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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin: Barack Obama is bankrupting America

Barack Obama’s bad economic policies are responsible for today’s dismal financial news. On Obama’s 100th day, Andy Martin says Obama is delaying economic recovery while he sells bonds to china to finance the White House’s $100 a pound Wagyu Beef steak for Michelle Obama’s entertaining. Ain’t America great! Even a jerk like Obama can rip off the public, and his Democratic Party sycophants still love him. Auto workers, anyone? Michelle parties, and the poor get the bill. Let them eat cake.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says Obama is proving the Republicans’ case for free markets

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Obama’s economic gyrations are validating the Republican Party’s core belief: less is more with government intervention

Barack “deCastro” Obama must be stopped before he inflicts more damage on the American economy and American people

(NEW YORK)(April 29, 2009) This is just a quick column to give you some insight into how I feel about today’s bad economic news. Thank you Barry Obama for proving the Republicans’ theory that free markets are the best approach to building and expanding a free society.

Barack Obama sits in the White House today because John McCain proved to be a geezery old windbag during last year’s economic collapse. McCain panicked, fumbled away the campaign lead to Obama and never recovered. (Do you remember when McCain was ahead? He was.)

My feelings last September proved to be correct. Economic intervention was likely to do more harm than good.

A recent congressional study suggested that government programs were actually delaying the recovery and hindering the economy. Well, that’s what the Republicans have always said. It was only when George Bush decided to socialize the banking industry last year, to protect profits for Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s old firm Goldman Greed & Co. and other Wall Street scams operators that the economic tremors morphed into an earthquake.

Are the rich suffering today? Not really. A recent story said Wall Street pirates are already living high again on new Washington booty. Are the poor and working classes suffering? Yes they are, due to mismanagement by Republicans and sheer socialist greed on the part of the Obamacrats.

Everything Obama does delays the recovery. Auto industry? I’ll have more to say about that when I get a breather. Banks? They saw what “government help” meant to them; the financial industry is running away from the Treasury Department as fast as they can. So what is Obama actually accomplishing with his trillions of dollars of socialistic spending?

Obama is robbing from our children and grandchildren, forfeiting the American dream, wiping out our comfortable retirements and delaying economic recovery. In short, he is bankrupting America. None of this comes as any surprise to me: my book “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask,” and my columns over the past five years have predicted Obama was a fraud and a thief.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating laissez faire economics with no restrictions and no controls. It wasn’t the “system” or the controls that failed last year. It was human nature. Greed got the best of our business leaders, and some of them are paying the price. Greed is not good.

But the auto industry and auto workers would be further a long the road to recovery without bailouts, and our banking system would be stronger today if the bad banks had simply gone under and we borrowed money to make good on deposit insurance.

With Obama, we have the worst of both worlds: capitalist greed (for his campaign contributors and Obamacrats) and hard times for the rest of us. How could Obama put a crook like Tim Geithner in the Treasury after Geithner helped engineer the collapse? Follow the money; it always leads to Goldman Greed & Co.

Many people have a mistaken impression that “leaders” in socialist or communalist regimes live poorly. That’s not true. In every dictatorship, the power elite always rip of the workers and steal from their neighbors. Detroit may be suffering, but Michelle Obama is still ordering $100 a pound Wagyu Beef steaks for herself and her guests. On taxpayer money borrowed from China. Now those Democrats know how to live!

If the Republican Party would concentrate on economic issues, and stop being sidetracked by social crusades, we could reclaim the leadership of this nation and continue to build on the legacy of our founders.

Republicans: it’s time to come together, and save America from “Bankrupt Barry” Obama and his socialist hordes. We need to rebuild the Big Tent and make Republicans a national party again, a party focused on economic prosperity, instead of retreating into the Deep South and marginalizing the Midwest, Northeast and West.

If we won’t save America from “Bankrupt Barack,” who will?

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