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Friday, December 03, 2010

ANDY MARTIN: Was President Barack Obama’s latest “visit” to Afghanistan really necessary?

Foreign policy/intelligence analyst Andy Martin explains why Imam Barack Obama is embarrassing the United States in Afghanistan. Andy says it is time for the “Flying Muslim” in the White House to be grounded. We should take the keys to Air Force One away from President Barack Obama.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Obama’s latest trip to Afghanistan is a joke

Martin says Congress needs to shut down the “Fling Muslim’s” overseas trips
“The Internet Powerhouse”
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not Politically Correct”





(PALM BEACH)(December 3, 2010) Drama Queen Barry Obama is off on another “holiday” (Christmas?) junket to exploit American forces for his own flagging personal popularity. The Flying Muslim, who also doubles as President of the United States, is going to be in the air somewhere around 24 hours in total, and burning up millions of dollars in taxpayer money, to visit American puppet Hamid Karzai and speak with our officers for three hours “on the ground” in Afghanistan.

Two thousand American service men and women are also being used as a backdrop to showcase Obama as the Muslim “commander-in-chief" of U. S. forces in Afghanistan.

Was this trip really necessary?

Republicans constantly make fun Obama because he is expected to “manage” the U. S. government when Obama has never managed anything more complex than his household budget, with Michelle’s help, before becoming Imam-in-Chief in the White House. Let's be blunt about this: Obama is no “manager.” It shows in Afghanistan. Obama doesn’t even reflect middle management ability. He is not competent to be a Foreign Service Officer in the State Department, let alone president.

We have a policy in “Afghanistan” that is not a policy. Our “middle management” in the field, the Afghan government, is really our enemy. We are playing a game of “pretend” with American lives and tax dollars that we borrow from China to finance our imperialist policies in Asia.

Obama’s latest trip has been met with the usual media malarkey.
Today’s media report that his travels, as always, are “unannounced,” and go to “heavily guarded” Afghanistan, where Obama is conducting a “comprehensive assessment” and “detailed review” of conditions in that conflict (see links below). Been there, done that.

I don’t want to stick (shtick?) yet another fork in Obama, but does anyone remember back in the days (during the Bush years) when American leaders wistfully hoped for a “Karzai” to lead Iraq? Has Obama learned nothing from recent history? No one calls Karzai a model of local leadership any more. He's a crook. Karzai is just another small-time dictator who is maintained in power through American blood and treasure.

Obama’s war is a joke. It is time for the new Republican Congress to develop a coherent anti-terrorism strategy that targets our real enemies and shuts down Obama’s “Muslim apology tour" of Islamic capitals. Air Force One should be grounded until further notice.

Why does Obama need to spend a day going, and a day coming, to Afghanistan when he has competent commanders on the scene?

And what about our military weather forecasters?

Did anyone tell Obama the weather can be poor in Afghanistan in December? (Yes, I have been in Afghanistan in the winter; don’t ask.) Did the White House ask for a local weather forecast yesterday before flying off on its magic carpet to Afghanistan? Apparently not. Part of Obama’s trip, helicoptering to Kabul, had to be cancelled because of “bad weather.” Surprise? Can this gang even forecast the weather properly?

Hamid Karzai is upset that U. S. Special Forces are killing Taliban troopers, because the jihadis also double as opium smugglers and Karzai’s “own” drug dealers. Can Afghanistan be any more ridiculous? A waste of U. S. resources? Well, yes. Last month we found out that a “Taliban leader” we were negotiating with was merely an imposter. Disgraceful. Humiliating. Karzai didn't know who he was negotiating with? Or was he deliberately trying to undermine the U. S. by making us look like jerks? Guess.

Karzai is both a fool (for insulting our intelligence) and a psycho (for expecting the American people to endlessly play along with his circus). I don’t want to endorse the shamelessly criminal Wikileaks scandal, but the documents which are now public reflect that Obama actually knows the truth. Karzai has not fooled our leadership in Afghanistan. So why is Obama fooling us? Thanks Wikileaks. We may deplore the breach of security (and our own incompetence) but it is refreshing to know Americans in Kabul know who and what Karzai really is. A thug, crook and pretender. An enemy.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are serious problems. Much as I would like to see us pull up stakes and leave, we can’t. In the absence of any government in the region, the Taliban and Muslim terrorists would immediately fill the vacuum.

So we don’t want to stay, and we can’t leave. That’s a real foreign policy conundrum.

In a nutshell, where do we go?

First, we have to stop pretending Karzai is a “president” (Karzai is as much of a “president” as Obama) and give Karzai twenty-for hours to clear out and leave Afghanistan. We need to file criminal charges against the Karzai clan for looting billions of dollars in American aid, and trace the money right back to where the cash is sitting in Middle Eastern banks.

Second, we need to crate some form of U. N. “trusteeship” in Afghanistan, and create a government that’s selected locally under U. N. supervision. No more allowing Karzai to rig the vote and then intimidate the vote-counters so he can steal even more local offices from his own people. Islamic extremists should be banned from the elections. It is time to stop coddling any murderers and thieves who falsely travel under the banner of Islam. Violent Islamists have nothing to contribute to the peace process.

Third, we need to integrate Afghanistan forces into the NATO/U. S. matrix and teach Afghan soldiers and police on the job. The belief that Afghan forces can independently defend against a terrorist insurgency, now, next year or ten years from now, is sheer nonsense. Afghans in general have no problem fighting; the Taliban do a very good job of fighting us. So the issue is not fighting ability. The issue is management, leadership, credibility and force/family protection.

Sixty years ago we created a South Korean military by joining Korean recruits with U.S. units. It worked then; it can work again.

Fourth, we should kill terrorists wherever we find them. Karzai is complaining because we are killing too many of his drug-smugglers-cum-“soldiers.”

Fifth, we ought to stop pretending that Barry Obama knows anything about the military, about leadership or about anything else really. Obama is obsessed with gays-in-the-military, not winning the war against terrorists. Obama is a leftist scarecrow who slipped into office because of Americans’ dislike for George Bush and the (formerly?) arrogant Republican Party. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to take control of foreign policy by using the power of the purse to block Obama’s globaloney.

Finally, Obama should stop spending millions of dollars to generate photo ops with American troops. If the country is too dangerous for Obama to leave the base on the ground (which is why he had to helicopter to Kabul) he ought to stay home.

It’s time to run the Karzai circus out of Kabul and adopt a hard line policy against Islamic terrorists and Afghanistan’s political pretenders. It’s also time to tell our two-faced “allies” in Pakistan that the game is up along the border. We will kill every terrorist that poses a threat to either world safety or the local population until every terrorist is in the ground and on the way to his heavenly reward. We will kill terrorists wherever we find them along or close to the Af-Pak border. No excuses.

If Obama had been in charge of World War II, we would still be fighting the Third Reich. Our patience is running short.

Barry Obama needs more time to practice his basketball moves. In the meantime we prevent him from practicing management and leadership with American lives and our national security.

Andy Martin has over forty years of familiarity with Asia and the Middle East; he is regarded overseas as one of America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analysts. His analysis of the terrorist threat in Iran during the 1979-80 hostage crisis, and again in Iraq in 2003, were leading-edge predictions of what Americans faced in the future. Andy first went to Afghanistan in 1979 to link up with the anti-Soviet Mujahideen. Martin was in Af-Pak long before Congressman Charlie Wilson’s support popularized the conflict.

Quote of the day
"If you want to keep our nation's secrets 'SECRET'... store them where President Obama stores his college transcripts and birth certificate."

ABOUT ANDY: Chicago Public Radio calls Andy Martin a “boisterous Internet activist.” Andy is the legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He promotes his best-selling book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” and his Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois for over forty years. He is currently sponsoring
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