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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Associated Press attacks Andy Martin with new distortions

Barack Obama fails to deny "rumor" that Frank Marshall Davis was his real father. Andy Martin asks, "If Obama will not deny my claims about Frank Marshall Davis, how can they be a rumor? And if he does deny them, we are ready with more bombshells from our Hawai'i research."

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Internet powerhouse Andy Martin is attacked by Associated Press

Andy issues a rebuttal showing how AP lied to its subscribers and readers

Obama fails to deny Frank Marshall Davis is his father; Andy Martin is ready with more bombshells if he does

(NEW YORK)(October 28, 2008) Many people often ask me why I talk to the mainstream media. In reality, we know newspapers, radio and TV are largely in the hands of Obama acolytes and sycophants. I can now offer a classic example of fraudulent and distorted editing to prove my point.

Last week I was contacted by Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press. She said she was doing a story on rumors and she correctly quotes me as saying that I condemn rumors, and do not spread them. But look at how she distorts my comments to put false words in my mouth and confuse her readers:
Andy Martin, a self-described “anti-Obama nemesis,” is the source of some of the most vicious rumors about Obama including current claims that the candidate lied about who is real father is.
“Look, the way I see it, one person's rumor is another person's fact,” said Martin. He said spreading rumors is “disgusting and I never do it” but conceded that his own earlier claim that the candidate was a secret Muslim, something he repeated on nationally broadcast television and radio talk shows, “is diluted now.” Obama is Christian.
She accused me of spreading the "vicious rumor" that Obama's real father is Frank Marshall Davis. That's not a rumor, that's a fact. (The fact that she called my claim a "vicious rumor" says more about her than me; I will not pursue the matter further.) More importantly, she quoted Obama's minions as saying:

Obama's spokesman Tommy Vietor said their strategy has been to “confront these rumors head-on” with a designated Web site – – and to make sure precinct captains are given factual information to counter the “ridiculous false rumors that have swirled in this campaign.”

Has Obama denied my column? Has he called my pioneering disclosures about Obama's real father a rumor? Is there another attack on me or denial on Obama's web site? No. Obama is being very mum about the Davis story because he knows it is true and that we are ready to blast him out of the water when he makes a denial.

If Obama is not denying my claim, how can it be a rumor?

But Mendoza was not through with her dirty tricks.

She writes: "his own earlier claim that the candidate was a secret Muslim, something he repeated on nationally broadcast television and radio talk shows, 'is diluted now.'"

Then she writes: Obama is Christian

The reader is left with the false claim that my Muslim column/comments are "diluted" because "Obama is a Christian." That is an outright lie and a massive falsification of what I told her.

My claims about Obama's religion have been "diluted" not because of Obama's Christian religion, but because we now know his biological father was Frank Marshall Davis, not the putative Barack Obama, Senior.

Our original religious claim was based on Obama's false claim that "Barack Obama" was his father, when he knew full well that Frank Marshall Davis was his real father. Obama, Senior was a Muslim; Davis was not. Obama's stepfather took him to Muslim services when he lived in Jakarta, Indonesia as a boy. Instead of trying to put my remarks in context and present them fairly, Mendoza tries to make me look like a liar.

And they wonder why no one trusts the Associated Press, or mainstream megaphone media, when their own actions condemn them as surrogates for Barack Frank Marshal Davis Obama.

CNN is not my friend, and they did not want to admit that "informed opinion" is the daily bread of lawyers, judges and juries. But they presented a fair report of my views, and did not seek to distort my claims.

In my opinion, CNN is to be commended for taking a controversial subject, doing so in a fair and balanced manner, and presenting my views honestly even if the correspondents equally honestly disagreed with me.

And that explains why I speak to mainstream megaphone media: some of them are honest, and some of them are liars, just like their patron saint Barack Frank Marshall Davis Obama.

Thank you CNN for having the decency to be honest, even if you disagreed with me.

TUESDAY (later today): Questions the Mainstream Media will not ask Barack Obama, The Cover-up: Part One (first in a series)

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Blogger neen said...

Andy, I can't remember how far back in the campaign that I saw the clip on TV, but Obama stated that he became a Christian, 20 years ago, in Rev. Wright's church. What was he before then? I think he strongly leaned Muslim... JMHO

4:15 PM  

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