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Monday, April 19, 2010

Obama’s two biggest opponents, Rush Limbaugh and Andy Martin, at opposite ends of the same restaurant

Andy and Rush end up in the same dining room at the same time entirely by coincidence
“The Internet Powerhouse”

Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


(April 19, 2010) If only Barack Obama’s dirty tricks operatives had known, they could have dropped a bunker buster on a small restaurant Monday night and wiped out Obama’s two biggest opponents: Rush Limbaugh and me.

Rush rides herd on Obama every day. And me? I am the one who does the field research, and fights for the facts about Obama’s hidden birth records in Honolulu and Chicago.

The hard left calls me the “King of the Birthers” even though I am not a “birther.” Yet. Still, name-calling by Obama’s thugs is probably as close to royalty as I am likely to get in this lifetime.

Well, I had plans to attend a dinner Monday night. I finished up my errands early, stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and headed for the restaurant. I paid for my dinner ticket and stood at the bar watching my friends and acquaintances come in.

As I was watching the door, who should appear on the sidewalk but El Rushbo himself, dressed in black. He was waiting for someone. I mentioned to my friends that he was out on the sidewalk and one went to say hello. Initially I didn’t know if Rush was attending our dinner or dining alone.

Rush eventually came inside and headed for the other end of the bar where he sat with his latest lovely. They were a quiet couple.

Limbaugh and I have never met. But our paths are always crossing. He does a great job taking Obama to task. As for my efforts, you be the judge.

When the cocktail hour was over I headed for the other end of the small dining room where our event was taking place. And so, at one end of the room there was Obama critic Rush Limbaugh. And at the other end, why the King of the Birthers himself.

Small world.

If only Obama’s goons had known in advance. They could have taken out two third of Obama’s leading opponents with one blow.

Back tomorrow with another blow for truth, justice and against “the Obama Way.”
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