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Sunday, August 01, 2010

ANDY MARTIN: Chelsea Clinton’s “Bubbalot” wedding is the launch of Hillary Clinton’s 2012 presidential campaign

Political analyst Andy Martin says that the Clinton wedding was nothing more than a thinly disguised rollout of Hillary Clinton’s 2012 presidential campaign. Hillary can’t campaign openly now, because she is in Obama’s cabinet. But the Clintons see Obama’s blood in the water. They are rallying the same base that abandoned them in 2007-2008, and promoting the restoration of Clinton “royalty” to the White House. “Just wait and see,” Andy says. “Chelsea’s wedding was ‘Clintonesque.’”

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin goes behind the façade of Chelsea Clinton’s “Bubbalot” wedding

In Part Two of a blockbuster two-part series on Chelsea Clinton’s obscene “Bubbalot,” Andy Martin explains the political significance of the production
“The Internet Powerhouse”

Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not Politically Correct”


Andy Martin says Bill and Hillary Clinton used Chelsea’s wedding to launch Hillary’s 2012 presidential campaign

Just wait and see

Where were the Mezvinskys? Certainly not in the media-released “family” pictures; the wedding was “All Clinton, all the time”

Obama got the message of his “non”-invitation; he better start packing to move out of the White House in 2013. The Clintons are planning to move back in. Vernon Jordan is “the man,” not Barack Obama

(NEW YORK)(August 1, 2010) Well, Chelsea Clinton’s “Bubbalot” wedding has come and gone. Now we analyze the political significance of this massive pseudo-event.

First, this was not a “royal” wedding as Clinton spinmeisters have suggested. Bill Clinton came out of Arkansas trailer trash, and Hillary is good Park Ridge, Illinois Midwestern Republican stock. Royalty, they ain’t.

We normally think of the occupants of the White House as temporary American “royalty.” That illusion was shattered during the Clinton years. They did not act royally. Luckily, “Bubbalot”-on-the-Hudson reminds critics why the Clintons were so despised when they vacated the White House in 2001.

If Al Gore had been elected, the Clintons today would be a sideshow, maybe even a freak show.

It was George Bush’s senseless war in Iraq that undermined the United States and made the Clintons look good by comparison.

Today we have the disastrous Obama administration, which makes Bush look even better by comparison. Leading to a ham-handed Republican "restoration" in 2010. Clinton, Bush and Obama were all in their own way failed leaders. Truth be told, however, Bill Clinton was probably the best president of this trio, or at least the luckiest.

Putting aside Billy Boy’s sexual peccadilloes, thanks to a Republican congress Clinton presided over a golden age for the U. S. economy. Clinton had the sense not to launch a war in southwest Asia.

Bill Clinton might have been an above-average or even a near-great president if had been able to keep his zipper up. He wasn’t. It took George Bush’s disastrous leadership to rehabilitate the impeached President Bubba. And that’s why we had to endure “Bubbalot” on Saturday. Chelsea’s wedding was a political and media event, not a marriage.

Bubbalot was a heat-seeking missile pointed right at the current occupants of the White House. Barack Obama was not invited for a reason. The Clintons laid down the marker to the self-proclaimed “mongrel” in occupancy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We, the Clintons, are the real royalty; you Obamas are not royalty or much of anything else. We don’t need you to legitimize and publicize our “royal wedding.” Stay home. Enjoy the free living at taxpayer expense while you can, sucker.

If anyone should have been invited to the wedding it was Barack Hussein himself. BHO did more to rehabilitate Hillary than anyone, after she ran an abysmal presidential campaign and blew tens of millions of dollars in the process. Obama saw that he needed the Clintons to win, so he quickly buried the hatchet and used them in 2008. Then, following classic Chicago Mafia “rules,” to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Obama put Hillary in his cabinet.

Barack resuscitated Hillary. He gave her an airplane to fly around the world and billions in largess to distribute to our frenemies.

And Saturday the Clinton’s launched their 2012 presidential campaign to depose Obama and enthrone the Clintons back in the White House. Talk about frenemies.

Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily bright woman. She no longer has the "street smarts" of a street fighter; she has been in a Bubba bubble too long for that. But she still knows how to scheme. I don’t think she would have gotten to the White House on her own, or to the U. S. Senate, or to Secretary of State, but I respect her intelligence. She has all the public spontaneity of Richard Nixon. But she literally made a pact with the devil when she threw in with Bill, and it has made all the difference. They are a team.

She has lived in “public housing,” from governor's mansions to the White House, most of her adult life. Servants, limos, power, prestige, Bill delivered everything. And more. She and Bubba have a powerful attraction for each other. It’s there. It’s strange, but it’s there.

And she is smart enough to realize Obama is dead meat. I don’t expect a revolution in the streets, but the campaign to remove Obama from the White House in 2012 won’t fall far short. Our economy has been devastated, first by Bush and then Obama. But Obama will catch the blame in 2012. He promised to do better, and he hasn’t. The one leadership quality he could provide, confidence, he hasn’t.

Wars? Don’t ask. Afghanistan is surely “Obama’s War” after the McChrystal defenestration. In Iraq, they can’t even choose a government. These people are going to act civilized once the Americans are gone next year? I expect a bloodbath in Iraq. A big bloodbath. Once again, Obama will get the blame.

We devastated our economy to “liberate” Iraq. Tens of thousands of Americans died and were maimed. But the bloodbath will unfold on Obama’s watch. After he bragged he had transitioned to peace.

I want to be clear that America’s decline and disastrous foreign policy were and are a joint Republican-Democrat effort. But Obama promised to solve the problems, and he is a failed leader. His vaudeville act is in its last days. Bill and Hillary know that.

And so the Clintons decided to stage Chelsea’s “Bubbalot” wedding, to promote the idea she is a “princess,” thereby suggesting, of course, that her parents are the genuine royalty. Since Chelsea has never accomplished anything on her own, other than being the pleasant daughter of wealthy and successful parents, if her wedding was the “wedding of the century” or of even “human history,” the credit for her status must reflect back on mom and dad, not her.

Bubbalot-on-the-Hudson was the lunch of Hillary Clinton’s 2012 presidential camping. Nothing less.

The wedding itself was weird. The only “family” shown in official pictures released to the media was the Clintons. The Mezvinskys were at the event but they were nowhere to be seen in the media. Pictures of the Clintons and Mezvinskys, if they exist (I doubt it) have not been released. Too controversial. Too risky. The wedding was “all Clinton, all the time.”

Eddie Mez was just a prop in the production. That’s because the wedding was a political orchestration, not a wedding event.

Is Chelsea in on the joke? I doubt it.

Two people got married for the greater glory and restoration of Hillary and Bill Clinton. That’s the real story of Bubbalot. The Clintons have used everyone else; why not their daughter?

Lines were drawn at Rhinebeck. The “favored 400” Clinton supporters were identified. All others were told to work harder. Barack Obama was missing, but Vernon Jordan was there. Who he? (Just kidding.) Jordan is the go-to African-American, not Barry Hussein Chicago.

The Kennedys had Camelot. The Clintons now have Bubbalot. Everything was done to excess, over-the-top, gross excess. It was a version of trailer trash does elegance. Did they spend $5 million or $2 million or $1 million on the wedding? Once the Clintons poll on the aftermath and realize their vulgar excesses were counterproductive they will leak that the wedding actually cost a lot less. One thing about Bill and Hillary, they poll and they take action. Damage control is everything. The speculation over the spending was gross. It was enough to make the Bushes look like real royalty by comparison and no, I won’t go there.

Those who remember the Clinton years will remember the term “Clintonesque.” What appeared on the surface during the Clinton presidency never reflected the inner reality of their machinations. Bill and Hillary are one of the most extraordinary “couplings,” apparently without copulating, in political history. I am not sure William Shakespeare could have portrayed them in a play. They are too complex, too loyal to each other and just too “Clintonesque.”

During the 2008 campaign I wrote months of favorable coverage about Hillary. I picked up her option at the nadir of her campaign in January and wrote encouragingly as she started fighting and winning. So, no, I don’t hate the Clintons. The Clintons are great entertainment. Hillary is a Park Ridge (Illinois) girl that made good. What’s not like? Hey, I have a sense of humor.

But Hillary is now running for president, and she used her daughter’s wedding to launch the 2012 campaign.

She and Bill sent the Obama’s a direct message: we are bigger than you, Barack Hussein, we don’t need you to host the wedding of the century, or Bubbalot or Obamalot or whatever. We are the Clinton’s, and you ain’t s—t. So start packing, and get ready to move. The Obamas’ 15 minutes of fame are ending. The countdown has begun for Bubbalot II.

If Americans are dumb enough to vote for the Clintons again, well, American voters are steadily and systematically destroying this great nation. So it might as well be the Clintons in the White House as the Palins.

During the 2008 campaign Hillary was ridiculed for claiming she had Jewish antecedents. Now she has a Jewish son-in-law. Oy vey. Mazel tov. And all that. Ed is a nice kid. He’ll do what he’s told. The kids will probably pop out a grandchild for the campaign.

After Bill, I probably know Hillary as well as anyone. I’ve seen this script before. I’m in on the joke.

Bubbalot. It was all very Clintonesque. Now wait for the official campaign to begin. You heard it first at

Footnote: on the same day (today, Sunday) that the New York Times carried the news of the Bubbalot wedding, the paper also carried a story that Obama is so damaged as a leader, he is going on hiatus for the campaign:

Or as Glenn Beck would say, “Pay attention, America.”

Hillary and Bill see what’s happening. Obama’s slowly bleeding to death. She’s out and running. Bubbalot was her launching pad, a “soft” rollout of the 2012 campaign.

ABOUT ANDY: Andy Martin is the legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He promotes his best-selling book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” and his Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois for over forty years. He is currently sponsoring
Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” He comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of investigative and overseas experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).

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