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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says "Good riddance to bad Rubin"

Andy Martin calls Robert Rubin a "robber baron for the 21st century." At the U. S. Treasury, Martin says that Barack Obama is already endangering his legacy with Bush III, as Goldman Greed & Co., the firm that destroyed George Bush, is preparing to devastate our economy all over again and all courtesy of Obama. It's time to ban "Rubin's Raiders" from Washington. Forever.

Martin says "Rubin's Raiders have raped America"

Why is the Obama administration effectively controlled by Robert Rubin and Goldman Sachs & Co?

"Money, money, money"

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(NEW YORK)(January 15, 2009) When the history of this era is written, America will be seen as engaging in repeated acts of self-destruction. Republicans and Democrats, not just George Bush, were to blame. Wall Street dollars corrupted every nook and cranny in our nation. The enemy is us.

The bookends to this period will be Bernie Madoff, the gonsa gonef of all time, and, Robert Rubin, Madoff's co-equal master gonef who first ruled Wall Street, then Washington, and then Wall Street again. Rubin ultimately ruined everything he touched. Mr. Rubin meet Mr. Madoff.

Rubin's Raiders have devastated working America. And they are still at it.

Amazingly enough, Rubin is still not that well known on Main Street. And, even more amazingly, the rape is continuing under Barack Obama. Rubin & Co. have not finished milking our economy for their own selfish profit.

Last week Rubin resigned from Citicorp. In ten years he had collected $120 million and by his own admission done very little to earn all that cash.

Rubin began his kleptocratic career at Goldman Sachs & Co., which I call Goldman Greed & Co. I don’t want to endorse Gordon Gekko's claims in the movie "Wall Street" that "Greed is good,", but Gekko's speech (see video) still seems awfully current today.

Greed in a private organization is supposed to be regulated internally by management and externally by the government. All of our checks and balances were disabled by Rubin. The robbers ran amok. The fire alarms were disconnected. When the blaze began, there were no alarms.

Is greed good? Did Rubin's Raiders help or help destroy America? In a private organization a certain amount of greed is tolerable. What we found after 1928 was that greed had to be regulated and controlled by government: by the Securities and Exchange Commission and other financial regulatory agencies, by the Federal Reserve and finally by the courts through lawsuits for damages. For over a half a century, the reforms worked pretty well. There were ups and downs, but mostly ups.

Eventually, Rubin took the go-go mentality of a Wall Street trading house, epitomized in "Liar's Poker," and transferred it to Citibank after he had served in Washington as Treasury Secretary. In Washington he had helped break down the walls between banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies. Those walls had been created after the 1929 collapse. The removal of these financial partitions helped bring on the 2008 devastation.

Ultimately, no man has done greater damage to our financial markets and government finances than Robert "Raider" Rubin. His name will life in infamy.

The results of his efforts in Washington, ten years out, have been disastrous. Internally, the shareholders of Citicorp have been ruined. The bank is shrinking, losses are still mounting and after two bailouts confidence has still not returned. Externally, Rubin's claimed "non-leadership" has led to worldwide financial devastation.

What happed to the great Citibank that was built into the world's first megabank by Walter Wriston? How could such a proud and successful institution have been laid so low? Robert Rubin.

What is even worse, Rubin/Goldman Greed & Co. alumni are still fixing and rigging our financial system to benefit a handful of partners at the firm and beggaring hundreds of millions of Americans in the process.

Because Rubin has been such a toxic influence in the American economy, and because Goldman Greed & Co. has become wealthy beyond its wildest imagination while impoverishing working families and their savings, the firm and the man should be banned from Wall Street and Main Street.

What did Rubin do to earn $120 million at Citicorp? If you listen to him, virtually nothing. He says he was a potted plant, while everyone around him was ratcheting up the risk and ramping up for endless profits and no tomorrows.

The "tomorrow" came in 2008.

During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama promised "change." Sadly, in my opinion, people believed him. But when it comes to the U. S. Treasury and allied financial agencies, Obama's' "change" is no change at all. Obama's Goldman Greed & Co. hatchet men are merely following in the footsteps of Henry Paulson, who also ran Goldman Greed and also helped devastate our economy. Tim Geithner, Obama's new Treasury Secretary? He set up the boldest scam in Wall Street history. For Goldman Greed.

Last year Geithner used his leadership at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to destroy Goldman Sachs' competitors, starting with Lehman Brothers. Goldman Greed. But there was a fatal flaw in the strategy of destroying Goldman's competition. Greed became its own undoing. When the wrecking operation was over, Goldman's competitors were gone, but so was confidence in American markets.

Geithner had turned a failure into a collapse, a defeat into a rout. Geithner had destroyed too much; he had been too successful as a front for Goldman. Now Obama wants to promote Geithner to Treasury Secretary.

Money talks. Rubin gave Obama cash and credibility during the campaign. Now Rubin is cashing in by putting his understudy Geithner in control of the U. S. Treasury. Fire alarms, anyone?

I began in business 43 years ago. In those days, when I walked into the bank to borrow money, they knew me and I knew them. There was First Federal Savings in Champaign, Champaign Building & Loan, Gibson Federal and other local associations. They made loans to me, and they kept my loans on their books. Local money financed local projects.

Our markets have evolved from the mid-1960's, but not all to the good. Today mass merchandizing of mortgage obligations has created devastation all around the world. Anonymity has created conditions for ignominy. Wall Street predators have robbed the savings of people in every nation and in every walk of life. Retirements have had to be postponed, local governments have lost pension reserves, and one nation even went bust in the wake of the collapse on Wall Street: Iceland.

Robert Rubin and Rubin's Raiders were not responsible for every bad, every individual failed loan. But they created the climate and encouraged risk takers to assume increasingly dangerous levels of exposure to the point of potential collapse.

And once again today, amazingly, Rubin's Raiders are extending their tentacles into the new Obama Administration. There is no "change we can believe in." There is "money talks" and the little people walk, to the poorhouse.

For Rubin? $120 million. Cash. For working families? Bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce and devastation.

There is a continuing misappropriation of the common weal that no sane person can believe in or support. But, Obamabots are solidly behind Obama as he walks into the next round of disasters. Republicans were true believers, and they paid the price of their own perfidiousness. Now Democrats are preparing to walk their own plank.

Personally? I am modifying my own financial plans to reflect the fact that no one can any longer trust America's financial markets (I got out of the stock market a long time ago; we have had some form of presence in New York since our World Trade Center office opened in 1974).

Wall Street was a crap game before the collapse in 1929, and Robert Rubin and his colleagues at Goldman Greed engineered a new crap game all over again, until the fall came in 2008.

Goldman Greed & Co? The firm should be dismantled and prevented from causing any more disruption in our financial markets. We must ostracize Rubin's Raiders before he and his progeny such as Tim Geithner can do any more damage to Main Street.

Wall Street failed America. Robert Rubin and Rubin's Raiders failed America. Why is Barack Obama giving this gang of thieves a new lease on life and a new stranglehold on our economy? Why are Republicans afraid to pull the plug on the disastrous influence of Goldman Greed & Co? Why will no one stand up and attack, delay, complain and rally opposition? Because Goldman Greed & Co. owns both parties in Washington. Henry Paulson, Bush's calamitous Treasury Secretary, is also a former head of Goldman Greed. Surprised?

If no one stands up, and no one tells America that the Emperor Rubin has no clothes, America's days as the financial capital of the world are numbered. Our world leadership? Endangered. World stability? Fuggedabouit. It's time to run all of Rubin's Raiders out of Washington, now and forever. Or face the fatal consequences.

Looking at the devastation all across America it's enough to make you see the similarities between Rubin and Madoff. Brilliant minds. Brilliant schemes. Disastrous consequences. The bookends to the first decade of the 21st century. Rubin and Madoff.

Who did the most damage? Rubin. Madoff merely robbed from his friends and associates. Rubin robbed the nation.

In my opinion, it's long past the time to say "Good riddance to bad Rubin."

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