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Friday, April 24, 2009

Andy Martin has media mogul Rupert Murdoch on the run

Rupert Murdoch is dodging Andy Martin’s process servers. Murdoch is afraid to own up to his slimy corporate behavior as a stooge for Barack Obama. Murdoch invites Martin to stalk Murdoch at his home: does anyone know where Murdoch lives in Manhattan? Obama’s “slime squad” against Andy Martin is slowly being exposed. Hearing set in Illinois court to enter a default against Murdoch for attacks on “Hannity’s America guest.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin has media mogul Rupert Murdoch on the run

Murdoch is filing bogus motions in Illinois and trying to dodge Andy’s process servers

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Politically Correct”


News Corporation media mogul Rupert Murdoch is on the run—dodging Andy Martin’s process servers

Murdoch says he wants Andy to stalk Murdoch at his New York mansion (is Murdoch senile?)

(NEW YORK)(April 25, 2009) Last October, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News interviewed me in Chicago, a fact that Murdoch’s Chicago attorneys do not seem to realize. I was a guest on “Hannity’s America” and provided the first coherent timeline linking all of the radicals in Barack Obama’s life. Since my appearance, Hannity himself has gone considerably beyond the claims I made in attacking Obama.

But on October 5th, during the heat of the campaign, Barack Obama went berserk and created a dirty tricks operation to smear me. Obama’s mud-merchant-in-chief was Robert Gibbs.

Obama & Co. virtually ordered the New York Times to smear me. In two stories, one of them on the front page, the Times tried to suggest I was insignificant. The best smear the Times could come up with was a 25 year-old attack on me by a federal judge who I had exposed for engaging in corruption and conflicts of interest.

Why would the Times put an “insignificant” person on the front page? Because my anti-Obama truth squad was costing Obama millions of votes and depriving him of a runaway victory.

Later in October, Murdoch sent his munchkin William Shine out to smear me to Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post. Murdoch was groveling at the feet of Obama and Murdoch is known for groveling when it concerns his pocketbook.

Now ask yourself, when has any cable TV program, let alone Hannity’s America shown on Sunday nights, triggered two stories in the New York Times, as well as comments to the Washington Post? Why were Obama & Co. so obsessed with smearing me? Because they knew my columns were costing them millions of votes.

To clear my good name and to expose the corruption of both the New York Times and Fox News—which Murdoch is increasingly turning into a sympathetic outlet for Obama--I filed suit in the state where the Fox interview occurred, Illinois.

A process server was sent to serve Murdoch and Shine, and I went along to observe. I saw everything. Murdoch and Shine tried to hide behind the security guards in their office building and would not allow the process server to serve them.

Next week we have scheduled a motion for default against Murdoch and Shine.

At the last minute, Murdoch has hired a sleazy Chicago law firm to file false claims on behalf of both men. Murdoch says the law requires me to stalk him at his home and to serve him as he exits or enters his residence in Manhattan. He lives in a secure doorman building, so it would again be impossible to obtain entry for a process server.

Mr. Murdoch, who is so brave when he comes to smearing people, is a puny little old man when it comes to appearing in court and owning up to his slimy corporate behavior.

But since Murdoch has invited me to stake out his home and family (you can also serve family members) does anyone know where Murdoch and family live in New York?

In the meantime, now you know what kind of a scumbag Murdoch is. He smears people who appear as guests on Hannity’s America and tell the truth about Barack Obama.

I am very proud my columns cost Obama millions of votes. My only disappointment is that they did not cost him enough votes to defeat him. Murdoch was no help. He was in Obama’s pocket. He still is.
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