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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tea Party “Terminator” Andy Martin: Jack Roeser is giving dementia a bad name

Illinois conservative cash machine Jack Roeser is increasingly acting as a confused old man who is not up to the rigors of Illinois’ smashmouth political playing field. Andy Martin says Jack Roeser’s strong opposition to Congressman Mark Kirk, followed by support for Kirk, has confused pro-family conservatives and left Roeser stranded alone in the movement he has been funding for over a decade.

Tea Party “Terminator” Andy Martin says “Jack Roeser is giving dementia a bad name”

Andy Martin chides “conservative” Jack Roeser for backing a series of hopeless losers in the Republican Party

Martin says Roeser’s cash has actually retarded the growth and strength of family values in the Republican Party

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Andy Martin says that Illinois conservative “Daddy Warbucks” Jack Roeser has actually damaged the conservative movement he claims to be supporting.

Martin says Roeser’s opposition then support for Mark Kirk is reflective of Roeser’s seemingly diminished capacity.

Roeser was “right” on Kirk before he was wrong on Kirk

(CHICAGO)(June 9, 2010) Wealthy Carpentersville businessman Jack Roeser can’t win for losing in the Republican Party. Roeser’s recent machinations are giving dementia a bad name.

First, a little history. Roeser ran for Illinois Governor in the 90’s as a “family values” candidate. He is a very successful businessman whose company is apparently well managed and throws off extra cash. Roeser decided to “invest” some of his surplus cash in a series of “conservative” organizations. The result has been a disaster for Roeser and conservatives. Here’s why.

First, the good stuff.

A year ago Roeser cast around for a candidate to support for U. S. Senator. He settled on Patrick Hughes, a failed attorney who had seldom voted and had no record of political involvement. Roeser decided to back Hughes financially. Bad move. Hughes was the “Mark Kirk” of 2009. Hughes inflated his endorsements and wandered around the state spreading cash to bribe people into supporting him. Hughes became a laughingstock even among his own supporters.

Last November Roeser did a radio show on WIND-AM with one of his political slugs, Ray True. Roeser and True trashed one of Hughes’ opponents, Congressman Mark Kirk. Roeser said there was a “solid rumor” Kirk was homosexual and True suggested Kirk was surrounded by a Praetorian Guard of gays (“special orientation”). Roeser said homosexuals were “clubbing up” in the Republican Party. Roeser archives his radio shows on the Internet so you can still listen for yourself to what he and True actually said. Go to Segment Two:

I was planning to air attack ads against Kirk, and I used Roeser’s radio slashes at Kirk as a source of my claims. My ads never said Kirk was a homosexual. They said Roeser had stated there were strong rumors Kirk was homosexual.

After listening to Roeser’s attacks on Kirk you can listen to my ads and judge for yourself if I quoted and paraphrased Roeser and True fairly:

Obviously, Roeser and True were quoted and paraphrased accurately. Amazingly, Roeser’s archived program is still on the Internet (see above link).

As soon as my anti-Kirk ads began to run on December 28th, 2009 Roeser denied he had ever made his claims, even though they were there to be heard on the Internet and still are seven months later!

Along with Roeser, his friend True also tried to weasel out and denied he had made his remarks. Roeser and True told the media I “hadn’t spoken” with them, although there was no need to speak with them when their own broadcast was archived on the Internet.

Why Roeser would deny facts that he had put on the Internet always amazed me. Obviously, Roeser had no idea what he was saying (and denying). There was a whiff of dementia around Roeser’s and True’s malicious and unfounded attacks on me.

The cash Roeser deposited in Hughes’ campaign did nothing to make a serious candidate out of Hughes. Hughes fumbled and failed miserably. Hughes was no match for Kirk. Despite spending a fortune on his campaign, Hughes ignored my evidence that Kirk was a military fraud and never developed any “opposition research” the way Democrat Alexi Giannoulias later did using my Kirk material as source code.

Shortly after Mark Kirk won the 2010 primary, Illinois Republican State Chairman Pat Brady went to Roeser and asked Roeser to give the Republican Party $50,000. Brady promised to make Roeser a member of Brady’s “Finance Committee.” Roeser wrote a check to his old adversaries after suggesting the “bad guys were gone” from the party’s leadership circle. In reality, the bad guys were still at the table. They had merely changed chairs and masks. Once again, Roeser was fooled.

Roeser’s joinder with the Illinois Republican Party’s apparatchiks now compelled Roeser to support Mark Kirk, the candidate Roeser had only a few weeks earlier excoriated and exposed as a homosexual and reprobate.

The rest, as they say, is history. No sooner did Roeser join the bad guys in the Illinois Republican Party, homosexual activists “outed” Kirk as a homosexual and national media exposed Kirk as a massive military fraud. I have called Kirk the greatest military imposter in Republican Party history.

Roeser ended up looking like a complete jerk for backing Kirk after being against him. After being “right” about Kirk, Roeser jumped ship, reversed direction and endorsed Kirk for office just in time to catch the backlash from Kirk's exposure and political meltdown. Bad timing.

Roeser also scrubbed his own web site of any anti-Kirk materials. Roeser fired Doug Ibendahl, a particularly effective anti-Kirk advocate on Roeser's payroll. today is a pale shadow of what it once was.

Bottom line, Roeser was right on Kirk in 2009, and then wrong on Kirk in 2010. He started supporting Kirk just before Kirk imploded. Obviously, Roeser looks like a hopelessly confused senior citizen who doesn't really understand what he was once saying, and what he is now doing.

More background.

Starting in the 1990’s Roeser passed out cash to "conservative" groups. But these groups never really flourished because Roeser’s cash came with tight purse strings. Roeser imposed iron control over his beneficiaries, all of whom were terrified of offending their Daddy Warbucks.

Thus, instead of using his money to help conservative views flourish and grow with a spirit of independence, Roeser’s cash became an iron collar around “his” conservative movement. Instead of helping conservatives and family values expand, Roeser retarded the growth of these movements. And, now that Roeser has joined the “liberal,” pro-corruption wing of the Republican Party, led by Chairman Pat Brady, Roeser is once again on the outside. With everyone. And he’s out the $50,000 that Brady bamboozled out of Roeser.

Roeser may be competent to manage his business even in his late 80’s. But there is a serious question whether Roeser is competent and capable of engaging in big time, smashmouth Republican Party politics. As a writer on the Washington Post’s web site said of Helen Thomas, Roeser’s contradictory actions and denials represent “the thinking of an aged mind no longer up to the task of interpreting complex events in the contemporary world.”

Roeser thought his “conservative” organizations would follow him into the Republican Party’s fold. None have. The always irascible and often irrational Mr. Roeser is marching alone in his pathetic parade.

Roeser’s up/down behavior and reversals are giving dementia a bad name. Someone ought to tell him. But then Roeser wouldn’t listen anyway. This is not a story with a happy ending.

What is in Roeser’s future plans for Mark Kirk? Stand by for the next event in Roeser’s three-ring circus.
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Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask and his Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.
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