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Sunday, December 26, 2010

ANDY MARTIN: “Birther King” to run for President in 2012 as anti-Obama Republican

Obama author and conservative Republican leader Andy Martin has scheduled a Chicago news conference for Wednesday, December 29th to announce that he will mount a campaign for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination focusing on Barack Obama’s ineligibility for the office. Martin has been known as the “King of the Birthers.” He is the author of a bestselling book on Obama. Martin’s original writing and research in 2004 are the acknowledged origins of the anti-Obama “Birther” movement. Martin says what tipped the scales in favor of his presidential candidacy was Hawai’i Governor Neal Abercrombie’s latest attacks on Americans who question Obama’s family origins.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin expected to launch a presidential campaign as a “Birther” candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination

Bestselling Obama author Martin says Governor Neal Abercrombie’s’ latest lies about Obama’s origins were the “last straw” in provoking Martin’s 2012 presidential campaign
“The Internet Powerhouse”
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not Politically Correct”




Andy Martin says Hawai’i Governor Neal Abercrombie is only the latest Obama stooge to demean Americans who have doubts about President Barack Obama’s family origins

Martin says that his ongoing efforts over the past six years to expose Obama’s religious roots and murky family history have devastated Obama’s credibility with the American people

Martin says John McCain would be sitting in the White House if McCain had had the guts to challenge Obama’s qualifications

Andy will offer a full platform of conservative pro-American issues if he becomes a presidential candidate

Andy calls Barack Obama “the ultimate anchor baby in the White House”

Martin says that Obama’s putative father was a legally married man and that President Obama is an “illegitimate” child of Anne Dunham

Martin challenges Hawai’i Governor Neal Abercrombie to also seek the release of Obama’s Punahou School, Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School records

(NEW YORK)(December 26, 2010) Internet Powerhouse and conservative Republican Party corruption fighter Andy Martin has scheduled a Chicago news conference for Wednesday, December 29th at which he is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination. Martin is currently in New York.

Martin says the “last straw” in inducing him to run was Hawai’i Governor Neal Abercrombie’s latest attacks on the “Birther” movement. Martin is the de facto founder of the anti-Obama Birther movement that reflects doubts about Obama’s family origins

Abercrombie has said he is going to attack Birthers (see links below) by opening Hawaii’s records.

Martin triggered a firestorm of left-wing attacks and a front-page smear by the New York Times when he appeared on a Fox News program and exposed Obama’s socialist agenda during the 2008 campaign.

“Since Barack Obama is ‘vacationing’ in Hawai’i,” Martin stated Sunday in New York where he is meeting with potential supporters for his campaign, “Maybe he could call over to the Hawai’i Health Department and authorize them to release the typewritten copy of his 1961 birth certificate, the so-called ‘long form’ that Obama has steadfastly refused to disclose. What is Obama hiding?

“Has Governor Neal Abercrombie seen the long form?

“There is nothing in Hawaii law that prevents the release of the typewritten long-form birth certificate for the President of the United States. Hawai’i law was intended to prevent the release of personal information involving private citizens, not to conceal a conspiracy by President Barack Obama to hold office when he is constitutionally ineligible to do so.

“Ironically, Mr. Abercrombie is implicitly joining the Birther movement if he really wants to release Obama’s secret Hawai’i records; I say ‘Welcome to the party, Neal. How about starting with the typewritten 1961 long form? Why is it being hidden?’”

“I have made so many trips to Hawai’i to investigate Obama that a local newspaper once called me a resident of Honolulu. I feel at home in Hawai’i. I am the only one of Obama’s critics that has done extensive research in Hawai'i. Obama fears me precisely because I am devoted to finding the facts and searching for the truth, unlike some Birthers who are money-grubbing hucksters and incompetent attorneys.

“What is interesting is that Obama appears to be behind Abercrombie’s latest gambit. Obama arrived in Honolulu and within hours the Birther attacks started, using Obama bird-dog Abercrombie.

“I believe Republican Party presidential primary voters should have the option of expressing their concerns about Obama’s origins, and voting for a candidate who is unafraid to tackle the issue of Obama’s qualifications to serve as president. As a legal scholar and someone who has studied this issue extensively, I am convinced Obama is ineligible to be president. He is an illegitimate president.

“Likewise, Obama is the product not of a Hawai’i ‘marriage’ but rather of an illicit affair if you believe Obama's own fairy tale. His ‘father’ was legally married to a woman in Kenya. There is no way under Hawai’i law Barack Obama Senior could have contacted for a legal Hawai’i marriage. The fact that Obama’s own story leaves him as an illegitimate child motivated me to search for an alternative explanation, which I found in my theory (underscore theory) that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s biological father. Obama has never attacked my ‘Davis Theory.’

“Six years ago I created the anti-Obama movement when my research disclosed that Obama was concealing his Muslim origins. I have produced a film on Obama's origins (see below) as well as a bestselling book. In all of this work I have tried to separate my partisan views, i.e. opposition to Obama’s political agenda, from my duties as a scholar and researcher to seek and write the truth. I have consistently and conscientiously stuck to a search for the facts about the Mysterious Mr. Obama. That is why Obama and his thugs fear me, and do not fear other Birther characters.

“My writing and research triggered a movement that now has 100 million Americans questioning Obama’s origins. I call myself a ‘doubter,’ but I accept the media’s use of the term ‘Birther.’ What matters is not what they call us; what matters are the facts and truth about Barack Obama’s origins. That's all I want. That’s what the American people want, and that’s what they are entitled to from their presidential candidates,” Martin said in announcing his news conference.

“John McCain would be sitting in the White House today if he had tackled the Birther issue,” Martin says. “Conventional Republicans are afraid to raise the question of Obama’s origins. That’s why Republican presidential primary voters deserve the option of voting for me as a Republican Birther.

“I will not be a one issue candidate. There are a lot of conservative issues that ‘Wall Street Republicans’ would like to sweep under the presidential campaign carpet. I will be there to speak on behalf of Main Street, not Wall Street.

“And, P.S., while Abercrombie is at it, why doesn’t he ask his pal Obama to release his Punahou School [Honolulu] records, and his Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School records? How did Saudi stooge Khalid al-Mansour end up on Obama’s list of law school supporters?”

Martin’s Chicago news conferences are known as “Bunker Busters” because of the firestorms they create and the myths they explode.


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for December 29th news conference details:


Internet Powerhouse and Obama truth warrior Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,
Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)

WHEN: Wednesday, December 29th 10:00 A.M.


Andy Martin is expected to announce that he will run for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination as a “Birther” candidate. Martin will also offer a full platform of conservative, “pro-American” issues to support his candidacy

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Andy on Hannity:

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