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Monday, May 25, 2009

U.S. policy towards Iran is nothing more than an Israeli charade

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin blows the roof off the New York Times' refusal to disclose which "allies and domestic constituencies" are blocking abandonment of a failed Iran policy. "What are the identities of these 'allies and domestic constituencies,' that the New York Times refuses to print?" asks Martin. Martin, who was in Iran in 1979-1980 during the hostage crisis, is internationally regarded as America's most respected independent Middle East/Asia expert.

Why U.S. policy towards Iran is nothing more than an Israeli charade

Is Iran stupid, or what? Not likely
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”





(NEW YORK)(May 25, 2009) If you want a glaring example of how the "Israel lobby" strikes fear in the hearts of the New York Times and U. S. foreign policy experts, an article in Sunday's New York Times is a golden classic:

The article speaks of "positions that some allies and domestic constituencies won’t like." Who are these secret opponents that are blocking abandonment of a failed strategy? The "Israel Lobby," of course. The "Israel Lobby" became notorious after an academic exposé that in turn created a firestorm of criticism directed against the authors.

What is the real policy agenda of the Israeli government? Do Israelis really want to start World war III by attacking Iran? Or is Iran just a foil? A charade? A distraction. I believe that "Iran" is only the latest in an endless list of diversionary tactics employed by the Israeli regime to delay and divert Palestinian statehood. Follow me on this.

Just before President Bill Clinton left office in 2001 Israel and the Palestinians were close to an agreement. That 2001 understanding ultimately will form the basis of a future Palestinian state.

President George Bush succeeded Clinton, and Ariel Sharon became head of the Israeli junta. Sharon focused on confusing Bush and creating a pretext for Bush to abandon the nearly completed statehood arrangements. Instead of preparing for the tenth anniversary of Palestinian statehood today, and peace, Israel still occupies Palestine and occupies the U. S. government's foreign policy as well.

How did Israel succeed? By using the same tactics in 2001 that it is using in 2009: creating a bogeyman as a "barrier to peace."

But there is a change in 2009: even Israel's staunchest supporters are beginning to see through the Israel game plan even IF they cannot publicly admit the fact:

What did Sharon do in 2001-2003?

Sharon sent two types of people to the U.S. He sent professional intelligence people to discuss critical issues (all of which the Bushies ignored) about a potential invasion of Iraq; he also sent clowns to the White House, to scare Bush with claims of an "existential" threat to Israel's existence. 2002 was so 2009.

Israel always has to have an "existential" threat because this "threat" is used to justify delaying statehood to Palestinians. Lacking any foreign policy expertise of his own, Bush turned to his advisers, who were mostly Israeli sympathizers. These men served Bush badly and ultimately betrayed his administration. They launched the invasion of Iraq.

In 2001-2003 Israel was trumpeting that Saddam Hussein was "paying money to suicide bombers." Saddam's behavior was proffered as a pretext to invade Iraq. Bush was buffaloed with false claims of an Al Qaeda-Iraq liaison, and "terrorists" receiving medical care in Baghdad. WMDs anyone? Many of these claims had superficial validity. But none of them individually and none of them collectively furnished any basis to invade Iraq, to squander a trillion dollars, to demolish Bush's presidency and to endanger America's economy.

I am not suggesting that Israel is ultimately responsible for the Iraq mess. I blame Bush and his junta of jerks for invading a nation that was no "existential" threat to anyone. Iraq had been effectively contained with an American policy that had cost only a handful of lives and pocket change in the federal budget. The Israelis may have duped and deceived Bush, but I hold Bush, not Israel, responsible for his own stupidity and incompetence.

The invasion/occupation imbroglio Bush created served as a basis to delay Palestinian statehood and to perpetuate the Israeli occupation and terrorization of the Palestinian people.

In 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu is again making the same "existential threat" claim. This time the "threat" is Iran. He came to Washington saying "no action in Palestine until Iran is solved." People laughed at him. Once again, Israel is making noises about unleashing bombing attacks on Tehran the same way it previously threatened Baghdad. Once again we hear Israelis boasting in the house organ of Israeli propaganda, the Wall Street Journal, that the regime is committing kidnapping, murder and arson in support of its national policy.

Only this time, while Israelis are selling the same "existential" hokum, Americans are not buying. In a curious reversal of reality, the "pro-Israel" Democrats are refraining from self-destructive action where the previously "pro-Arab Bush Republicans" stepped into the Iraq mess. Maybe someone has learned something.

As David Ignatius of the Washington Post put it, there is no "magic bullet" solution to the Iran situation.

Iran can read the newspapers just as we can, and see that Israelis are boasting of kidnapping, murders and arsons all directed at the Iranian people.

Likewise, the U. S. has been undermining the Iranian government:

The U. S. has appointed an Israeli supporter, Dennis Ross, as "negotiator" to Iran. He's not neutral. Ross works to advance Israeli interests.

In addition, Obama is repeating another one of Bush II's major mistakes: "secret agreements" with Israelis. According to the Washington Times, the U. S. and Israel are creating a clandestine "working group" to "assess the progress" of U. S. Policy.

Since when does the U. S. need Israeli assistance to evaluate U. S. foreign policy? And they wonder why people ridicule us and hate us in the Middle East. Despite this cloak-and-dagger drama, however, Israel is still employing Iran as a foil to delay and disrupt Palestinian statehood.

The bottom line: Israel is using Iran the same way it used Iraq, as a charade to delay Palestinian statehood. The increased secrecy may indicate that the "allies and domestic constituencies" who cannot be named by the New York Times, namely the "Israel lobby," may finally be losing influence within the executive branch while they visibly continue to impound the U.S. Congress.

Is Iran a "threat" to Israel? No more than Israel is a threat to itself. Israel's forty-year occupation of Palestine, after a concocted 1967 war based on phony claims, including the murderous attack on U.S. sailors aboard the U. S.S. Liberty, is the greatest threat to world peace.

I am not suggesting choirboys lead Iran. Obviously that is not the situation. But Israelis focus on Iranian rhetoric rather than Iranian deeds. Iran has never attacked any of its neighbors. Israel constantly does.

Do Iranians have a reason to dislike Israel? Well, yes. Israelis are world-class experts in torture. Israelis tutored the Shah of Iran's Savak on how to torture Iranian citizens, and especially mullahs. So, yes, if someone had tortured me, and I knew who that person's teacher was, I would not be friendly towards the torture teacher. Anyone disagree? Iran clearly has a basis to hate Israel. Just ask the Iranians who were tortured under Israeli supervision.

What about the bugaboos of U. S. politics, "Hamas" and "Hizballah?" Iran does indeed mentor and supply and finance these anti-Israel institutions. There is no doubt of that fact. But these organizations will diminish when the occupation ends and peace begins. These organizations have never targeted Americans and represent a local, homegrown response to Israel's occupation of Palestine.

Over the past decade I have sketched how "peace" will come to the Middle East. Once peace is formally approved, hostilities will not end all at once. Extremists on both sides—Israelis who claim a mission from God and Muslims who claim an equally God-given mandate—will continue to snipe at each other. "Peace" in the Middle East will not immediately look the way it does along the streets of Chicago or New York or Washington. A level of violence and terrorism will persist.

But as both Israelis and Palestinians recognize, and they will, that they have more to gain from peace than war, Israelis and Palestinians will take control of their own destiny and eventually wipe out their own extremists, the military warmongers in Israel and the resistance in Palestine.

Today racists and extremists who support ethic cleansing as Israeli national policy manage the Israeli government. Avigdor Lieberman is "foreign minister" for the regime; he wants to eject Arabs and seize Palestine as "God-given" Israeli land. He lives in an illegal settlement on occupied land. The "regime" (and I call it a regime for that reason) does not condemn racism, or ethnic cleansing or occupation or torture. The United States tolerates thuggish claims in the Israeli government that it condemns in the Iranian leadership.

Mr. Lieberman, meet Mr. Ahmedinejad.

Torture and occupation have become part of Israel's national DNA. No one can disengage from his or her DNA without external actors. Israel needs a big dose of international chemotherapy before it can legitimately be called a civilized state. Symphony orchestras in Tel Aviv and Nobel Prizes are used to mask torture and occupation. No one is fooled, except American politicians who have their palms out and pretend not to see the Israeli atrocities while scooping up pro-Israel campaign donations.

In the meantime, writers and editors at the New York Times live in fear of naming the unmentionable "allies and domestic constituencies" whose names cannot be printed. Why is the Times afraid to name these unmentionables? Fear of being branded "anti-Semitic." False screams of anti-Semitism are used to silence America's media.

Please do not be intimidated by or misled by Israeli propaganda masquerading as U. S. Government policy. Israelis are the existential threat to Israel, not Iranians. The U. S. should settle the Palestinian question, which the United States crated in 1948, and peacefully resolve its differences with Iran. As for the Israel lobby? You be the judge of what punishment fits the crime of having tortured U. S. foreign policy for over sixty years.

Pro-peace Israelis believe Obama represents a break with past U.S. policy. In'shallah. On this issue, I hope they are right.

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