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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Barack Obama Sarong Song, Part One

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin, the man who single-handedly created the anti-Obama “Birther” movement, says that the new “Obama” book by David Maraniss is likely to have unintended consequences. “Maraniss may have been trying to present ‘just the facts,’” Andy says. “But the ‘facts’ about Obama’s post-college years are chilling. Obama was living in some kind of Asian ‘bubble’ where he waltzed around his girlfriend wearing a sarong (a male Asian dress-style garment). The public has always had doubts about Obama’s ‘inner’ life. Maraniss’ book is going to confirm and exacerbate those suspicions. Maraniss may not have intended that result, but increased suspicion and enhanced concern for Obama’s attachment to American values are the likely result of Maraniss’ work.”



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Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin has posted his “Barack Obama Sarong Song, Part One” on one of Andy’s blogs

Andy predicts the “Sarong issue” is going to be to the 2012 presidential race what the “birth certificate” was to the 2008 campaign

Andy suggests David Maraniss’ new book may have the unintended consequence of increasing and expanding public doubts about Barack Obama’s “inner self”

Andy says Obama’s wearing of a sarong in Brooklyn and Manhattan in Obama’s early 20’s is strange behavior for a normal American to accept

Andy will be posting the “Barack Obama Sarong Song, Part One” on other media as he figures out how to do that, as well adding additional versions of the “Sarong Song”

With “Sarong Song” Andy takes up the cudgels of Andrew Breitbart by posting controversial political videos

(HONOLULU) (May 9, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin, the man who single-handedly created the anti-Obama “Birther” movement and then distanced himself from his creation, has posted the “Barack Obama Sarong Song, Part One” on one of his blogs. Additional versions will be forthcoming. Andy is about to reprise his 2008 success in undermining public confidence in who Barack Obama really is, and what Obama really stands for. Andy’s “sarong issue” is about to enter American politics.

“David Maraniss’ new book has opened an ‘eye’ into Barack Obama’s ‘weirdness factor’ as a young college graduate,” Andy says. “By his early 20’s Obama was no longer a child playing in a sandbox. Obama was a young Columbia University graduate, apparently living in Manhattan and Brooklyn. And he was living what by any standards was a bizarre lifestyle. Genevieve Cook, Obama’s ‘composite’ but real life girlfriend, is quoted in David Maraniss new book as seeing Obama wearing a sarong at home.

“Most Americans don’t even know what a sarong is.

“Is Obama wearing a sarong in the White House? The question is a reasonable one.

“The ‘foreigner’ doubts which tens of millions of Americans have had about Obama have now been confirmed. Obama was wearing a sarong, a form of male house dress-like garment popular in Asia, in Brooklyn and Manhattan in his 20’s. ‘Saronging’ represented Obama’s self-image, his statement to the world of ‘who he was.’ Obama’s self-image is probably creepy for most Americans. You can’t get any more ‘foreign’ than wearing a sarong at home, in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

“I am no technical expert and working from a hotel suite it’s not easy to do ‘technical’ work. But I have managed to post ‘Barack Obama’s Sarong Song, Part One’ on the Internet.

“It may seem unlikely now, in May, but I predict the ‘Sarong issue’ is going to be to the 2012 election cycle what the ‘birth certificate’ was to the 2008 campaign: an eye into the mind of a very peculiar individual with a confused identity,” Andy says. “Obama’s wearing of a sarong will be a metaphor for his bizarre identity and Obama’s lack of attachment to ordinary, Main Street American values.”

“Barack Obama Sarong Song, Part One,” is only available on one of Andy’s blogs today (see link below). But the video will eventually be posted across the board on Andy’s blogs and hopefully on his YouTube channel as Andy struggles to overcome his limitations as a non-techie.

Enjoy “Barack Obama Sarong Song, Part One,” (suggestion, play it in “full-screen” mode):


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