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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fox News attacks Andy Martin for telling the truth about Barack Obama's radical agenda

Sean Hannity "regrets" exposing Barack Obama, William Ayers and Khalid Al-Mansour. Hannity has said the "media died in 2008." Little did Hannity realize that his own organization would soon be among the dead, thanks to Rupert Murdoch's shameless groveling to Barack Obama.

Fox News and Rupert Murdoch throw Internet powerhouse Andy Martin under the bus
The "death of Fox News as we know it," says Andy Martin
Rupert Murdoch grovels to Barack Obama

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Internet powerhouse Andy Martin is attacked by Fox News

"Shameful," is the way Martin characterizes the cowardice of Rupert Murdoch. "This is the end of Fox News as we know it"

Viewers be warned: in the future you will be seeing Obama propaganda on Fox news, as laundered by Rupert Murdoch

(NEW YORK)(October 27, 2008) After reading a story in the New York Times that Rupert Murdoch dismisses conservatives such as Bill O'Reilly on Murdoch's own Fox News, I should have known I was next to be axed by the media baron.

One week before America faces the pathetic prospect of "President Obama," Fox has now attacked me for my appearance as a guest on "Hannity's America" October 5th. On that show I drew the first coherent timeline linking Bill Ayers and Barack Obama, and introduced Khalid Al-Mansour to the national audience. The program on which I appeared was Hannity's highest-rated ever, and still very popular on YouTube. The fact that Murdoch has attacked me on the eve of the election confirms the overwhelming power of the October 5th program and the terror we struck in the Obama operation.

Murdoch won't get away with maliciously attacking our Internet Powerhouse that easily.

Americans are hungry for the truth about Obama. Hannity presented an honest show, and now those of us who participated are being trashed by Rupert Murdoch as he grovels to Barack Obama, the same way Murdoch grovels to the regime in Beijing. It's sad. Murdoch has taken a seat in the self-interest bus driven by Colin Powell.

No one was able to question either my facts or the reasonable inferences I drew from those facts in my appearance on Hannity's program. So Obama unleashed his smear artists at the New York Times to attack me with quarter-century old lies and distortions. Have you ever heard of a newspaper "report" where only negative information is published, and where anything positive or more recent than 25 years-old is removed? That's not "news." That's a media smear.

This week I will be suing the Times for defamation. The Sulzbergers can spend their dwindling cash reserves paying lawyers to defend them from the truth.

For a Vice President of Fox to undermine me and say Hannity regrets my appearance is sickening. What does Hannity regret? The Times' smears? Or the facts about Ayers and Obama? Like the so-called "N" word, the "A-S" word has become so powerful in American media that the mere accusation, without fact or foundation, is sufficient to occlude the truth. And they wonder why no one believes the media any more, and why newspapers are dying organizations.

The controversial new book by Michael Wolff about Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of Fox, shows I am in good company. Murdoch also "regrets" Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes and others who made Fox News what it is. I provided content to Fox News in Florida when they were just starting out, and was a guest on Hannity & Colmes during the same period. Maybe they should attack me for my views on Princess Di as well. What a joke. What a disgrace.

Murdoch's behavior is a sad commentary on the egomaniacal and senile old men who run leading media companies. Murdoch and Sumner Redstone are tarnishing their legacies by staying too long and making their egos the center of the universe, instead of making the truth and public service their ultimate goal.

Murdoch has been a visionary businessman and he has built a great worldwide media organization. But he is a miserable political columnist, and he should not have his senior staff trashing what the on-air people say and do.

I stand by every word I said on Fox News. No one has ever remotely impeached or undermined my facts or my conclusions. I condemn Murdoch's toadying up to Barack Obama and Keith Olbermann. It's disgraceful. The Fox News that has existed is dying. The days of the "conservative" channel are obviously numbered. When Murdoch is trashing Bill O'Reilly, the network's glory days are over.

Keith Olbermann's world view now controls Fox News. How pathetic. Is Rupert Murdock sickening, or senile, or what? What's next, "Hannity and Olbermann," or "Hannity & Maddow?"

Interestingly, Fox News' attacks on me are contradicted by other competing national news organizations that have interviewed me since the Times smears. To suggest my views are not worthy of publication or debate, as Fox does, is contradicted by its own competitors. You don’t have to agree with everything I write to admit that I speak for a vast national audience, "Andy's Internet Army," an audience that has tuned out mainstream media and turned to the Internet for information.

Thus, Barack Obama proposes to censor the Internet. No surprise there. He is a tyrant and dictator-in-the-making. Censoring the truth is what his models Chavez and Castro do. Sadly, with today's smears on my professional integrity, Fox News has confirmed that FNC is now nothing more than just another liberal mainstream media operation where senior management genuflects to the Obama Gang.

We will all pay the price for this surrender.

Every American is going to pay a high price for the media's capitulation to Barack Obama. But I will never surrender the truth, not for Fox News, not for anyone. I will keep digging for the facts and presenting them, and Murdoch can go on smearing his own employees and their guests.

Sean Hannity has repeatedly said "journalism died in 2008." Little did Hannity suspect that Rupert Murdoch, the majority owner of his company, would also surrender and place his own employees among the dead.

MONDAY (Later today): Barack Obama and Islam, Again (last in a series, rescheduled from October 20)

TUESDAY: Questions the Mainstream Media will not ask Barack Obama, The Cover-up: Part One (first in a series)

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Blogger neen said...

Forgive me, please, for sounding so dense, but how is this information going to stop Obama from continuing his run for the presidency? By proving he's a liar, which all his lemming supporters already know, what's to stop him from continuing to promote himself by saying, "Well, NOW, the Republicans are saying I'm not who I say I am! Who do you believe?"

Since the next few days are critical, why don't you join forces with Berg and prove that Obama is a citizen of Indonesia and an illegal alien, in America? Meld your information and work together, for goodness sake. Why is it, in these trying times, so important for you to get "all the credit?" Come on, help us out here, please???

With that said, I hope you are VERY successful, on Nov. 7th...

10:04 AM  

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