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Saturday, June 09, 2012

CHICAGO NEWS CONFERENCE: Senator Mark Kirk is violating federal law with Randy Pollard’s no show job

Illinois corruption-fighter, Internet Powerhouse and Conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Friday, June 8th, to announce that he has asked federal prosecutors to investigate possible criminal charges against Senator Mark Kirk and Republican Party factotum Randy Pollard. Andy says Kirk gave Pollard a “no show job” on Kirk’s federal payroll for which Pollard has few duties and no qualifications. Pollard collects $65,000 year in a “political kickback” from Kirk. Using federal funds to subsidize political employees is a crime, Andy says. Andy is asking federal prosecutors in Illinois to open a grand jury investigation of the Kirk/Pollard relationship.

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Illinois corruption-fighter and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin is asking federal prosecutors to open a grand jury investigation into Senator Mark Kirk because Kirk is using his federal payroll to subsidize political operatives in Illinois

Andy says Randy Pollard lacks any visible qualifications to collect a $65,000 federal paycheck as an “outreach coordinator”

Andy says Senator Mark Kirk’s characterization of Randy Pollard’s U. S. Senate job as being an “outreach coordinator” is nonsense

Andy says Pollard does not work in Springfield, does not live in Springfield and in reality is nothing more that a federally-paid political operative

(CHICAGO)(June 8, 2012) Illinois corruption-fighter and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Friday, June 8th 2012 to announce that he has asked federal prosecutors to open a grand jury investigation into the “no show job” Senator Mark Kirk has awarded Illinois Republican Party (“IRP”) factotum Randy Pollard as a “political kickback.”

Andy’s bombshell disclosure comes in the middle of the IRP’s state convention today and Saturday in Tinley Park.

Federal employees are prohibited from doing political work on federal time and senators are prohibited from using their federal payrolls to subsidize “employees” whose principal role is political activity.

“I have asked federal prosecutors to convene a grand jury investigation into the role played by IRP political goon Randy Pollard in Mark Kirk’s senate office (see links below). Illinois Republicans have a long history of political corruption; just ask Deb Detmers, John Shimkus and George Ryan, all accomplished crooks. But federal payrolls are not supposed to be used to fund political operatives. Former Cook County Treasurer Ed Rosewell was prosecuted for having a similar ‘ghost payroll.’

“Randy Pollard has no qualifications to collect a $65,000 federal paycheck. Pollard is a Republican Party goon who leads the ‘public employee caucus’ of the state Republican Party. These people use state politics to obtain no-show jobs and to advance themselves through political patronage. But federal law prohibits using federal funds in a like fashion.

“So what does Pollard to do earn $65,000 as an ‘outreach coordinator?’ What is he ‘coordinating?’ Pollard was a prison guard for 25 years. So he is collecting a state pension check as well as a federal paycheck for Kirk's no-show job.

“I don’t doubt that Pollard makes an occasional political appearance for Kirk. We track Pollard’s whereabouts. But are those appearances worth $65,000? Or is Pollard’s role primarily just to collect a paycheck for a non-show job, as payback for having helped rig the 2010 primary to benefit Kirk? Pollard doesn't work in Springfield, doesn’t live in Springfield and has no visible duties or serious job description. So why does Kirk list Pollard on Kirk’s Springfield payroll?

“Pollard, on the other hand, is virtually a full-time factotum of the IRP. In other words, Kirk is using his federal payroll to subsidize local politics, the same way Kirk’s offices have become the de facto headquarters of the local state IRP. The IRP no longer has any offices of its own and works out of a post office box in Chicago.

“The reason Republicans have forfeited leadership of Illinois government for two decades is that they have forfeited their own ethics and morals. Republicans love to prattle and post embarrassing news stories and preachy comments about Democrats on their ‘’ web page, but the IRP is just as corrupt and just as sleazy as Illinois Democrats. The state is sinking in a sea of bipartisan sleaze.

“I had planned to start ‘Kirk Week’ earlier this week, but fighting the corruption and cronyism at the IRP state convention took more time than I expected. We are now proceeding with Kirk Week. Stand by for more disclosures.”

Andy will release a copy of his letter to federal prosecutors at this afternoon’s news conference.




Illinois corruption-fighter, Internet Powerhouse and Conservative blogger Andy Martin


Andy Martin says federal prosecutors should investigate Mark Kirk and Randy Pollard for Pollard’s “no show job” which appears to violate federal law


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,

Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Friday, June 8th, 2012, 5:30 P.M.


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