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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Barack Obama is a bogus Christian

Martin calls Obama's inaugural day "inclusiveness" nothing more than a "religious freak show." Martin says the Washington Post falsely portrayed Obama as a devout Christian during the campaign, and today is belatedly printing the truth: Obama does not even attend church. Why did the Washington Post suppress the truth about Obama's bogus religion? Why, indeed.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says, "Barack Obama is a bogus Christian; he has sold people of faith a bill of goods"

Andy says that Obama plans to present a "religious freak show" at the inauguration

Barack Obama's "Christianity" is "not worth a warm pitcher of spit."

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(NEW YORK)(January 18, 2009) During the past two years I have been exposing Barack Obama's bogus Christianity. I obviously got to Barry Boy and his little mouthpiece Robert Gibbs, because they attacked me relentlessly.

Now the truth is finally oozing out. I was right on target, again.

In a story today, the Washington Post exposes Barry Obama for the religious phony and hypocrite he really is. But the real hypocrite is the Washington Post. During the campaign the Post portrayed Obama as a devout Christian. Today the Post admits that Obama does not even attend Church. Would today's story have had an impact if the Post published these truths in October? It would. Which is why the news was suppressed.

Ironically, Obama may have been telling the truth about not hearing some of Jeremiah Wright's most incendiary sermons; it turns out the real truth is that Obama was not even in church! Critics were excoriating Obama for "sitting in the pews" when Obama was really home on Sundays playing basketball. As the world turns. Oh what a tangled web they weave…

The Post says Obama hasn't been in church regularly for five (5) years. Some "Christian." He phones it in. He hasn’t set foot in a church service since being elected. "Thank you, lawd!"

Obama's "church shopping" in Washington is beginning to resemble his "dog shopping." Three months after the election he still can't make his mind up about a dog. Obama's promises to the American people hold about as much substance as his promise to his daughters to get a dog.

We are transitioning from George Bush the "Great Decider-in-Chief" to Barack Obama, the "Who me?" president. Me decide?

Over the next few days Obama will of course be kneeling and praying, shucking and jiving, but the entire enterprise is nothing more than a blatant display of his contempt for religion, not his embrace of Christianity.

I don’t have strong feeling for or against Pastor Rick Warren. I have not studied him deeply. But Warren obviously has a following. So it was incumbent on Obama to bamboozle Warren's flock. The fraud scheme is continuing right on into the inauguration, where Warren will deliver a prayer to confuse the public about Obama's "inclusiveness."

Religion writers are enthralled with Obama's "inclusiveness." Of course, why should newspaper religion writers have any more competence or common sense than the bogus "political writers" who fooled the American people into voting for this huckster? And they wonder why the public is abandoning the "mainstream media.",CST-NWS-fals16.article

As soon as Obama announced Warren would deliver a prayer, the gay community responded with outrage. Gays had every right to do so. Warren had opposed their political platform in California.

Obama's response: to stick his finger in the eye of the Episcopal Church. Obama then called on Bishop Gene Robinson to deliver a counter-prayer, but not a Christian one. Robinson has his friends and detractors. I am neither. But I can say without equivocation that Robinson's ego and his desire to be an openly gay bishop have done more to damage the Episcopal Church than any other individual in recent history.

Why would Obama call on someone who is so divisive to deliver a prayer as an "Episcopal Bishop?" Because Obama considers Episcopalians jerks too. Why indeed. He'll be at St. John's Episcopal Church to worship at the "church of presidents." They ought to throw him out.

Asking Robinson to represent Episcopalians is similar to asking Roger Clemens to represent the New York Yankees. Divisive. Disrespectful. Robinson is not representative of the Church and has defied its doctrine. Robinson has been a divider and polarizer, not a uniter.

Obama doesn’t care. People are only little pegs to be plugged in his own egomaniacal pegboard. Need a gay? Plug in Robinson. Appeal to evangelicals? Plug in Warren? Women? Muslims? Jews? They are all merely bobbleheads to be plugged in where and when needed for the glorification of Obama's only one true God: himself.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Wright was indispensable when he was indispensable, and he became dispensable when he was dispensed with. Now we know Obama was not even in the pews.

Roman Catholics are the only denomination Obama couldn't fool into being part of his inaugural freak show.

Amazingly, most religious people fall for this political con man. Not one mainline denomination preacher has had the guts to stand up and call Obama the blasphemer he is. Instead, this Sunday (today) they are preaching the "inclusiveness" of Obama's "historic moment."

I do believe Obama is going to make history, but it will be the worst history in our recent history. He is out to destroy America, even if he has to call himself a "Christian" to accomplish his goal. Hugo Chavez is making "history" in Venezuela. "History" is not always a benign concept.
istoryis not always a bening concept.

The Washington Post quotes "evangelical" Joel Hunter as praying together with Obama on Election Day. What a charade. What was Hunter thinking? Who fooled him? Or did Hunter fool himself?

I am of two minds about religion in public life. On the one hand, I see nothing wrong with the occasional prayer or crèche. On the other, when religious people try to impose a partisan agenda on the nation, or politicians exploit religious leaders to buy votes, I am offended.

The Republican Party went a long way by energizing religious "values" voters. But voters with other "values" eventually saw through this potential religious dictatorship.

Now Obama is trying the Republican Party's approach and suggesting he is a "Christian" and "open" and "inclusive." Open to what? Warren's point of view? Robinson's point of view? Or no point of view? Obama is "playing" people, but that's the way he has always been. When he wanted Muslim money to go to Harvard Law School, he had Muslim suckers out soliciting tuition for his legal education.

I have to chuckle at the way he also played my Muslim friends. Two years ago they told me not to criticize the Great One. Obama was a Muslim, they said sotto voce. Yah, sure, I thought. I went right ahead and criticized. Muslims are apparently so gullible, or desperate, they actually believed Obama would play their tune after Election Day.

Then Israelis bombed mosques and incinerated helpless women and children in Gaza using white phosphorous bombs. Obama said nothing. His religious beliefs were not strong enough to condemn genocide. Insh'Allah.

I am sure Muslims had a wake-up call.

And so on inauguration day we are going to see a religious freak show more akin to a carnival midway than a solemn assumption of democratic authority. First anti-gay. Then pro-gay. Then Muslim. Then anti-Muslim. Obama's view of theology is more like a tennis match than a celebration of God. What does Obama really stand for?


The reason Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs hates me and is obsessed with my reporting is because no one has ever seen though Obama better or exposed Obama better than I do: Obama wasn’t "born" a Muslim because he won’t even admit who his real father is/was, Frank Marshall Davis, a communist-atheist. No Christian there. Obama was led to believe he was a Muslim until the age of 10. Then he rediscovered Islam in college, as a vehicle to get money and attention from Muslim students.

And as for being a Christian, when was he baptized? Do we have a date? Unfortunately no. Is there a baptismal certificate? The baptismal certificate has proven as elusive as Obama's original birth certificate.

The American people are heading into the abyss with a consummate con man. But people love to be conned.

The SEC was told straight up that Bernie Madoff was a "Ponzi schemer." The SEC ignored the warning and did nothing. The SEC can't say it weren't warned. Madoff's "investors" suspended belief to "invest" in some nonexistent "investment."

Bernie Madoff and Barry Obama. Perfect together.

You can’t say you weren't warned.

Today the Washington post lays out the truth: Barry Obama is the chest-thumping "Christian" who never goes to church and thinks religion is a vehicle to "mobilize faith-based communities behind [the glorification of the One God Obama]."

The Post says Obama doesn’t have a "theology;" he believes in "inspiration."

Barack Obama's "Christianity" is not worth a warm pitcher of spit.

If you want to be fooled, be fooled. Don’t say the truth was out there for you to see.

Now for Obama's missing birth certificate.

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