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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chicago jealousy, pettiness and provincialism are breaking out all over

Barack Obama nemesis Andy Martin is in Hawaii. “Operation Aloha Obama” “fighting camp” is operational in Honolulu.

Chicago media can’t help trashing Andy
“Operation Aloha Obama” is in progress
Our “fighting camp” in Honolulu is fully operational
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”





(HONOLULU, HI)(October 16, 2008) First the good news. Our new fighting camp in Honolulu is fully operational. We have set up our communications, computers, printers and everything else within 24 hours of arrival. We are already out in the field doing our Obama research.

One national television network has already requested to cover this mission and we expect to liaison with them shortly.

Mainland media are also responding; we will be up late into the night appearing on radio on the mainland Friday morning (during the morning hours).

All in all, it’s not a bad record for a small Internet operation that has been breaking news from Baghdad to Chicago over the past five years.

And oh the jealousy, pettiness and provincialism oozing out from all over the Chicago area. Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times kicked off the parade by trying to trash me with some lies emanating from the New York Times Obama Bureau. Roeper could not be bothered to pick up the phone and check out the facts, or at least get both sides of the story. Major market attitude, that, Mr. Roeper.

Then, horrors!, two losers from the (Somewhere) Daily Herald wrote that I was not a “journalist.” As though I need to be lectured by a third-rate daily in the burbs, they’re right. If by “journalist” you mean someone who is cowering in fear of losing his ‘dead tree’ media job, while waiting to answer a police call on a turned-over truck, no, I am not a journalist. But I have been breaking major investigative stories since the 1960’s, and irritating people in power from presidents on down. Not bad work if you can get it.

Finally, the odious and officious Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times tried to write himself into my story and compared me to racists and terrorists. Brown opined that he had known me for over thirty years. He may have known me, but I have no idea who he is or was.

Each of the foregoing munchkins is trying to outdo the grand master of Chicago resentment and obsession, Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune, who burns with anger at the very sound of my name. Pearson has yellowed notes with a collection of smears against me he reprints every two years. Pearson’s problem is that he drinks his own toxic Kool-Aid. Sam Zell, the new owner of the Tribune, will soon dispatch him.

Well, what have I done to deserve this obloquy? I won’t mention my clandestine accomplishments in Chicago because, well, they are clandestine and must remain so. But how about the public accomplishments?

As a young law student, I worked with real reporters to help bring down two crooked Illinois Supreme Court judges. Not bad for a student lawyer.

Throughout the 1970’s I was fighting corruption in Chicago. I filed the first racketeering lawsuits against the Democratic Party and earned the ultimate award of undying enmity from the Daley Machine(s). I helped target crooked judges, culminating in Operation Greylord. Fight corruption in Chicago? Horrors. Now you know why they hate me. (Check out

I performed the same miracles in Florida, where trial and appellate judges were disciplined and removed as a result of my activity.

From time to time I took time to report from overseas. In 2003 I worked in Baghdad as an investigator and researcher. Just ask Paul Bremer what he thinks of me. I saw through Mr. Bremer earlier than anyone else. And gained the enmity of the Bush administration.

Today I am the only American writer/investigator/”journalist” looking into Barrack Obama’s hidden history in Hawaii.

As I look out my window at the blue ocean, white waves and white sandy beach where I will be walking with my new pair of sandals (going native already), I can only express sympathy and amusement at the vitriol directed at me from my home town competitors. We can see why the Second City is now the Third City: jealousy, pettiness and provincialism.

Seems to me the greatest self-promoter of all time, Jesus Christ, had a few choice words for Roeper, Ryan, Pearson and Brown. “A prophet is not without honor…”

We’ll have an introductory column later today, and then the red meat starts on Friday. Get your steak knives, forks and napkins ready and prepare to feast on what we discovering about the “unknown Obama” in Hawai’i.

And, oh, from the beach, Aloha everybody. Even you Barry O.

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