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Saturday, July 31, 2010

NEW YORK: ANDY MARTIN slams U. S. taxpayer subsidies for Chelsea Clinton’s “Bubbalot” wedding

Internet Powerhouse and social critic Andy Martin says the vulgarity and greed of Bill and Hillary Clinton knows no limits. American taxpayers are being forced to borrow money in China to subsidize overtime pay for Secret Service agents to guard guests at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Martin condemns the disgraceful behavior of the Clintons and says it is time for American taxpayers to “cut off the Clintons’ credit card at the U. S. Treasury.” In a blockbuster two-part report on “Bubbalot,” Andy Martin condemns Clinton Family greed and the Clinton's contempt for struggling Americans in Part One; in Part Two Andy exposes the political significance of “Bubbalot.”

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin blows the whistle on Chelsea Clinton’s rape of the taxpayer

Andy Martin with a blockbuster two-part series on Chelsea Clinton’s obscene “Bubbalot” wedding and its political significance
“The Internet Powerhouse”

Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not Politically Correct”


Andy Martin’s analysis of how American taxpayers are borrowing money in China to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding

Martin says the American taxpayer and the Chinese Treasury are an “uninvited guests” at the Clinton wedding

Andy compares the disgraceful Clinton Family excesses at Chelsea’s wedding with the Empress Marie Antoinette’s remark “Let them eat cake”

“Is this really the way to act when the economy is going downhill, back into a recession?” Andy asks

(NEW YORK)(July 31, 2010) We don’t usually do wedding coverage at But Chelsea Clinton’s “Bubbalot” wedding has become such a vulgar exercise in political excess that we are analyzing the wedding from two aspects. We may even show up in Rhinebeck for a personal report. In this column we address the uninvited “guests” at the Clinton wedding: Chinese lenders and American taxpayers.

Later tonight we will expose the political significance of Chelsea’s extravaganza.

Let me start by extending to the bride and groom best wishes. We can only wish any new couple a bright future and a loving and loyal marriage. Sadly, the grotesque manner in which Chelsea is getting married bodes ill for the longevity and happiness of her marriage. “Over the top” weddings seldom lead to happy marriages.

But now to the point: American taxpayers are paying a fortune to “guard” the Clintons as they put on today’s extravaganza in Rhinebeck, New York. The Clintons, Bill and Hillary, act as though they have a lifetime entitlement to tap the U. S. Treasury for their own personal aggrandizement, and the ongoing aggrandizement of their daughter.

Secret Service agents cost money; they do not work for peanuts, or wedding cake. Weekend overtime also imposes massive strains on the Secret Service. Why don’t we ask the Clinton’s to start paying for the cost of their personal lifestyles, and start paying for some of the costs of their Secret service protection?

Is public employment (Hillary) or prior public employment (Bill) nothing more than a blank check to bill the taxpayers for tens of millions of dollars in lifetime “security” costs?

Where are we getting the money to pay the Secret Service to guard the Clintons as they go about making fools of Americans for a second time? Why we are borrowing in China, of course.

American taxpayers borrow money in China to pay Secret Service agents overtime to guard the Clintons, who then turn around and spend their own personal assets on a multi-million dollar wedding for their daughter.

Why are we sustaining a trillion dollar deficit and still allowing the Clintons to party at our expense? Is this right? Is this moral? How stupid are the American people? How cowed and cowardly are congressional Republicans? Is there no end to our stupidity? Is there no end to the Clintons' arrogance and greed? These are the same people that virtually stripped the White House when they left ten years ago. They have been stripping the taxpayers with onerous Secret Service bills since then.

I don’t think people would object to a limited Secret Service presence to protect former presidents while they are inside the United States. Common sense tells us a former president could be vulnerable. But the Clintons mock our common sense, and their own sense of indecency and entitlement knows no limits.

We pay tens of millions of dollars to guard the Clintons as they gallivant around the world (I am not counting in these costs Hillary’s travels as Secretary of State, which are on official business). Why should we pay the Secret service to guard Bill Clinton when he travels around the world collecting tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees? Isn't it time Clinton paid all of his own security costs when he leaves the USA?

Why are we borrowing money from China to cover the costs of security at the Clintons’ wedding for their daughter? Hasn't anyone in government got the guts to tell the Clintons that there have to be limits on how much American taxpayers will borrow and spend to subsidize the Clintons’ lavish lifestyle? Are we doomed to be perpetual chumbolones of the Clintons?

Especially during a bitter recession, when today's headlines are of a weak economy slipping backwards into recession, and twenty-somethings are postponing their marriages due to under and unemployment, the news that the Clintons may be paying a thousand-dollars-a-person for food for one night is over the top. That taxpayers’ foot the bill for their “security" so the Clintons can spend their cash on vulgarity, is an insult to every American.

We don’t know the exact words the Empress Marie Antoinette used when she is said to have remarked to the starving peasants, “Let them eat cake,” but it seems to me the Clintons are stealing our tax dollars and making us borrow from the Chinese to pay for their daughter's wedding cake. If Bill and Hillary had to pay the Secret Service for extra service, they would think twice about mocking the American taxpayer will multi-million dollar extravagances during a bitter and seemingly endless recession.

Here’s an order of business for the new Congress in 2011:

It’s time to legislate limits on Secret Service protection for former presidents and their families.

The Secret Service should guard one personal residence, and protect a former president during ordinary and necessary professional and personal activity. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing Bill Clinton’s moneymaking overseas travel, and his excessive domestic travels, with borrowed Chinese tax dollars.

When we look back on the 1970's excesses of the “Pahlavi Dynasty” in Iran, or the 1780's excesses of the French Monarchy, we ask “How could they have expected the people to tolerate such excesses?” and in retrospect we have the answer. Taxpayers eventually got fed up and said enough.

It is time for the American people to cut off the Clinton Family’s credit card at the U. S. Treasury, and it is time for Congress to put reasonable limits on Secret Service and other expenses for former presidents.

The Clinton wedding is a disgrace. As for the American people and their gullible Chinese creditors, “Let them eat cake.”

TONIGHT: The political significance of Chelsea Clinton’s vulgar nuptials; reads the facts and truth only at

ABOUT ANDY: Andy Martin is the legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He promotes his best-selling book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” and his Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois for over forty years. He is currently sponsoring
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