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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Internet Powerhouse and Conservative blogger Andy Martin says Mitt Romney wins the White House; Obamacare is a Pyrrhic victory for Obama

Internet Powerhouse and Conservative blogger Andy Martin says that history will record President Barack Obama’s “Obamacare” victory in the Supreme Court today as the ultimate Pyrrhic victory. Andy concludes that Mitt Romney won the White House on June 28, 2012. “Christmas, and a presidential campaign victory, came early for Mitt Romney,” Andy says. “The Supreme Court has saddled Obama with the ‘biggest tax increase in history.’ Americans are stuck with a convoluted statute that took hundreds of pages to explain. Public anger will reach a crescendo on November 6th. Let’s have a Tea Party.”

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Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Obama lost the White House in today’s Supreme Court decision

Andy says that if Obamacare is a “tax” then the media are wrong to claim the Supreme Court “upheld” Obamacare; a tax can only be challenged after it is imposed

Andy says under federal law a lawsuit on the legality of Obamacare-as-a-tax has merely been postponed

Andy says the stock market has now exposed the real winners under Obamacare: the hospital industry (hospital stocks rose after the ruling)

Andy says this is a “Phalanga facta” moment for conservatives; the party will now become a phalanx pointed at Obama and his socialist Democratic Party cohort

(NEW YORK)(June 28, 2012) Internet Powerhouse and Conservative blogger Andy Martin believes Mitt Romney won the White House today. “Mitt Romney is an incredibly lucky man,” Andy says. “In ‘upholding’ Obamacare, which is not what the Supreme Court actually did, Romney was handed an issue that will galvanize the nation and thrust him into the Oval office. Barack Obama may try to spin the Supreme Court’s decision as a ‘victory.’ But the ruling is the ultimate Pyrrhic victory. Obama won the appeal and will lose the White House.

“I realize that my views are ‘contrarian.’ The media are spinning today’s decision as a victory for Obama. That’s simply not true. Most reporters today lack any political substance or experience. That’s why their political insights and judgments are usually so off-the-mark.

“First, if Obamacare is indeed now a tax, then Obama has imposed the biggest and most complex ‘tax’ in American history.

“We used to debate whether Obamacare constituted a ‘government takeover of health care.’ By declaring Obama’s scheme a tax, the Supreme Court has confirmed that we do confront a government takeover of health care, a takeover, moreover, under the virtually unlimited power of Congress to tax instead of under the more limited congressional power to regulate pursuant to the Commerce Clause.

“Today America has become a tax-directed dictatorship. If Congress can tax everything and anything under the power to tax, we face an imperial Congress even more dangerous to the American people than we initially suspected. The Court’s action today justifies dictatorial congressional enactments under virtually limitless powers to tax. Chief Justice John Marshall wrote ‘The power to tax is the power to destroy.’ The Court today destroyed healthcare by claiming to save it under the rubric of a ‘tax.’

“Second, if Obamacare is a ‘tax,’ then Obamacare has not been upheld today because federal law is clear that a tax can only be challenged after it is imposed, which is 2014. So, at best, the Court’s ruling today is a limited declaration of legal status that can only lead to new lawsuits in the future. By declaring Obamacare a tax the Supreme Court has only postponed any litigation.

“Third, Obamacare is a crass attempt to buy votes from illegal aliens and other groups by ‘taxing’ senior citizens and reducing Medicare benefits to subsidize people who do not pay taxes and are merely living off government handouts. Senior voters are likely to be even more united and even more active against reelecting Obama. Their pocketbooks are at stake.

“Fourth, Obamacare was always a nightmare because of its complexity and rigidity. Now that the court has apparently created a limited state ‘opt out’ provision for Medicaid the law will become even more confusing and even less beneficial to working families that actually pay taxes.

“Fifth, look at the stock market. Hospital corporation stocks are skyrocketing. Who really profits from Obamacare? Now we know. The medical industry.

“Sixth, for the court to take a law that was passed as a ‘fee’ and then to retroactively declare that the ‘fee’ is really a ‘tax’ is a judicial usurpation. It is precisely the kind of judicial activism that Americans have come to despise. Chief Justice Roberts, who was a Washington insider before he was a judge, has done Washington’s bidding. It is not that Roberts loved the people less, but that he loved the Washington establishment more. Obamacare is a bonanza for Washington lobbyists, insiders and copperplate profiteers.

“Finally, to any conservatives or independents who might have had doubts about Romney, now those doubts have been eliminated. Today’s ruling is a ‘Phalanga facta’ moment for the conservative army. The American people will form up as a phalanx and point at Obama with devastating force on November 6th. I can’t think of any action by the court that would have energized the ‘base’ more.

“The combination of a weak economy and an imperious judiciary will doom Obama’s reelection chances. The judges’ sleight-of-hand in converting a fee into a tax will not sit well with the American people.

“Personally, I disagree with the 5-4 majority. How can you call this massive regulatory scheme a ‘tax?’ The ruling makes a joke of the term tax. Congress passed a law by explicitly claiming it was not a tax, and the court has now rewritten the law to reclassify the enactment as a tax. Judicial activism anyone? Hello?

“The 2012 presidential has essentially become a referendum on Obamacare. Some states [such as Florida and California] can enact and repeal legislative enactments by ‘referendum’ or popular vote. The U. S. Constitution ought to have such a provision, but does not. Nevertheless, Obamacare has now become the central focus of the election. If I were Obama I would not be happy at that prospect.

“Romney needed a defining issue to galvanize the electorate and to energize his campaign. The Supreme Court handed Romney that issue on a silver platter.

“Get used to it: President Romney. Obama lost the election today,” Andy concludes.


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