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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Andy Martin prays for a Hamas victory in Gaza

Is Barack Obama’s foreign policy being preempted by Israeli genocide in Gaza? Middle East expert Martin says that there cannot be peace in the region until the “Israeli Wehrmacht” is resoundingly defeated.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin prays for a Hamas victory in Gaza

Middle East expert Martin says George Bush has again disgraced America with Bush’s blind support for the Israeli Wehrmacht

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(CHICAGO)(January 4, 2009) As a Christian, I am praying today for a Hamas victory in Gaza. Every Christian must pray for Hamas to defeat the Israeli Wehrmacht. Israel has become the greatest threat to world peace. This outlaw nation must be defeated if the prospect of peace is to return.

I pray for a Hamas victory even though I support and believe in everything Israeli, and abhor everything Hamas-related. I admire the free speech, limited democracy, culture and energy of Israelis. They are my friends and I support any Israeli who stands for peace against the Israeli Wehrmacht.

Contrarily, Hamas represents everything I condemn: religious intolerance and extremism, subjugation of women, rigidity to the point of stupidity, and regression not progress.

How then can I pray for an Israeli defeat and a Hamas victory? My views seem backwards.

I pray for a Hamas victory because George Bush is an incompetent liar who has devastated America’s interests in the Middle East and around the world. For the past three years, Bush has been waging a terror war against Gaza, using the Israelis as his proxies. Israelis have used Americans tax dollars, which we borrow from China, to commit atrocities against the unarmed civilian population.

Bush brought Hamas to power through free and honest elections. Gazans were told to engage in democracy, and they voted against the corruption and incompetence of the PLO. When Bush did not like the fruits of democracy, he decided to poison the tree. Bush brought Hamas to power. Nice work, Bushie. Now he wants to destroy his own creation. Where have I seen this before?

Israel encouraged the creation of Hamas as part of plan to use religious extremism to defeat the secular PLO. The tactics obviously backfired.

History will reflect that George Bush did more to encourage religious fundamentalism and intolerance, and Muslim extremism, than any president in recent history. Bush also did more to undermine our Middle East allies than anyone in history. The 9/11 attacks on New York gave him a unique opportunity to lead a movement towards world peace. He squandered his opening in a senseless invasion of Iraq and as a devoted doormat for Israeli warmongers led by Ariel Sharon.

Little Barry Obama, ever the coy one, says that he is not the president. Cat got Barry’s tongue? Can‘t “Little Barry” speak out as Bush destroys Obama’s legacy before it even begins? Americans’ hope for peace are being systematically demolished by the Israeli Wehrmacht.

A few hours ago I received a goofy e-mail accusing Barack Obama of being a war criminal. I replied that the claim was complete nonsense. I am reconsidering. In a few days Obama may become a war criminal.

Bush should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. He may never be brought to trial in person, but he should be condemned in absentia and banned from travel to the civilized nations of the world. He should treated as the pariah he deserves to be.

Power, like wealth, is a burden. It imposes some degree of caution and responsibility on the temporary holder. But Bush has been a reckless, hypocritical holder of America’s power. He has impoverished us financially at home and politically throughout the world. Likewise, Israelis have squandered their own potential for leadership in endless blood lust.

Bush, of course, admittedly was a complete foreign policy neophyte when he was elected. Sadly, he learned nothing in eight years as president.

In Egypt, the Mubarek Dynasty has condemned Hamas. But the pictures of Mubarek the Betrayer together with Israeli candidate Zipi Livni that will live in infamy in Arab history. Mubarek signed the death warrants of Gazan women and children. He also has blood on his hands. Mubarek grovels for American dollars. Nice work, Bushie.

Only when a generation of young Israelis is annihilated by Hamas, and Israeli blood overflows in the sewers of Gaza, can the world be brought back to sanity and the military dictatorship imposed on the Middle East by America in 1948 be brought into line with international law.

Americans, of course are drugged with Israeli propaganda every day. As a young schoolboy I was subjected to textbooks that heralded Israeli “progress” in the Middle East, when the racist regime was massacring innocent civilians during the 1950's. Anyone who stands up the “Jewish Lobby” and AIPAC is instantly excoriated in the media as being an anti-Semite. On the contrary, Israel’s critics are the best friends that Israelis have; we are the true Philo-Semites.

When Americans say they "support" Israel, they have no idea what they are supporting and who is behind the Fourth Reich, transported from Berlin to Jerusalem in 1948. When will the insanity end?

Only when Israel is decisively defeated.

For the last three years Israel has spearheaded a terrorist campaign against Gaza. Gaza is an Israeli prison where food is prevented from entering, where the basic necessities of life have to be smuggled in through tunnels, and where Israeli politicians use Arab blood to buy votes. These blood-drenched votes will be an eternal curse on the Israeli state.

In World War II, Nazis encircled the Warsaw Ghetto. Imprisoned Jews fought for their freedom. That episode is enshrined in history, and justifiably so. Today Gazans are encircled, and they are fighting for their freedom. In due course the Gaza Ghetto will take on the same historic and iconic role as the Warsaw Ghetto. Once Jews were the victims; today Israelis are the perpetrators. The have come full circle in duplicating the horrors of the Third Reich in their own reincarnated Fourth Reich.

Barack Obama is sitting on the sidelines, playing basketball and “monitoring the situation.” He appears to have no sense that his own administration is dying in Gaza. Israel is not only trying to massacre Arabs; the junta in Jerusalem is also trying to massacre Obama’s hopes for peace, and the hopes of tens of millions of Americans who supported Obama. People want peace; Israel wants war. I am not an Obama supporter. But as an impartial observer I see the hopes for his administration steadily slipping away.

Why is it that Israel’s Fourth Reich is addicted to war, violence, murder and oppression? For the same reasons as the Third rich in Germany. Israel is a failed state, a failed experiment in which western powers imposed a “state” on the helpless people of the Middle East. The experiment is an embarrassing failure. Sixty years later, Israelis refuse to live in peace with their neighbors; they don’t think they have to. Israel’s Fourth Reich has become the modern embodiment and reincarnation of the Third Reich. And George Bush has blindly gone along for the ride.

Will achieving peace be easy? No. Israel is a well-armed criminal gang; some have called it an army in search of a state. This outlaw state will not yield power easily. That I why the blood of young Israelis must overflow in the feces-clogged sewers of Gaza—clogged because of Israeli blockages of public sanitation and water treatment plants--before Israelis come to their senses.

As a humanitarian and Christian I mourn the waste of any Israeli or Arab life, on an equal basis. I mourn the loss of young men and women who will never enjoy God’s creation, whose lives are cut short by the dreams of greedy politicians. But if lives must be sacrificed, let them be sacrificed for a just and equal peace, not for endless Israeli warmongering and conquest.

In 2000 I propounded the Andy Martin Middle East Peace Plan. Then, the incompetent Prime Minister Ehud Barak was spreading Israeli lies about having “no partner for peace.” It was total Israeli disinformation. Today the same incompetent monster Barak is slaughtering Gazans to save his political career. Israelis go from failure to failure.

Palestinians are also losers. Abu Mazen, Mahmoud Abbas, thinks that by remaining silent about Israeli atrocities he may endure politically and return to Gaza as an Israeli proconsul. Not likely.

My peace plan called for immediate recognition by the United Stats of a Palestinian State, and the interposition of U.S. troops along the 1967 borders to enforce peace. Yes, you may be surprised to learn, I was and am willing to risk American lives to protect Israel as well as Palestine. Between Israelis and Palestinians I am completely neutral. I only support U. S. interests, nothing else. I am not anti-Israel in concept but I am against the military junta that controls Israel. As long as Israeli war criminals are welcome in our White House, and George Bush encourage Israeli bombardment as a substitute for rational peace negotiations, war will continue and Americans will suffer.

Ask yourself this painful question: if Israelis are using our weapons and our tax dollars to kill Arabs, why shouldn't Arabs kill us? Why not? Legally and morally we are as equally guilty as our Israeli stooges who pull the triggers.

George Bush could have gone down in history as a hero. He is a fundamentally decent man. He could have made peace between Israelis and Palestinians. He properly retaliated against Al Qaeda for the attacks on New York. Bush could have made America a peace maker instead of a war enabler. He squandered our nation’s future with his mindless attack on Iraq and with his encouragement of the Israeli Wehrmacht.

Bush will be remembered as a failed president, the worst in history, who destroyed the world he inherited and left chaos and tragedy in his wake.

Will Obama do any better? The Israeli Mafia is trying to tie his hands by making endless war inevitable. That’s the real message of the terror war against Gaza. And that’s why I believe Hamas must win, and why Israeli blood must flow in Gaza. Only when the Israeli Wehrmacht is destroyed can the world hope for a new dawn of peace.

And so, even as I deplore Hamas’ philosophy and religious extremism, I pray for their success as the first step back to reality for American foreign policy. Right now Barack Obama’s foreign policy is dead on arrival (DOA). Will Obama revive it, or will he genuflect to the Rahm Emanuels and other pro-Israel extremists who will be in control of his White House?

In the meantime, in a twist of fate, only a Hamas victory can rescue America from the insanity of the Bush years. Only a devastating Israeli defeat can put an end to their dreams of empire that have led to sixty years of slaughter by the Israeli Wehrmacht.

Mr. Obama, in sixteen days you won’t be able to hide any more.

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Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He has almost forty years of experience in the Middle East, and is regarded overseas as America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good grief Andy....what are you thinking? Focus on Obama/Chicago's corrupt is a goldmine.

2:53 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Yaakov ben David,

Andy's anti-Semitism can only remain hidden for so long.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tracy, you put words to what I was thinking after reading his article. He needs to change his self advertisement to "Andy Martin is a christian anti-semite, legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic".

11:47 PM  

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