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Friday, June 05, 2009

Andy Martin backs Illinois Republican Party reform

Martin says that Republican Party leaders in Illinois should be directly elected by voters, not "elected" by party bosses in rigged meetings. Martin has been fighting corruption in Illinois politics and government for over forty (40) years (see

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June 5, 2009

Representative Mike Fortner
via fax (630) 293-9785
Representative Ed Sullivan
via fax (847) 566-5155

Dear Representatives
Fortner and Sullivan:

I have been fighting corruption in Illinois politics for over forty years (see My efforts have helped send crooked judges and public officials to jail, and helped reform our state. Obviously, there is much more work to do. I am currently fighting cronyism and corruption in the DuPage County Courthouse. Yes, Republicans can be just as unethical and dishonest as Democrats.

I would like to thank you for sponsoring SB 600 in the State House. Passing SB 600 will help fight corruption in Illinois politics.

Andy McKenna had promulgated a great deal of disinformation about this proposed law.

First, the law is not unconstitutional. Direct election of the State Central Committee ("SCC") was on the books for decades before Governor Jim Thompson abolished it. McKenna is wasting the Illinois Republican Party (IRP's) limited resources paying Washington, DC lawyers to advance his own personal agenda. McKenna knows he would not survive under a democratically elected SCC. I am prepared to sue McKenna if he wastes any more party funds on self-serving legal opinions from corrupt Washington, DC law firms. I know the firm he is paying, and they are as crooked as they come.

Second, McKenna & Co. have tried to portray SB 600 as the "front" of party conservatives. No doubt conservatives are helping to spearhead the proposal. But on many social issues I am at the liberal end of the political spectrum (while very conservative on finances and foreign policy). I support the law. SB 600 is "belief neutral." It is true that some conservatives might get elected, but it is equally true that moderates and even liberals would be on a level playing field.

Third, the "state convention" held last year, on which McKenna relies for his "vote" opposing direct election, was a joke. There were no tellers in Decatur to count votes; SB 600 was voted down by voice vote. Once McKenna was challenged in the General Assembly by SB 600 he suddenly discovered vote totals favoring his position. McKenna & Co. are every bit as bad as the Daley Machine, maybe worse. Daley makes no pretense of integrity, Republicans do.

Fourth, in 2007-2008 I was on the statewide ballot for U. S. Senator. One weekend in December, 2007 McKenna held a SCC "meeting" with no published agenda or announced proceedings. One of McKenna's business associates popped up at the rigged SCC meeting and demanded they "endorse" Steve Sauerberg, and they did, in another voice vote. This farce was dutifully reported by McKenna's Chicago Tribune butt boy, Rick Pearson. The whole thing was rigged.

If parties are going to endorse, meetings to endorse or slate should be scheduled and announced in advance. Candidates should be notified and allowed to appear to present their qualifications. Guess what? That's how the Democrats do it. The IRP SCC falls short of the due process and democratic procedures of even the Daley Machine!

As for Sauerberg, he was really "Sad sack," as he lied to the party by claiming he was making millions of dollars of his personal funds available to fund his campaign. More lies. Once the primary was over, Sauerberg made claims of large "loans," but the missing millions never appeared.

In other words, the entire Andy McKenna SCC operation was and is a corrupt sham and farce designed to entrench a handful of sleazy opportunists in power, while discouraging millions of Republican voters from having a voice in their state party.

McKenna supported a special election to replace Obama last year, but no election, special or otherwise, to elect our own SCC. Is democracy a sometime thing?

Let me close with two obvious propositions that we need to remember, and which your support for SB 600 endorses:

First, primaries are good for political parties. McKenna is at it again, trying to discourage primary campaigns in 2010 so his toadies can have a clear path to nomination. Yes, primaries can excite ideological conflict. But that is the fault of the candidates, not the process. If an eventual party nominee is out of step with the mainstream community in a state or district, the party will lose. No one wants to lose.

The Democrats appear almost certain to have a 2010 U.S. Senate primary, a hotly contested one. Democrats had a bruising primary for president last year, and yet they cruised to victory. Barry O sits in the White House. Clinton vs. Obama did not hurt the Democrats. Where's the proof that primaries hurt parties?

Why not encourage lots of Republican candidates to run in 2010?

Second, broadening the base of participation will grow and strengthen the IRP. Having a larger SCC, with men and women from each district, will energize thousands of people who will be attracted by the contests for these posts.

Former Governor Jim Thompson made a serious error in judgment when he tried to manipulate and control the SCC and eliminated direct elections for SCC members. He ruled as an emperor, and he left a broken-down empire in his wake. Let's go back to the pre-Thompson process of electing SCC members.

If I can be of any help, please let me know. I am committed to an open Republican Party, one where all points of view, both political and issue-oriented, are welcome to participate. Republicans are really the true party of the American people. But how can we be the party of the people if we discourage voters from participating and joining us?

Let's pass SB 600 and rebuild the Illinois Republican Party.

Thank you for having the courage to stand up and add your names to SB 600.



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