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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Barack Obama’s obsession with Islam

Obama author Andy Martin lays out the facts on Obama’s obsession with Islam. Obama has denied he was “born Muslim,” and it appears he was not; rather, his real father was Frank Marshall Davis, an atheist. But Obama undeniably was “raised Muslim,” by his stepfather Lolo Soetero, says Obama expert Andy Martin. In his “first newspaper interview” after being elected, Obama had no specific answers about any issue except one: he was going to give a “major” speech in an “Islamic capital.” Obama’s obsession may have triggered Israel’s war against Gaza. What does Obama’s Islamic obsession portend for American foreign policy? Maybe nothing, says Andy. Obama’s only one true religion is Obama himself. Obama worships Obama. Andy Martin is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask.”

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin on Barack Obama’s Obsession with Islam

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”




(SAN DIEGO)(December 30th, 2008) Over four years ago I wrote the first story disclosing Barack Obama’s Muslim heritage, and reflected on his attempts to obscure that heritage. Now Obama is manifesting an obsession with Islam. How’s that for a 180 degree change?

During the past four years I have been smeared, pilloried, attacked, abused and, yes, Obamabots even criticized me. They called my columns on Obama’s Islamic roots “smears” and created a “" website to debunk my claims. They carefully parsed his religious history with the skill of a Philadelphia lawyer. But everything I wrote was true and fact-based. Or at least based on Barack Obama’s “facts.”

Now Obama is parading his obsession with Islam out where everyone can see it.

In all fairness, as my investigation in Hawai’i into Obama’s past progressed, I came to believe that “Barack Obama, Senior” was not BHO’s father. Rather, I now believe that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s biological father. Obama’s mother, Davis and Obama’s “father” had cooked up a scenario to protect the already-married Davis. CNN tried to make a big issue out of my claim that I no longer believed Obama was “born Muslim.” Well, I was wrong. Because I believed Obama about the facts of his birth, which turned out not to be facts at all.

But Obama was raised Muslim, in Indonesia, and his family registered his religion as “Islam” at one of his Jakarta schools. Those are documented facts. Obama’s own sister has admitted the family attended mosque on holidays.

Why did Obama suddenly come out of the closet and start parading his religious obsession with Islam? He thinks he can now get away with it.

In what the Chicago Tribune called “Obama’s first newspaper interview since his Nov. 4 election,” what was on Obama’s mind? Islam and his Islamic name.,0,4677261.story

The Chicago Tribune interview and its bizarre focus were immediately eclipsed by the Blagojevich “sale-of-the-senate-seat” scandal and receded into obscurity. But not for

As soon as the Tribune interview was published, speculation began about where Obama would give his “Islamic speech.”,0,6054788.story

Then reality intruded. Amir Taheri, who was born in Iran and knows a thing or two about Islam, threw cold water on Obama’s Islamic pretensions and pretentiousness, see

Taheri showed that Obama was just blowing smoke. Again. And Taheri threw a bouquet to Andy, stating that Muslims considered Barack Obama to still be a Muslim and not a “true convert to Christianity.” Heavens!

Let’s start with the name. Why has Obama’s name changed since 2005? In 2005 he took the oath as U. S. Senator. There was no “Hussein” then. He was still in the Islamic closet, hiding his heritage. Now, in 2009, he wants to be a “Hussein.” What changed between 2005 and 2009? Nothing, except that Obama now believes he can get away with his Islamic heritage in the White House where he couldn’t in the Senate.

Obama told the Tribune he wanted to give a "major" speech in an Islamic capital? Taheri ridiculed the suggestion. Obama told the Tribune he wanted to bring “inclusiveness and tolerance” to the world. Oh really? I was not aware that U. S. was exclusive and intolerant.

President George Bush has bent over backwards to be inclusive and tolerant. He has hosted Islamic iftar dinners in the White House. He has said ”Islam is not the enemy” in so many speeches that people got tired of hearing that denial. Outside the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the United States has worked to build bridges.

President Bush did launch his tragic attack on Iraq, but he never suggested he was attacking Iraq because it was Islamic. In fact, Iraq had been one of the most secular nations in the Arab world, until the Bush family, father and son, made a mess of our Middle East policy.

What is significant is that in his “first interview,” Obama’s mind was focused on Islam and not on more worldly topics such as economics. As to every topic but Islam posed by the Tribune reporters, Obama had no answers, only a staff that was preparing policy suggestions. The single issue on which Obama was prepared to give a straight answer was Islam: he’s heading for an “Islamic capital.” If that’s not an obsession, what is?

The Tribune interview may have literally convinced Israelis to launch a war on Gaza. Last Sunday I held a San Francisco news conference and stated that Israel had rally targeted Obama, not Gaza, with its rein of terror on Gazans. I may not think much of the Israeli leaders but they are not stupid. They have been trying to undermine Obama all year, through clandestine websites and leaked disinformation.

Then they saw the Tribune interview on December 10th. Israeli leaders had the same reaction I did: Obama is finally admitting he is obsessed with Islam. Israelis saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to torpedo Obama’s Islamic fantasies before he reached the white House, by launching a preemptive war that will demolish any hope Obama has to seek reconciliation with Islamic nations.

What was Obama’s reaction to the Israeli "terrorism?” Not a peep. He said ”Bush is the president,” and left it at that. Bush may be the president, and decide America’s response, as wrongful as that reaction was/is. But Obama did not forfeit his right to free speech when he was elected president. Obama had a free speech right, a duty if you will, to let the world know where he stood on the issue of Israeli terrorism. Obama remained mute.

So, it may be that Obama’s Islamic scam is just another one of his speech and photo-ops pseudo-events, Berlin II. Maybe he can find an Islamic rock band to stage a concert, and then he can speak to the “Islamic world.” It sure beats a day job.

George Bush was an isolated president, and an inexperienced one. Americans have paid in blood for Bush's shortcomings. In eight years he knew nothing about the world, and he learned nothing. He became more isolated as his policy failures slowly strangled him.

Obama is not Bush. Obama has lived abroad (earlier this year I defended his claim to international experience against Hillary Clinton’s ridicule) and Obama is intelligent. No one should assume he is stupid; he isn’t.

But Obama is obsessed not only with Islam; he’s obsessed with himself.

Barack Obama’s only one true religion is Barack Obama himself. He is the most isolated president-elect in history. “Little Barry Obama” wants to have the biggest “bubble” in the world, and the media have played along. And someday soon Obama’s bubble is going to be pricked. Then we will see where Obama’s obsession with Islam will lead him. Or where the Israelis lead him. It won’t be pleasant.

In the meantime, while Little Barry Obama chills in his $9 million bunker in Hawai’i, the Israelis are blasting unarmed women and children into heaven with American taxpayer-supplied weapons. Rather than having “only one president,” right now it looks as though America doesn’t really have any president. Will we really have a president on January 20th, or is Barry Obama just all smoke and mirrors? And Islam? Little Barry Hussein Obama.

Read the Tribune, and Taheri, and send me your reactions and opinions.


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