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Monday, March 16, 2009

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin offers to recover the AIG bonuses--pronto

Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s “weasel words” suggest a surrender to AIG. Martin accuses Obama of using “weasel words” with the American people. Americans want action against the AIG kleptocracy, not pretensions and shadow boxing while AIG traders make a mockery of the U. S. Treasury.

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Is “Barack Obama’s America” a “pitiful, helpless giant?”

Andy Martin accuses Obama of using “weasel words” with the American people

Americans want action against the AIG kleptocracy, not pretensions and shadow boxing while AIG traders make a mockery of the U. S. Treasury

“More mush from the wimp? Been there, done that,” says Andy

(NEW YORK)(March 17, 2009) Barack Obama is talking tough again. Reach for your wallets. Obama has directed his hopeless and helpless Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, to “pursue every single legal avenue” to recover the bogus bonuses of AIG. Yah, sure. Why would Obama call on a “banker,” not a lawyer to take legal action? Read on.

The Treasury Department and Federal Reserve have done nothing for months. These sclerotic bureaucracies are not going to change direction after they previously approved the obscene bonus payments to AIG. When will someone stand and fight against the AIG kleptocracy?

Why am I suspicious of Obama’s bold words? I am reminded of Richard Nixon’s timeless words, about his fear of being seen as a “pitiful, helpless, giant.” Nixon’s denial that he was pitiful and helpless was the start of one of his greatest foreign policy disasters.

Obama can’t deny he is acting like a “pitiful, helpless giant.” He is one. The latest disgrace over Geithner comes with the excuse that TG did not become “personally” aware of the AIG robbery until last week. “Personally” is another weasel word. What is happening at the Treasury Department when the man-in-charge knows nothing about the looting of AIG? Doesn’t TG read the newspapers? Why do people in charge accept the ridiculous claim that if we don’t pay extortion to AIG fixers, the crooks will abandon ship and leave us stranded?

During the campaign Obama falsely portrayed himself as a “law professor” (his title was actually “lecturer”) and boasted fraudulently about “litigating civil rights cases,” all of which was a pathetic distortion. Obama was at best attorneys’ arm candy, an African-American ornament that was used by real lawyers to make their case in court. Obama never tried a lawsuit in any court and, so far a I am aware, never even served as “second chair” trial counsel either. (Hint: all of this is in my book.) Obama’s legal career reflects great intelligence but a total absence of professional accomplishment.

With the AIG looting we confront a real legal problem in the real world: a claim that a “contract” gives a band of AIG’s Barbary Pirates the right to extort the people of the United States. Would a real lawyer show up and tell the public he was exploring “legal avenues” when he should have already directed the Attorney General to file suit? Capitulation and surrender, anyone?

But, ahhh, Obama can manipulate words and, in the timeless prose of Alice-In-Wonderland, there he was Monday, looking “tough” and “concerned” and promising “every single legal avenue” to stop the AIG profiteers. Obama, of course is the ultimate Humpty Dumpty: “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less.”

So when Obama starts with the weasel words, such as “legal avenue,” it looks to me like a form of capitulation in progress. His words have “meaning.” Eventually someone will say there was “no legal avenue,” and that will be that. Especially when Geithner only “personally” learned of the asportation just hours before the checks were in the mail.

What’s going on here? In the short run, nothing more than classic “Barry O” damage control. In the long run, the American people are being drawn and quartered by Obama's Wall Street campaign contributors while the Obamas dance and feast at the public trough with $100 a pound steak and other high-life accoutrements in the White House. The capitulation-in-progress to AIG looks like another installment of the “earmarks” surrender, where Obama was against earmarks during the campaign, before he approved them as president.

At the end of the day, Obama lacks the guts to make a powerful gesture to stop his own bleeding. His government is leaking credibility from every pore.

President Nixon was afraid of being a “pitiful, helpless giant” and he blundered into becoming one. Obama makes no pretense of being anything but a pitiful, helpless giant.

If Obama wanted action, he should have had Attorney General Eric Holder standing next to him, not the goofy Treasury Secretary. On the contrary, Obama should have fired Geithner on Monday; he had the perfect opportunity to unload TG. The AG should have said “we are filing suit to recover the money,” and that would have been that.

Should the taxpayers fear a lawsuit? Ohhh, the horrors if we file suit. The other side might win!!! The fear! That’s ridiculous. Contracts entered into by the prior management of AIG are not binding on what is essentially a new government-controlled entity. AIG is insolvent. The payments may be fraudulent conveyances. There are many legal theories which could be used to recover the money. “Taking back” the cash from the next installment of taxpayer cash, Geithner’s latest weasel option, is a joke.

Now we also know why that other Treasury Secretary/looter Hank Paulson did not want AIG in bankruptcy: so AIG could bail out Goldman Greed & Co. Geithner says “outside lawyers” threw up their hands at the prospect of filing lawsuits. Who else paid these lawyers? How independent was their counsel? They are all a bunch of crooks: Democrats, Republicans and their fellow travelers on Wall Street.

Tough words are nothing compared to tough deeds. Guess what? Barry O controls the most powerful law firm in the world, the U. S. Department of Justice. He should have announced a lawsuit, not an open-ended capitulation to AIG and more evasion and prevarication. The fact that Obama’s words were nothing but words, and that the Attorney General was not standing next to him to announce litigation, is the ultimate evidence that all we heard on Monday were more weasel words from the Great Weasel himself.

Ironically on the same day that Obama was doing nothing about AIG’s Ponzi boys, the Department of Justice was filing notice of its intention to pursue Bernard Madoff’s fraudulently transferred assets. What a contrast between helplessness and action, between “Obama lawyers” and real lawyers.

If Mr. Obama would like to recover the stolen AIG money, he can offer me a task force of ten assistant U. S. Attorneys and a couple of paralegals, and we can have a lawsuit on file by next week. That’s what a real leader would be doing. Taking action. Filing suit. Pursuing the bad guys. If Obama won’t pursue AIG, what basis is there to believe he will really pursue Al Qaeda?

During the Jimmy Carter era, a Boston Globe editorial writer was castigated for writing “More mush from the wimp.”

Today, the American people got yet another serving of mush from their new wimp, Barack Obama.

The American people, for sadly understandable reasons, made a classic mistake when they voted for Obama. They will pay dearly for their mistake over the next four years. Obama’s “legal avenues” to recovery of the stolen taxpayer cash reflect a long “avenue” to nowhere. The Great Weasel and wimp-in-chief is serving “mush” faster than the American people can eat it.

Where’s the money, Barry O? SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

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