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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Republican presidential candidate, conservative blogger Andy Martin says David Maraniss’ new book confirms all of Andy’s prior claims about Barack Obama

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin landed in Honolulu as Vanity Fair was publishing excerpts from David Maraniss’ new book on Barack Obama. “Well, coincidence of coincidence,” Andy says, “Just as we arrived in Honolulu to continue our investigations into Obama’s ‘Hawai’i years,’ Maraniss independently confirmed Obama is a total fraud. Obama concocted an imaginary ‘white girl friend’ and lived like a total freak in his mid-20’s. Americans are endangered every day that Barack Nobama spends in the White House. My Honolulu investigation could not be more timely.



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Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin says President Barack Obama is a “total fraud”

Andy landed in Hawai’i Wednesday just as David Maraniss’ new book disclosed more “composite characters” in Barack Obama’s “bogus autobiography”

Andy says Obama makes President Richard Nixon “look like an open book”

Andy says that his 2004 exposure of Obama as a fraud, and Andy’s demand that publishers [in 2004] withdrew Obama’s book as a “bogus biography,” have once again been confirmed by another independent author

Andy is planning new actions while he is in Honolulu investigating Obama’s “Hawai’i years”

Andy predicts Obama’s “sarong moment” may have more impact on public perception of Obama and the 2012 presidential election than even the bogus composite girlfriend

(HONOLULU) (May 3, 2012) Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Honolulu news conference today, Thursday, May 3, 2012 to take credit for having exposed President Barack Obama as a fraud in 2004 (links below).

Andy says he has been completely vindicated by David Maraniss’ new book on Obama. Maraniss exposes new fictional characters in Obama’s “autobiography.” “Barack Obama is a complete fraud,” Andy says. Every day that Obama is in the White House the American people are in danger.

Andy has made numerous trips to Hawai’i investigating Obama, and has become a “virtual Kama’aina” after years in the Aloha State

Andy predicts that Obama’s “sarong moment,” as disclosed by Genevieve Cook in Maraniss’ book (link below), may more to undermine Obama than even the newly-disclosed sexual adventures.

Andy says “Obama’s New York sarong lifestyle” could decide the 2012 presidential election

“Eight years ago I exposed that Obama had written a fictional, not autobiographical, account of his life,” Andy will state today in Honolulu. “Yesterday David Maraniss’ new book confirmed that Obama even fabricated his ‘white girl friend,’ who was a ‘composite’ of women in New York, Chicago and elsewhere.

“We landed in Honolulu Wednesday evening. We announced our latest trip in early March. Obama is feeling the pressure of our new investigations. Our new disclosures expose Obama as a liar and fraud and other authors such as Maraniss are confirming my own research and writing. Obama has become a worldwide laughingstock (link below).

“Obama makes psychologically challenged President Richard Nixon look like an open book. Obama lied from the first day he appeared on the Illinois political scene, he lied his way onto the national stage, and he lied his way into the White House.

“A leader must be trusted. But how can you trust a man that lies about every aspect of his life, who fabricates every phase of his experience, who presents a paper maché portrait of himself—and labels it all ‘autobiography?’

“The issue isn’t whether Obama had sex with a white woman in Greenwich Village. No one cares. I could care less. The issue is that Obama repeatedly lied and fabricated and bamboozled booksellers and publishers into placing his book on the ‘non-fiction’ list, on the autobiographical shelves, when it should have been placed in the fiction department. Obama's work is a decent novel.

“How many 'composite characters' does it take to move a book from fact to fiction? What is true about Obama’s ‘Hawai’i years,’ and what is fiction? That’s what I am in Honolulu to find out.

“Is there any doubt the mainstream media lied to the American people in 2008? Is there any doubt why the American people do not trust either Obama or his mainstream media megaphone?

“The media are now trying to cover-up their own fraudulent practices by belatedly claiming Obama disclosed in the introduction to his book that some ‘characters’ were composite. True, but misleading. Obama never disclosed in his book who was a real person and who was a composite. The reader was left to guess what was truthful and what was imaginary. In an autobiography?

“My own mother asked me last month, ‘Why go back to Hawai’i; don’t we already know all there is to know about Hawai’i?’ The answer was ‘no’ we don’t. My research team, unlike Donald Trump’s imaginary ‘investigators,’ is actually here and actually investigating. For doubting Thomas’, they can ‘touch me’ if they require a Jesuitical confirmation of my actual presence in Hawai’i.

“Eight years ago I began breaking news about Obama. No one wanted to believe. Eight years later I am still breaking news.

“And, by the way, although the ‘Israel’ aspects of the 2004 news conference are beyond the scope of today’s news conference, I predicted in 2004 that Obama would pose a threat to Israel. How’s that for a 100% accurate crystal ball?” Andy asks. “Maraniss, David Remnick and others are decent authors. But my analysis and interpretation of Obama’s character has been peerless when to comes to exposing who Obama really is to the American people.

“I have been 100% right on Barack Obama from the first words I wrote abut him in 2004. The tragedy has been that no one wanted to listen. As the bible tells us, ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not hear.’

“Every day the American people pay a high price for their own stupidity, laziness, corruption, ignorance and gullibility in giving Barack Obama the keys to the White House.

“Finally, to show that I do not focus merely on the salacious, I will make a bold prediction: David Maraniss’ picture of Barack Obama, a man in his mid-20’s, living in New York City, wearing an Indonesian male house dress, may have more impact on public perceptions of Obama than even the sexual issues. What normal American man is wearing a sarong (an Indonesian ‘dress’ worn by men) at home in his mid-20s? Newton Gingrich may have withdrawn as a presidential candidate; but Gingrich's depiction of Obama as ‘foreign’ could not have been more accurate. The ‘sarong issue’ could decide the 2012 election.

“Sarong, anyone?

“More than a decade after Obama supposedly moved back to the United States he was still wearing a sarong and acting like an Indonesian at home. Genevieve Cook’s exposure is devastating to ‘the president of whatever Jimmy Fallon called him,’” Andy predicts.




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Conservative blogger Andy Martin says Obama has bungled the Secret Service incident, should offer amnesty to dismissed agents


Hawai’i Convention Center, main entrance, intersection of Atkinson and Kapi’olani Streets (by the large outdoor sculpture), Honolulu


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