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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jerome Corsi files copycat request for Obama birth certificate

Obama's 1961 birth certificate suddenly becomes a free for all in Hawai'i. Internet powerhouse Andy Martin has the whole world talking about Barack Obama's missing, typewritten 1961 birth certificate.

Jerome Corsi files copycat request for Obama birth certificate
Obama's 1961 birth certificate suddenly becomes a free for all in Hawai'i
Andy Martin's is still the only valid pending lawsuit seeking disclosure
Andy has the whole world talking about Obama's missing birth certificate
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Andy Martin creates "rush to land" in Honolulu

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin finds that he is now being followed, by competing author Jerome Corsi who has turned up in Hawai'i to demand a copy of the same birth certificate Andy sued to obtain a week ago.

Do you believe Obama went to Hawai'i to visit his ill grandmother?

Aloha Governor Linda Lingle; is Hawai'i going to feature Andy in tourism ads?

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin has the whole world talking about Barack Obama's missing, typewritten 1961 birth certificate

(NEW YORK)(October 27, 2008) Jerome Corsi began his book with a citation to my original work on Barack Obama. Now Corsi has filed a copycat request for Barack Obama's original birth certificate, after I filed a lawsuit in Honolulu seeking the same document. Why didn’t Corsi seek Obama's birth certificate before he wrote his book, not months afterwards?

It looks like I started something. Governor Lingle should give me an award for jump-starting Hawai'i tourism. After I arrived in Honolulu, the ultimate tourist, Barack Obama, arrived closely behind me with his entourage.

Now Jerry Corsi is following in my pioneering footsteps. claims to be the #1 political blog in 2008; here's the proof. They're all watching us.

A couple of weeks ago Corsi was in Kenya saying Obama was born there. Now he is in Hawai'i accepting my theory that Obama was born in Hawai'i. Corsi can't seem to make up his mind between Kenya and Hawai'i. Maybe he is waiting for me to tell him the facts. Perhaps he knows better than to believe his own b.s. Corsi knows whom to believe: me. He might even buy my book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask.

Who's next to appear in Hawai'i? The mainstream media megaphones might be there on November 7th for my court hearing.

If imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, I am flattered by the belated recognition that my pioneering research in Honolulu was critical to prying loose the documents about Obama.

Now where's the McCain campaign to make an issue out of a legitimate issue? Calling Squadron leader John McCain. Come in, please.

This tragicomic episode also demonstrates how corrupt and biased the mainstream media are. The Chicago Tribune filed a lawsuit in 2004 to release Jack Ryan's divorce records. Ryan was running against Obama for the U. S. Senate. This was a classic Axelrod/Obama smear maneuver. But now that Obama's birth certificate is called into question, the Tribune sits on its hiney, putting a facsimile of a computer-generated document on its site and making no effort to obtain a copy of the typewritten 1961 original. Misleading its readers about the truth? Crooked, biased Chicago anyone?

The court hearing in Honolulu on November 7th should be a doozy. The judge has set an emergency hearing on my lawsuit seeking to release the original copy of Obama's 1961 typewritten birth certificate, not the computerized nonsense now posted by the Chicago Tribune and other lazy, financially struggling mainstream media on their web sites. No one has seen the original typewritten version. Obama does not that being published before the election. Why?

Corsi claims he received an e-mail from the governor; of course, by the time he sent his request I had already filed a lawsuit and the matter was in the hands of the Attorney General. Corsi dos not incorporate a copy of the governor's response in his story so we don’t know what the specific response was.

Mr. Corsi's breathless disclosure of newspaper announcements from 1961 is also old news. We have had those for months. Why is Corsi undercutting his "Kenya" theory? Or is it "We all believe Andy, because Andy is the only real investigator in this parade?"

Based on the mail we are receiving very few people, except gullible local Honolulu reporters and Obama's traveling media entourage from the mainstream megaphones, believe Obama went to Honolulu primarily to see his grandmother.

It looks like everyone is just following in the footsteps of We're number one, which is why the mainstream media Obama megaphones keep smearing me and attacking my work. Keep it coming boys and girls.

And, oh, Jerry, would you like some recommendations for cheap eats in Honolulu?

Governor Lingle, do you want to use me in "Visit Hawai'i" advertising? Aloha governor.
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