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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is Barack Obama an enemy of the American people?

Andy Martin says Barack Obama is betraying freedom all around the world. Last October, Andy predicted Barack Obama’s future embrace of Hugo Chavez, on “Hannity’s America.” Obama retaliated by creating a dirty tricks operation to smear Andy. Rupert Murdoch groveled to the Obama campaign. But Andy’s prophesy has, sadly, become a reality. Obama and Chavez: perfect together. The freedom-loving people of Venezuela have been betrayed. Who’s next on Obama’s hit list?

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says "I am ashamed to be an American; Barry Obama is a traitor"

Martin says Obama is betraying the freedom-loving people of Venezuela and bowing down to yet another dictator

Barack Obama is an enemy of the American people

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(NEW YORK)(April 19, 2009) Please forgive me for a very angry column. I truly apologize for losing my temper at Barack Obama.

I don't often feel ashamed of the United States and frustrated with the American people, but I feel ashamed and angry today. Gullible Americans voted for an enemy of the United states to sit in the White House: Barack Obama. We will pay the price in blood soon enough. Our men and women in uniform will die as a result of the world chaos being created by Obama.

Please don't misconstrue my views on foreign policy. Diplomacy is essential, and diplomacy means dealing with your enemies as well as your friends. I have no problem with the State Department dealing with Venezuela, or Iran, or Cuba or North Korea. I would encourage State to do so. That’s what our representatives are supposed to do. But dealing with your enemies takes a deft hand.

Barry Obama’s groveling to dictators exposes him as an enemy of the American people and an enemy of freedom all around the world. Obama is a socialist saboteur who is deliberately destroying America’s image and the hopes of freedom-loving people everywhere. Who is he going to grovel to next?

Those are some of the more complimentary things I can say about him today.

Watching Obama bow to the Saudi king was an embarrassment, but it didn’t really change anything.

But watching Obama cavort with Hugo Chavez yesterday made me sick. No really. Sick. Obama is betraying the freedom-loving people of Venezuela.

Last fall Obama created a dirty tricks squad to smear me, and he sent his designated moron Robert Gibbs to attack me on national television. What had I done to incur the wrath of the chosen one? Take a look for yourself at my prophesy on the video (look at my segment at the link below, Part II); I had predicted the future:

I said on Hannity’s America: "If you love the Cuban revolution and Castro, and if you love what's happening in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez, you'll love Barry Obama."

Obama’s attempt today to deflect criticism of his submission to Hugo Chavez, by comparing the dollar-value of Venezuela’s defense budget to the United States' defense expenditures, is pure sophistry. No one expects Venezuela to attack the U.S.

The issue is freedom: Chavez has enslaved Venezuela and made himself a Castro-style dictator. He kills his enemies. He has bankrupted that wealthy nation. People are increasingly hungry. But William Ayers and Hugo Chavez? They love each other. Ayers was Obama’s advance man in Venezuela. Billy-boy laid the foundations; Obama is building his temple of love to Chavez.

Obama has betrayed every Venezuelan who is working to preserve freedom and democracy there. Imagine how Venezuelans who are fighting Chavez’ dictatorship must feel seeing Obama confer his seal of approval on Chavez. America has seldom been more disgraced by a chief executive. Barack Obama is an enemy of the American people.

Obama knew what he was planning to do if he became president, and last October he exploded when I laid out the time line of his radial connections from Ayers to Al-Mansour to Chavez and Castro, on Hannity’s America. It’s all there in my appearance on Sean’s show.

Now you know why the extreme left and George Soros’ brown shirted thugs attacked me so vehemently post-Hannity: I had decoded Obama’s plans and spoken the ultimate truth about how he planned to betray the United States.

My prophesy on Hannity’s program has now become a realty.

Now you know the rest of the story. And you know why last year the Obama campaign targeted me as their #1 enemy. They knew.

I tell the truth.

Every freedom-loving, loyal American is increasingly endangered by Barack Obama and his coterie of anti-American saboteurs in the White House. Is everyone who works for Obama a bad apple? Not at all. Many are good people who are supporting the work of a bad man. But I guarantee you Obama’s cozying and coddling dictators is going to bear bitter fruit for the American people.

Footnote: Rupert Murdoch, the groveling media baron, disgracefully smeared me for going on Hannity’s program and exposing Obama. Who has been vindicated by events? Me? Or Murdoch?

Footnote #2: “Operation Aloha Obama II” launches in Honolulu on May 9th. Please contribute at to support this search for the truth.

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Blogger Xavier5000 said...

Not even Republicans are safe from the influence of George Soros!
Read the end of the third paragraph.

"Billionaire financier George Soros bailed him (Bush) out and bought his company for 2.25 million."

Bush's Spectrum 7 gets a bailout from Soros

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