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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Andy Martin’s opposes Senator John McCain’s reelection

Andy Martin’s exposes the unsavory links between Senator John McCain and closeted homosexual Senate candidate Mark Kirk. McCain served honorably in the Navy. Kirk is a disgrace and extreme embarrassment to the U. S. Navy.

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Anthony R. Martin, J. D.
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July 24, 2010

Dear Reader:

As you know, is reader-supported. For example, when we launch an investigation or conduct a trip to Hawai’i or elsewhere to look into Barack Obama’s hidden family history, you pay the bill. We are reader-supported, not advertiser-supported. And because we are free of the liberal mainstream media orthodoxy, we generally take an independent conservative approach to most issues.

If you oppose Arizona Senator John McCain’s reelection, as we do, here’s your chance to support an anti-McCain effort.

In 2009, McCain went to Illinois and supported closeted homosexual Congressman Mark Kirk. McCain helped Kirk raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Did McCain know Kirk was a closeted homosexual, or not? If McCain knew and still supported Kirk, what does that say about McCain’s integrity or credentials as a conservative?

If McCain didn’t know about Kirk’s unsavory links to a homosexual ring in Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office, and Kirk’s friendship with pedophile congressman Mark Foley, is McCain really just a confused old man who is out of touch with political reality in Washington? You be the judge.

McCain served as a Navy officer His bravery in Viet-Nam is unquestioned. But bravery half a century ago is no basis for blind loyalty when McCain has proven himself unable to confront the challenges we face in 2010.

Ironically, the closeted Mr. Kirk also served as a “Navy officer..” Only Kirk has had a largely imaginary Navy career. Kirk claimed medals he never received and “service” in wars he never saw. Kirk is a classic example of “stolen valor." Kirk is a disgrace and humiliation to the Navy. Does McCain still support Kirk? Has anyone asked Grandpa McCain if he even knows the facts about Kirk’s shameless masquerading as a war hero?

We would like to launch a media information trip to Arizona before the August 24th Republican primary to remind voters that McCain “endorsed” a closeted gay man to be his colleague in the senate, and has remained silent after gays themselves outed Kirk. Entirely apart from Mark Kirk’s homosexuality, he is one of the biggest fraudsters and embarrassments in the history of the U. S. Navy. We would like to ask our questions in downtown Phoenix? Why is McCain supporting Mark Kirk?

Kirk’s latest scandal is the disclosure he embellished his “rescue” by the Coast Guard as a teenager living in one of America’s wealthiest communities, Kenilworth, Illinois:

If you would like to financially support this mission you can send us a check directly (above address, no commission) or make an online contribution (which charges an 8% commission) at:

Please note that we have never had and will not have any contact with the J. D. Hayworth campaign and are completely independent of and unaffiliated with the Hayworth campaign:

If you would like us to tell Arizona the truth about the odd couple of John McCain and Mark Kirk, just let us know. This is your chance.

Best wishes,



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