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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Andy Martin charges with being part of a mainstream media "Obama disinformation operation"

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says that there are legitimate questions about Barack Obama's birth certificate and college records; mainstream media are trying to cover-up Obama's own cover-up.'s Ben Smith seeks to mislead the public about Barack Obama's missing birth certificate and college records.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says is seeking to discredit questions about Barack Obama's missing birth certificate

Martin explains and distinguishes the various lines of inquiry that exist about Obama's opaque origins

Andy Martin--the man the Obama campaign continues to fear more than any other media analyst--continues to dig for the truth about who Barry Obama really is

Obama "Birth certificate conference" in Washington April 3-4

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”




(NEW YORK)(March 1, 2009) Almost five years ago I began to research Barack Obama. Yes, I produced the first questions about Obama's Muslim religion. Try as they might, Obama's operatives have never been able to erase the truth I first presented about him: until the age of ten, Obama was raised as a Muslim. His father and grandfather were Muslims. I presented strong circumstantial evidence on Hannity's America that Obama continued to play a "Muslim card" well into adulthood. Now that Obama is ensconced in the White House, Obama is being more candid about his Muslim "roots."

I was also the original source with questions about Obama's unsettled citizenship and birth. After initially attacking me, Obama ultimately admitted my claim that he was born with "dual nationality."

Obama went to incredible lengths to discredit my book, using the New York Times to smear me and putting the fear of God in Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch was forced to perform the ritual Chinese "kowtow" to Obama on October 27th, about a program that devastated Obama's campaign on October 5th of last year. (When was the last time Rupert Murdoch's senior executives denounced a guest on one of Sean Hannity's programs?) is still drawing Obama's blood. Just read this column and you will be convinced Obama continues to hide the truth about his origins from the American people.

During the recent campaign, it became embarrassingly obvious that was carrying water for Obama. Politico's Ben Smith routinely proffered condescending remarks about Obama's critics. Ben Smith was at it again on March 1st, 2009.

[If you would like to watch a video that explains the Obama "birth certificate issue" clearly, take a look at an excellent interview that was conducted with me in November, 2008:

I think you will agree the interview shows just how incompetent and dishonest's column by Ben Smith on March 1st really is.]

We must be winning.

The controversies surrounding the "birth certificate" issue and the "college records" issue are somewhat complex. This column will try to demystify the confusion that exists. Both issues have been misused and exaggerated by some of Obama's opponents. But the fact that extremists have exaggerated does not detract from the underlying validity of the questions that we have raised.

First, let's review the questions surrounding Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Ben Smith falsely claims that Obama "released an official copy of the Hawai'i [birth certificate] during the presidential campaign." Obama did no such thing. Either Ben Smith is lying, or he is incompetent (or both). Smith made an objectively false claim. What Obama released to is very clear about this—is a "true copy or ABSTRACT of the record…" obviously had no idea what a "copy or abstract" is, and neither does Ben Smith.

An abstract is something that is extracted from but does not replicate the actual record. So Smith can’t even get his facts straight even when the evidence is staring him in the face (go to and see the back of the document for yourself).

Smith then says, "The state's governor, Linda Lingle, has attested to the authenticity of the birth certificate." Once again, Smith is lying. Lingle never did anything of the sort. After I filed my lawsuit in Hawai'i district court and created a firestorm of controversy, the last weekend of the election Obama operatives desperately prevailed on Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino to issue a statement saying there actually was an "original" Obama certificate on file. But Fukino never "attested" to anything more than the bare existence of a document. She did not disclose its contents.

No one knows what that document says.

After the 2008 election, the U. S. Supreme Court and other courts were flooded with petitions from persons raising claims about Obama's birth. None of these generally poorly prepared cases ever took the basic step of asking Hawai'i officials to release the 1961 original document. It was no surprise to me when most of these cases were summarily dismissed.

Here is a simple question for Mr. Smith: why won’t Obama authorize the release of the original, typewritten, 1961 birth certificate? Release of that document will not satisfy everyone, but it will potentially resolve many questions.

I have never commented on a document I have not seen, but I have my theories about why Obama continues to conceal the original birth certificate from the public: the 1961 birth certificate has embarrassing or damaging information about Obama on it, whereas the "abstract" does not. It is possible (I think it is even likely) the original document does not show that Obama was born in a hospital (some women, however, claim they were there when he was born in Honolulu). Or the document may not list a father. Or what? All of this is sheer speculation about an unseen document that Obama refuses to release.

Why won’t Obama release the original birth certificate to resolve the questions about its contents? You tell me.

Ben Smith says, "Hawaii law forbids its release." It does no such thing. Obama could disclose it in an instant. I have a pending lawsuit to secure release. Hawai'i law permits release of the document. My case was dismissed at the trial court level by a biased Hawai'i judge, and is now pending in the Intermediate Court of Appeals.

My lawsuit is not going away. Obama obviously continues to hide his birth certificate because release of the document would undermine him. My claims are based on Hawai'i law; I presented my arguments in a professional manner. We will keep pressing Hawai'i courts for access. That explains why Obama went to such great lengths to smear me while he "ignored" the other "birthers." Significantly, Obama has never publicly attacked any of the birth certificate activists—except me.

These are the basic facts concerning the birth certificate. Obama has hidden the typewritten original and produced an "abstract," not a copy, of the 1961 master. In response to pressure created by my lawsuit against Hawai'i officials they did in fact verify that I was seeking access to a genuine document. The courts are being asked to direct its release and we expect a decison later this year.

How have Obama's opponents misused the "birth certificate" issue? Well, if there is indeed a saboteur in the entire process, Phil Berg is an obvious candidate. Last August Berg contacted me before he filed his first lawsuit; I told him his complaint was frivolous and unsubstantiated. Berg filed it anyway. Berg discovered that there were people willing to give him money every time he made an outlandish claim about Obama. So Berg has used his fanciful claims as a moneymaking machine. Nothing more.

Berg's latest claim is that Obama is an "illegal alien." I am sure he is making additional cash with that whopper. Last year Berg claimed an "imam" was flying to London with tapes verifying that Obama was born in Kenya. All of this was utter nonsense.

Here you see the problem for open-minded opponents of Obama: the media love to link legitimate scholars such as myself with illegitimate profiteers such as Berg. I have worked to obtain the facts, not to profit from propagating lies. Berg has done the opposite. As Smith makes clear, "useful idiots" such as Berg benefit Obama by confusing and discrediting bona fide questions about Obama's origins. So who is Berg really serving?

Bottom line: (1) there is an original, typewritten Obama birth certificate in Hawai'i. (2) In response to public pressure created by my Hawai'i lawsuit, Fukino has confirmed the document I am seeking exists. (3) No one knows what the original says, or doesn't say, because no one (including Fukino) has ever released or discussed the contents. (4) My lawsuit seeking access to this historic document is proceeding in the Hawai'i courts, currently in the Intermediate Court of Appeals.

Some Obama opponents have sought to claim Obama was born in Kenya. They have even claimed a Kenyan "birth certificate" exists. I have not seen any evidence to confirm or sustain those claims. The woman whom Obama misleadingly calls his "granny" is not in fact his granny, and she appears to be senile, so her claims about being present at his birth can be discounted.

One of the ironies of the entire birth imbroglio is that Obama lies about his past, and his opponents also lie about his past. All of these lies obscure the legitimate questions that I have presented in the proper forum, namely the Hawai'ian court system.

Now the "college records" case.

Ben Smith makes several claims to debunk legal efforts to secure access to Obama's college records.

First, let's be clear. No one has seen any of Obama's college records, at Occidental College, at Columbia or at Harvard. Obama has kept them secret. While we know a great deal about George Bush's college performance, and Al Gore's college grades, we know nothing about Obama's. Why won't he release his records? Once again, Obama is hiding something.

While I admittedly have not seen the school files, I have some idea of what he might be trying to hide. First, Obama may have tried to obtain "affirmative action," in contravention of his claims that he did not. Second, we know from my appearance on Hannity's America that Obama goes ballistic when I dwell on his links to the anti-white, anti-Israel, anti-American Khalid Al-Mansour. Al-Mansour apparently was behind efforts to get Obama admitted to Harvard, and raised money for Obama to attend.

It is very possible that even if Obama did not affirmatively seek "affirmative action," he sought to portray himself as a Muslim student when applying to Occidental College or elsewhere. Common sense tells you that Barry Obama did not come to the attention of a radical such as Khalid Al-Mansour, who raised money for Obama's education, by accident. Obama was peddling some sort of anti-American slime to draw Al-Mansour's attention.'s effort to portray the "Obama college records" issue as nutty is more disinformation from the Obama camp. Once again, Obama has something to hide. And once again mainstream media ( is owned by a firm that has federal broadcast licenses, so literally operates under the thumbscrews of the Obama administration) are covering up for Barry Obama.

Is it any wonder people don't trust the mainstream media?

People such as Michael Medved, and others quoted in Smith's article, that criticize efforts to obtain truthful, factual information about Barack Obama merely manifest their own professional incompetence and political ignorance. Serious writers, researchers and authors always seek access to original documents. They do not accept "abstracts" as a substitute for the actual evidence (courts apply the same standards).

There are certainly malignant hucksters and profiteers out there who exploit hostility against Obama--Phil Berg obviously is—but the fact that Berg & Co. is sleazy does not diminish the validity of unanswered questions about Obama's past.

I want to underscore that I have never questioned Obama's eligibility for the presidency. I have merely said, "Why won't you show me your original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate so I may review it and express an informed opinion on questions about your birth?" CNN even made fun of my use of the term "informed;" so much for mainstream media stupidity.

How can anyone formulate intelligent opinions when Obama is concealing the original copies of vital records on which any serious discussion must be based? By concealing the truth, Obama seeks to demean the search for the truth. He is the ultimate apostle of the big lie.

During the recently-concluded presidential election, Obama operatives went to great lengths to undermine me. Initially, they produced the so-called "genius" Danielle Allen, whom they trotted out as an expert for the Washington Post, to discredit me. When that did not work, Robert Gibbs went on Hannity and Colmes and attacked me without any basis to do so, using the fact that after I was the victim of a crime 25 years ago I attacked the criminals. Common sense tells you that a presidential press secretary doesn't go on national television to attack insignificant people. Mr. Gibbs?

Likewise, Obama operatives pressured the New York Times into smearing me with distorted reporting (I have sued them for libel). Once again, why would the Times put me on the front page if I was of no consequence? Finally, after all of the foregoing efforts failed or boomeranged, Obama essentially forced Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch to kowtow and send one of his senior executives out to tell Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post that I was a no goodnik. Yah sure. After Media Matters attacked Murdoch for "building a program around Andy Martin."

Obviously, Obama's people devoted an awful lot of attention and energy to attacking someone (me) they claimed had no influence.

Stalin once asked, "How many divisions does the Pope have?" Well, like the Pope we don't have any divisions. But we cost Obama dearly on the field of battle. Obama, Gibbs and Axelrod know that.

In point of fact, our efforts over the past five years, and especially last year in Hawai'i, cost Obama millions of votes and held down his majority. Without fighting for the truth and spreading the truth abut Barry Obama, (Grandpa John McCain was clueless and ineffective) Obama would have won an even more impressive victory.

You now have a more informed understanding about the disputes concerning Obama's birth certificate and college records. You can also appreciate why Obama's people continue to view me as the greatest media threat to their regime. It's all there in my book.

On April 3-4 I am going to convene a Washington, DC conference on Obama's secret birth/college records. Please let me know if you want to attend or participate. We will do our best to have an intelligent discussion about the information that Obama is trying so hard to keep secret. Mark your calendar for April 3-4 in Washington, DC.

As for, just recognize that they are part of the Obama disinformation team, and look at Ben Smith's lies in that light. Compare what Smith says with the video interview on me.
Which one of us is more credible and more independent of the Obama machine?

To paraphrase the recently-departed Paul Harvey, "And now you know the rest of the story."

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Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting experience in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over four decades of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.

His columns are also posted at;

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Blogger WIZolman said...

Your ego knows no bounds. By the way, on November 3, 2008, the Chicago Tribune's Swamp reported that Ms. Okubo (Health Department Spokeswoman, per the Press Release) confirmed in both e-mail and telephone interviews that Obama was BORN IN HAWAII:

"Seeking to squelch persistent rumors that Sen. Barack Obama isn't eligible to become president because he allegedly was born outside the United States, a Hawaiian official has confirmed she has "personally seen and verified" that the state "has Sen. Obama's original birth certificate" - meaning Obama was born in the Aloha state, and is therefore an American citizen.

[Quote from Official News Release, already quoted above.]

Does this mean Obama was born in Hawaii?

"YES," said Hawaii Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo, in both email and telephone interviews with the Tribune. "That's what Dr. Fukino is saying."


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