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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wanted for Murder: Tim Geithner; he killed the liberal dream

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says liberals should issue an arrest warrant for U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

It's murder most foul as the hapless Tim Geithner kills off a great liberal goal: nationalizing America's major banks

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Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has killed the "N" word; should he be arrested for murder?

Andy Martin on the fallout from Tim Geithner's incompetence and the collapse of public confidence in the U. S. Treasury Department


(NEW YORK)(March 18, 2009) Tim Geithner should be arrested for murder. He has killed something very precious to America's liberals and especially to the hard left: the nationalization of America's banking system.

Over the past few weeks the "N" word, "nationalization," has been used in an increasingly prominent and casual manner. "Nationalization" of major banks was uttered by hard leftists as well as a few lame-brained Republicans in Congress. "Let's nationalize the banking system," they have suggested. "Just a little, 'surgical' nationalization. We'll take them over, 'clean them up,' and then resell the seized institutions back to private investors."

Yah, fat chance. Only someone who gets their investment advice from CNBC's wacko Jim Cramer could believe a tall tale like that one.

The scary truth: Barack Obama and the hard left came perilously close to securing a mandate to nationalize America's major banks.

The nationalization dream died with a stray bullet from the inadvertent assassin Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. "TG" killed off any possibility of nationalization with his hopelessly incompetent, maladroit maladministration of AIG.

So do we arrest Tim Geithner, and charge him with murdering a great liberal dream—bank nationalization—or do we erect a statue in his demented honor?

Geithner is going to go down as one of the real idiots of the Obama era. But he has turned out to be a useful idiot for true conservatives. His utter incompetence saved our banking system from being turned over to Barack Obama's political commissars.

Geithner is probably a very "bright" man. But, unfortunately, he has spent his entire working life being a valet and coat-holder to politicians and the overlords who control them, such as Hank Paulson at Goldman Greed & Co. So when Geithner finally ascended to the top of the financial world and became Treasury Secretary, he was hopelessly and helplessly and shamefully incompetent to do the job.

We were told we had to have Geithner as Treasury Secretary because only he "knew the secret codes" on Wall Street. Only TG could untangle the tangled bailouts. Of course he did: he created the mess himself while serving as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

So, the bottom line—and you read it first at Geithner has murdered any possibility of anyone seriously considering bank nationalization. Turning over our banking system to the Treasury Department is off the table. At this point I think Jim Cramer has a better chance of being named Treasury Secretary than the banks do of being nationalized.

Even a hard leftist has to buy groceries. Even a thief such as George Soros wants fresh flowers on his desk and demands filet mignon on his dinner table. Why would anyone trust Tim Geithner to "manage" anything after the AIG fiasco? Most Americans would not trust Geithner with a paper route. Even the "commies" want their cash machines to spit out cash.

Having bungled AIG, no one can seriously suggest Geithner should be given control over nationalized banks, or a greater supervisory role over our economy. Useful idiot indeed.

R.I.P. banking industry nationalization. Sleep well.

And, oh, round up the usual suspects.

[P.S. Sean Hannity must be reading this column again; he promptly echoed our call for President Obama to fire Tim Geithner. Way to go Sean.]
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