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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obama film, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years,” set for November debut in Chicago

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s long-expected film, “Obama: The Hawai’i years,” will open this month in Chicago. Martin’s work was delayed both by harassment and abuse from Barack Obama’s supporters and then by Martin’s U.S. Senate campaign. In the Republican primary, Martin faces Barack Obama’s biggest supporter in the Republican Party: extreme liberal Mark Kirk.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will announce release of his new film, “Obama: The Hawai’i years”

Martin filmed on location in Honolulu.

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Andy Martin is set to release a new Obama film: “Obama The Hawai’i years”

Obama operatives have tried to disrupt the film and harass the producer Andy Martin

Martin says release of his new film may renew questions about Obama’s missing typewritten 1961 birth certificate

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin has a worldwide reputation for his research in Hawai’i on Barack Obama’s family history, for his bestselling book, and for his blockbuster appearance on “Hannity’s America”

(SPRINGFIELD, IL)(November 12, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Springfield news conference Thursday, November 12th to announce the release of his new film, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years.”

“I am excited,” Martin will state. “Barack Obama has done everything he can to sabotage our film project, and to sabotage me personally. His dirty tricksters constantly harass me with illegal activity. He wasn’t able to stop me or my film.

“The film is an outgrowth of our original investigative trip to Hawai’i in October, 2008. After learning I was seeking an interview with his grandmother, Barack Obama also appeared in Honolulu. Over the past year Obama and his thugs have done everything they can to disrupt my research and investigation into his past:

“Obama attacked me for appearing on Sean Hannity’s ‘Hannity’s America.’ That backfired.

“Obama tried to smear me with a front page story in the New York Times. That backfired. The more Obama tried to stop me, the more I was able to stop him.

“White House operative Robert Gibbs tried to smear me on Fox News. That backfired as well. On and on it goes.

“Why is Barack Obama obsessed with me? Because, unlike many of his critics, I have maintained a scrupulous commitment to searching for the truth and trying to find the facts about this elusive person. That’s why we went to Honolulu, and that’s probably why Obama followed me there.

“We originally planned to release the film last summer. But Obama’s harassment delayed production. Obama’s operatives have stolen some of the tapes we produced last April in Washington. We have filed suit to recover that property.

“We continue to search for the truth and seek to find the facts.

“Our first film is short, but it places Obama’s missing past in visual context.

“There are several critical points I would like to make today.

“First, Obama continues to refuse to release his original typewritten 1961 birth certificate. What is he trying to hide? The facsimile document that he released is missing significant data.

“Second, Obama claims he was born in a Honolulu hospital. That fact is also unproven. The hospital will not release its records.

Unlike some of Obama’s critics, who claim he was born in Kenya, I have found no evidence to sustain that claim. My expert opinion as an investigator and researcher is that Obama was born somewhere in Hawai’i.

“Third, when I speak as a candidate for the U. S. Senate, I am an opponent of Barack Obama’s political agenda. Indeed, I am Obama’s toughest adversary, running in the primary against Obama’s biggest Republican supporter, Mark Kirk. Mark Kirk's political agenda is Barack Obama's agenda.

“Fourth, when I speak as an author/investigator/artist, I speak to the truth, not to an agenda. I have been relentless in searching for the truth and working to find the facts about Obama. I have not massaged the facts of his life to fit my political agenda, and I do not cut my political agenda to conform to his past. The roles of political leader and author/producer are distinct, and I respect that distinction in my work.

“Fifth, when I work as a candidate/political opponent I do inject my views. As a writer/producer, I insert my artistic opinions and my creative analysis.

“Sixth, when we began pre-production earlier this year, Obama was at the peak of his power. It was difficult to obtain financial support. We produced this short feature on a budget. We simply did not have the resources necessary to do a complete treatment. In the film, we appeal for more money to continue our research.

“Now that Obama’s influence has begun to decline, people are renewing their interest in his unknown personal records and opaque family history. Once again, I have one-upped ‘Barry O.’ Because he delayed my project, Obama insured my film would arrive at a time when there is growing public interest in his peculiar biography. My new film is a first step in discovering Obama’s unknown past.

“Seventh, during the past several months, the Illinois process for ballot access, called ‘petitioning,’ virtually took over my life. Petitioning took precedence. Now that I am on the ballot, I have more control of my schedule. When my senate campaign schedule permits, we will again work in the courts to fight for access to Obama’s historical records as well as developing new projects.

“Eighth, Barack Obama would probably not satisfy all of his opponents and end speculation about his past if he released his original files to public scrutiny. But he could eliminate a lot of doubts about him which are held by honest and honorable Americans. That's why I call myself a ‘doubter,’ not a ‘birther.’

“The number of Americans who would like to know the truth about Obama’s past—to see his original birth certificate, his Punahou School records, his college and law school records--is growing.
The doubts which Obama creates with his secrecy will not go away with continued secrecy. They will only become more insistent, more acute and more disruptive for the Obama administration.

“Ninth, this film will disappoint some of Obama’s critics, because I acknowledge that he did in fact get more votes than the Republican, and the means by which this ‘president’ came into being reflects a fascinating story of unlikely people thrown together in an improbable story.

“We try to provide an opportunity for all points of view to be heard. As I immersed myself in Hawai’i history, I came to understand Obama better; I want people to feel we have been fair to Obama, even if he has not been fair to me. That’s the American way.

“Tenth, we plan to post the film in short segments on YouTube, with the same intro and a fund appeal, as well as offering a ‘paid’ version of the uncut production for $9.95. We will start taking orders shortly. We are exploring posting an uncut version on the Internet as well. Funds will be a factor. As always, we are short of cash and working on a shoestring.

“This film is not the last word. It is the first word. I hope to stimulate additional financial support. And more research.

“As a political opponent of Barack Obama, perhaps the most effective and persistent political opponent Obama has ever faced, I want to lead the effort to defeat his agenda in the U. S. Senate.

“Obama has not been able to stop me. Not in 2004. Not in 2007. Not in 2008 and not in 2009. I hope the people of Illinois will afford me the privilege of serving them in the United States Senate. If they do, Obama will have failed, once again, to stop me. Both as a political leader and Obama investigator I have over forty years of television, radio and media experience.

“But as a writer, author, researcher, investigator, scholar and artist, I will continue to study this man’s past objectively: in Honolulu, New York, Cambridge, Chicago and today in the White House.

“Finally, I hope people enjoy this film. As I have done for a growing audience over the past five (5) years, my writing and research has made the truths and unknown truths about Barack Obama more accessible and understandable to the American people,” Martin will state. “They may not have been listening carefully in 2008. They are listening very carefully now.”

November 12th Springfield news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate, Internet Powerhouse and Obama film producer Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, Illinois State Capitol, at the Lincoln statue on the sidewalk at Capitol Avenue, Springfield, Illinois


Thursday, November 12, 2009 3:00 P.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will announce the release of his new film, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years,” filmed on location in Honolulu.


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