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Monday, April 30, 2012

HAWAI’I BULLETIN: Why Barack Obama is a “European socialist” and how Obama’s “Hawai’i years” contributed to his socialist orientation

FORTY-EIGHT HOUR ALERT: As Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin prepares to land in Honolulu on May 2nd he explains why he considers President Barack Obama a “European socialist.” Andy focuses on Obama’s current efforts to create a political movement out of “university students” and student loans. Andy says Obama’s efforts to mold “students” into an independent political force come right out of the European socialist playbook. Andy says Obama’s “socialist” views were implanted in the president by his family and his experiences during Obama’s “Hawai’i years.”

Andy Martin says Obama is trying to politicize “university students” with a “European socialist” model

Andy says Barack Obama’s “Hawai’i Years” helped to implant the “European socialist” values that the president now espouses in Washington

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As Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin prepares to land in Honolulu he explains why Barack Obama’s “Hawai’i years” remain crucial to an understanding of the president’s mindset

Andy returns to the Aloha State to continue his cutting edge research into Barack Obama’s “Hawai’i years”

Andy says Obama’s current efforts to mobilize university students stem directly from Obama’s “European socialist” mentality

(NEW YORK) (May 1, 2012) I was the first person to call candidate Barack Obama a “socialist” on national television, in October, 2008 on “Hannity’s America.” (link below) Since then the media have ridiculed Republican claims that Obama is a “European socialist.” But the liberal media are wrong, and I was right.

As I prepare to land in Hawai’i in a few hours here are some of my reasons for returning to Honolulu for another research expedition into Obama’s childhood and adolescent years.

A national government subsidizes university educations. Each year campuses produce tens and even hundreds of thousands of new graduates. For whom there are no jobs. The national government then subsidizes “students” in continuing post-graduate education programs and provides long-term “student” stipends and subsidies to compensate for the lack of economic opportunity. Governments then appeal to “students” as a political bloc and “students” return the favor by supporting political parties that promise to extend their special benefits.

Sound familiar?

Well, appealing to students and subsidizing students and trying to mold students into a cohesive political force is one of the bedrocks of European socialist countries. Now President Barack Obama is trying to “import” the European socialist model to the United States.

Last week Obama was flying from campus to campus, appealing to students to vote for lower student loan interest rates. This weekend Obama will be on college campuses, again appealing for “student support.”

Watching Obama appeal to college students was, frankly, embarrassing. He treated them like grown-up children. And they loved it. There was lingo about basketball coaches and tournaments, collegiate rivals, and all of the minutiae of the “college years” when young students are supposed to and are expected to morph into independent adults. But not in Obamaland.

In Obamaland the government gives, and gives and gives. If you just vote the right way. Easy. Queasy.

Sadly, Obama wants to extend childhood and retard the onset of adult responsibility. If you had told anyone twenty or thirty or forty years ago that it was “progress” for university graduates to continue a dependence on their parents, most people would have been be embarrassed to continue an umbilical cord after graduation. People believed that after college they should be establishing independent lives, jobs, relationships. Dad's health insurance? Oh, pleeeeze.

Today “helicopter parents” are creating an “endless” childhood, paying cell phone bills for children in their late twenties, welcoming “children” back into their homes, accepting a prolonged adolescence that can now last into a person’s 30’s. Year ago such a life model would have been considered embarrassing, dependent, a total failure. Today, I’m not so sure.

Watching some of the “students” that the media publicize, people in their 30’s looking for government subsidies so they can enjoy themselves with their own individual pursuits, while receiving the benefits of continuing government taxpayer subsidies from ordinary working class Americans, makes me wonder if individual energy and individual responsibility and adult values are not already endangered by the Obama mentality.

Obama’s plays the “student/endless childhood” fiddle with a virtuoso touch. He promises “lower interest rates,” like any snake oil salesman seeking to separate the vulnerable and gullible from their lucre (in this case their votes). The only problem? Obama’s “lower interest rates” would only take effect in the future, for new loans, after Obama’s last election. His “campaign” would have no impact on existing student loans.

Obama is nevertheless trying to translate future student loan interest rates into votes in the current presidential election. To do so Obama must get “students” to become a political force in their own right. Obama is trying to politicize student finances so that every future presidential election cycle will include a component appealing to “student” values and economic interests. But who pays the taxes that subsidize affluent students? Working-class Americans. Oh, and “millionaires and billionaires.” Almost forgot.

Republicans have responded with their own statistics. They note recent graduates can’t find jobs in an “Obama economy.” Due to poor job opportunities students are forced to live at home with their parents, in an extended adolescence that may continue into their 30’s. Families and children, housing and economic security must all be postponed, deferred and eventually maybe even denied.

Because the “Depression Generation” is now mostly dead and gone, and because today’s “Boomer” grandparents have always enjoyed a cornucopia of affluence and privilege, there are few who remember when people actually saved for a home or car and waited to get married and start a family until they had sufficient savings to establish a household. Waiting; scrimping and saving; patience and economizing all used to be the norm. Not any more. Under Obama everyone gets a government subsidy. And “free” gratification.

Save? Wait? Patience? Economize? These are not words in today’s student lexicon. Where affluence is the standard, perpetuating dependency has become the norm. Obama does everything he can to encourage government dependency as the sole source of all security and sustenance. Free interest rates? Free birth control? Free whatever. “Just vote for me,” says Obama. “You got it.” And the students eat up this nonsense. And cheer wildly. Like children at a fourth grade school assembly. No wonder Obama will be on the road this weekend, promising more and asking less of today’s students.

So how did Obama become a European socialist?

Obama’s socialist values were implanted during his Hawai’i years. His socialist values stem from three general sources: [1] Obama’s mother, who had a collectivist, socialist, third world mentality; [2] Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist and may have been Obama’s biological father; and [3] Obama’s experiences at Punahou School in Honolulu where he was forced to interact on a daily basis with the wealthiest children and the most privileged families of Hawai’i.

The financial circumstances of Obama’s grandparents, with whom he lived from the age of 10 to 18, were a far cry from the privileged circumstances of his fellow Punahou students. Resentment anybody?

People often ask me, “Why go back to Hawai’i? Isn’t Obama all in the White House now?” Well, with respect to daily policy, that is correct. But Obama’s mindset, his personality, his psyche, were all formed in Hawai’i. When I produced my original film on his Hawai’i Years (available in segments at, and I delved into the permanent impact Hawai’i has had on the 44th president.

Will Obama succeed in implanting European social values in today’s American university students? He will “succeed” only if he is elected to a second term, if he completely destroys our free enterprise economy and if college graduates become financially desperate and emotionally despondent.


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