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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Senator John McCain: Just say No to “Goldman Greed & Co.”

To date, John McCain has been all sail and no anchor on the Wall Street crisis, says Andy Martin. McCain failed to take a stand against a bailout law that became a Christmas tree for special interests. In true Kerryesque fashion, McCain was for and against the bailout bill at the same time. Tonight he either has to take a stand, or stand down. He should attack Hank Paulson for using the Treasury Secretary’s office to enrich his former/future colleagues at Goldman Greed & Co.

Senator McCain: Tonight, Just Say No to Goldman Sachs Greed
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Senator McCain has to repudiate Goldman Sachs greed tonight, or fall victim to his own uncertain trumpet in the economic crisis

McCain’s failure to take a clear stand will sentence Americans to economic collapse and socialist regulation for the next four years, or more

McCain must either attack “Goldman Greed & Co.” or fall to Obama’s sword

Somewhere out there in the night, Hugo Chavez is smiling, says Andy


(NEW YORK)(October 7, 2008) Let me ask a question: does anyone know where Senator John McCain really stands on the bailout bill? He was for and against it at the same time, and voted to endorse the Wall Street giveaway.

Last week I warned McCain that he risked being sucked into the Bush Administration’s vortex if he did not separate himself with a clear stand against the bailout. He chose to take the muddled road.

Well, as that great theologian Jeremiah Wright would say, “the chickens are coming home to roost.” No sooner was the ink dry on President Bush’s signature, the president was betrayed again by his own Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Hank Paulson is the most crooked and corrupt public official in America today.

Proof positive? Who did Paulson hire to supervise the bailout? Why his own former firm and employees, of course. “Goldman Greed & Co.” Paulson appointed one of his former employees at Goldman, Neel Kashkari, to “manage” the bailout. Yah, sure.

Paulson went no further that his own firm of Goldman Sachs to supervise and profit from the Wall Street bailout. So, Paulson’s Predators, who helped bring down are economy, are now being appointed to pick our bones clean. And they wonder why Americans are increasingly angry and willing to vote for a crooked politician from Chicago to take over the White House.

“My friends,” (where have I heard that lone before?) the crooks are winning and John McCain is doing nothing to stop them.

In our hour of greatest need, McCain took the easy road and pretended he was a statesman, by supporting a bailout he knew was rotten to the core. The giveaway has been rejected by the financial markets.

Senator McCain tonight should say the public has had enough of the cronyism of Paulson’s Predators, their conflicts of interest and corruption, and demand that former Goldman partner Neel Kashkari be fired immediately from any role in the bailout. McCain should demand that Goldman Sachs be barred from any participation in the bailout. McCain should “Just Say No” to Goldman Greed & Co.

If McCain merely tries to attack Obama—and I do favor attacks on Ayers, ACORN and Obama’s “usual suspects”—he will fail. He has to offer both positive and negative. He has to promise to end the power of Paulson’s Predators and run Goldman Greed & Co. out of town. He has to point out that Obama has more Goldman Greed & Co. big shots in his campaign than McCain has in his.

McCain has to make Goldman Greed & Co. the issue.

It was obvious two weeks ago that Wall Street was using Paulson’s Predators, Kashkari and the other Goldman Greed operatives infiltrated into the federal government as agents of influence. Now they are grabbing the cash. This is not the biggest bank “bailout” in history. Goldman Greed & Co. is orchestrating the biggest bank robbery in history.

Many people believe Goldman Greed & co. engineered the Wall Street meltdown to enhance the firm’s power and aggrandize the partners’ fortunes. I am increasingly coming to that view myself. All of my life, I have seen Wall Street manipulated, and small investors screwed. Both Democrats and Republicans do it, and Wall Street gives liberally to both parties. That’s why I don’t own one share of stock. Not one penny in the markets. Why be fodder for Paulson’s Predators?

All of Goldman Greed’s competitors were obliterated—by Paulson’s Predators inside the federal government. Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve Board is a helpless pygmy, unable or unwilling to check Goldman Greed.

The bottom line: either McCain has it in him tonight, or we might as well let Obama take over and wreck the economy. We can then begin building a new, Reform-ready Republican America. The people will be hungry for—what else?—“change” after just days or weeks of Obama’s corruption and mismanagement.

Don’t say you were not warned about Paulson’s Predators and Goldman Greed & Co. It’s all out there to see. The picture becomes clearer with every day. Goldman Greed helped engineer the Panic of 2008 to profit, and profit they are, putting Mr. Kashkari in the driver’s seat to steer business to Goldman greed. It is shameless.

And it will be a shame if Senator McCain fails tonight to take on Goldman Greed. He will have sealed his fate, and sealed ours as well.

Somewhere out there in the night, Hugo Chavez must be smiling. Bill Ayers too.
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