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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Andy Martin comments on the 2012 Illinois Republican Party State Convention (June 8-9)

Illinois corruption-fighter and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin talks about corruption inside the Illinois Republican Party and describes Andy’s efforts to fight for a democratic and representative state central committee elected by Republican primary voters.

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June 7, 2012

Dear Republican:

Tomorrow (Friday) the Illinois Republican Party (“IRP”) will begin a two-day “state convention.” The convention may be illegal.

The list of delegates is secret. Who are we hiding the names and addresses of delegates from? Why the secrecy? (Secrecy is a regular feature of IRP state conventions.) Sadly, corrupt Republican Party insiders are hiding the names and addresses of delegates from us, ordinary Main Street Republicans. These crooked insiders don’t want us to know who the delegates are so we can ask the delegates to let our voices be heard. It’s as simple and sad as that. Party insiders are trying to muzzle Republican voices.

More importantly, state law is blatantly being violated. Illinois state law requires delegates to be chosen at a county convention. (You can read the state law in my lawsuit attached to this email.) Almost all of the current delegates were not chosen at a county convention. Their appointment was illegal. (Note to potential criminal defendants: if you try to doctor your county records to falsify when and how your delegates were chosen for the 2012 state convention, falsification of your party’s local records could land you a taxpayer-paid vacation next to Governors George Ryan or Rod Blagojevich.)

I have filed a lawsuit to invalidate both the secret list of delegates and to reverse the unlawful delegate selection procedure. I am asking the court to order a new state convention with delegates lawfully and properly selected in accordance with the clear requirements of state law.

Lawsuits are often complex and confusing to read. But my lawsuit is simple and straightforward. I have attached a copy of my lawsuit to this email. Take a look.

Is there a pattern here? The facts indicate there is. The insiders have tried to choose a congressional candidate—in secret. The insiders have chosen “delegates”—in secret. They are conducting a convention with delegates chosen in violation of state law.

Do the insiders think we are stupid?  Actually, they do. They think they can get away with corruption and manipulation because they have been getting away with corruption and manipulation.

Are you willing to stand up and fight for direct election of a state central committee that would be accountable to local Republican voters in each congressional district? I am fighting to achieve representative leadership with state central committee members chosen in a primary election instead of being chosen by party insiders behind closed doors.

Are you willing to join the fight to protect your vote and your right to choose who speaks for you? If not, why not? Why would you want to devalue your own vote by letting someone else cast a “vote” for you?

I’m doing my share to fight to make the Republican Party the majority party in this state. The insiders are fighting to keep their perquisites and privileges and insider deals. They don’t care about a Republican “minority” or “majority” as long as they collect their own personal goodies. Under the current corrupt leadership Illinois has gone from a Red State to a Blue State. The IRP used to have its own offices in Chicago and Springfield. Today the IRP does not have an independent office anywhere. The IRP is led and run out of a post office box in Chicago (check to confirm that fact).

Again I ask, where do you stand? I ask you to Stand Up for Illinois. I ask you to Stand Up for direct election of state central committee members. I ask you to Stand Up for democracy.  If you don’t, the insiders will take your right to vote away from you. In some measure, they already have.

Best wishes,



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