Jews who show up for High Holy Days, and they would be equally offended if you told them they were any less Jewish because of their occasional attendance at Temple.

Likewise, Islam probably has its infrequent attendees, and most of them would be deeply offended if you told them their sporadic attendance reflected any diminution of their Muslim faith. How often Obama attended services with his Muslim father we may never know. He won't say.
But Obama actively practiced Islam until the period when his mother sent him back to Honolulu to live with his grandparents. He vividly remembered the Muezzin's call to prayers for a New York Times reporter. According to an Associated Press document, he was registered as a Muslim student in one of the Jakarta schools he attended. Obama can say all he wants about why his parents registered him as a Muslim student. No one disputes that's the way he was registered.

4. Obama left Hawai'i to attend Occidental College in Los Angeles. At Occidental Obama appears to have roomed with Muslim students and held himself out to be part of the Muslim community. He later visited Pakistan with his Muslim friends from Occidental (a subject of a subsequent column).

5. At Columbia University, Obama again found himself with a Muslim roommate. The fact that Obama was constantly living with Muslims cannot be ascribed to mere coincidence. He was using Islam as a calling card in building his college friendships and relationships.

6. The most chilling indication that Obama continued to play Islam as a calling card is the claim by former New York City Democratic official Percy Sutton that he was contacted by Khalid Al-Mansour to solicit money for Barack Obama's law school fees. Al-Mansour was a Saudi representative, anti-white, Black Nationalist, anti-Semitic activist who calls for violence. He was a convert to Islam and obviously sensed some kinship to Obama. What was the probable basis of that kinship? Islam. If Islam was not the motivating factor in Al-Mansour's solicitation of law school tuition for Obama, what was?

7. In March, 2008 we disclosed that Obama had flirted with joining the Nation of Islam before he joined Trinity United Church of Christ. Thus there is no doubt that even as late as his adult period in Chicago, Obama was sailing very close to the Muslim shore. His own Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan were close, and it possible that Farrakhan also knew Obama's father before he left for Hawai'i.

8. Obama has never given an exact date when he was baptized, and never produced a baptismal certificate. Some Christian faiths keep detailed baptismal records; others do not. We don’t know what Trinity does in this regard, but we do know that no media has ever produced a statement of baptism, or any specific date of baptism as a Christian. Holy Baptism is a precondition to becoming a Christian.

9. Despite Obama's occluded conversion-and-baptism date, he was married at Trinity Church, and his children were baptized there. Certainly from the point that he married Michelle Robinson he should be considered a practicing Christian. The fact that he is a Christian today, however, has no bearing in his Muslim family history.


Obama was not born a Muslim, because his real father was Frank Marshall Davis. Therefore, we must revise our claim that he acquired the Islamic faith through birth. Our error was due entirely to Obama's obfuscation, evasion and concealment of his true family history.

Obama participated in Islamic services until the age of ten, and then practiced no religion during the period when he lived with his grandparents.

In his college years, Obama gravitated to Islamic students and appears to have used Islam and ethnicity as his entrée to making social and pre-professional relationships.

In Chicago, Obama flirted with joining the Nation of Islam.

Finally, at some unspecified point in his 20's Obama began to attend a Christian church, and at some unspecified date he was baptized.

Some people have pursued Obama's "Muslim issue" because they are hostile to Islam. I am not hostile, and I have not pursued my inquires for that reason. Rather, I pursued Obama's links to the Muslim faith because of his strenuous efforts to conceal and deny them. I always view concealment and denial as highly probative of a person's (witness') state of mind. My writing over the past four years forced Obama to issue a series of increasingly definite and strident denials of any Islamic family history, even while his own sister was admitting the family attended services in the local Mosque.

As with so much in his life, Obama is obsessed with concealing and denying and covering his tracks. Readers are left to judge for themselves just what Obama's evasiveness means in terms of his religious practices prior to his becoming a member at Trinity UCC.

In my opinion, Obama could have eliminated doubts if he had been candid about his religious history. The fact that he has so strenuously denied his Kenyan family's religion may also be linked to the fact that he has known since his mid-20's that he was not Kenyan and that the entire Kenyan heritage issue was a ruse created by his biological father, Chicago political activist and Honolulu émigré Frank Marshall Davis.

NOTE: You can download the CNN story, save it on your computer, and then try to use an FLV File converter to play the video off your computer. I couldn't get it to work, however.

TUESDAY: Questions the Mainstream Media will not ask Barack Obama, The Cover-up: Part One (first in a series)

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Blogger Bob said...

Andy -- When you allege that the Ann Dunham's marriage to Barack Obama, Sr., was one of convenience, you overlook the real possibility that Ann Dunham believed that Obama, Sr. was Obama's father, and NOT Frank Marshall Davis. Also the possibility of travel during the summer to Kenya remains a real possibility, the natural result of the Obama-Dunham marriage in February, 1961. In other words, Obama's Kenyan birth remains on the table, and only electoral knowledge of Obama's original birth certificate will settle this matter, if not before November 4 popular vote, then at least in time for the Electoral College vote. In the meantime, only a fool would argue a right of privacy concerning the Constitution's qualification clause, and only a fool will vote for Obama because he is such a fool.

6:40 AM  
Blogger The Twilight Troll said...

Unfortunately, I'd have to side with CNN on their opinion that you haven't produced evidence--not enough for me to desire following along with your story line here.

Prior to you coming forward and stating that Obama was born in Kenya, I trusted that you had significant evidence to this fact. Heck, I was even suckered into donating $50 to your cause just so I could help with upholding the constitution so a foreigner wouldn't lead our country.

However, I will have to assume that you have no evidence on Obama being the son of Davis and I will move on. I would also like my money back but I doubt I'll get it.

10:04 AM  

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