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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conservative powerhouse Andy Martin returns to Hawai’i: Obama investigations continue

America’s leading independent conservative investigator and columnist announces his return to Honolulu to continue his precedent-setting investigation into the family history of President Barack Obama. Andy Martin’s pioneering research in Hawai’i launched many subsequent investigations by other authors and producers. Andy continues with his Hawai’i investigations and says “We have a briefing book which is already packed with new leads about Obama’s past. September 25th we’ll be on the ground in Honolulu pursuing all of them.”


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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin returns to Honolulu on September 25th to continue his research and investigation into President Barack Obama’s “Hawai’i years”

Andy continues to lead his nationwide “Anti-Obama underground” on the Internet and to work clandestinely to defeat Obama for reelection

Andy invites interested researchers to join his research team in Hawai’i

Andy says he has a “briefing book” full of new investigative leads to pursue as he returns to Obama’s birthplace

(HONOLULU) (September 12, 2012)

Dear Reader:


Eight years ago, in August, 2004, I exposed that Barack Obama was a political fraud. I exposed that Obama’s “autobiography” was mostly a work of fiction, and that in critical respects it involved nonexistent characters. I asked Obama’s publisher to move the book from biography to fiction. No one wanted to hear the truth about Obama. Obama has continued to profit personally from publishing his lies, and he has collected millions of dollars in royalties for a work of fiction.

Four years ago, in October, 2008, I became the first independent investigator to land in Honolulu to look into Obama’s family history. My precedent-setting lawsuit in the Hawai’i courts exposed how local officials were hiding Obama’s birth certificate. The case created a nationwide firestorm that gave “birth” to the “Birther” movement. Today over 100 million Americans continue to have doubts about Obama’s origins.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews reported on September 11th that 1/3 of Ohio Republicans still have doubts about Obama’s origins. (The mainstream media never report the percentage of Democrats who have doubts about Obama’s background.) The movement I created to question Obama’s family history is alive and well. (Watch for another column analyzing the Birther movement.)

Because of my research into Obama’s background I was attacked by the Washington Post, the New York Times and broadcast media. CNN ridiculed my research in Honolulu even though the network had hired a camera crew to follow much of my activity in Hawai’i (video link below). CNN actually taped the lawsuit-in-progress.

The movement I created was “born” on the Interest and continues to spread on the Internet. That’s why became the “Internet Powerhouse.”

My research in Honolulu yielded a surprise theory (and I want to emphasize and underline it is still a theory): Barack Obama was actually the biological son of Frank Marshall Davis, not Barack Obama of Kenya. When I announced my “Davis” theory in Honolulu in 2008 I was attacked by News Corporation’s geriatric Rupert Murdoch, who retroactively revoked an invitation his network had given me for what became the most explosive cable network program of the 2008 presidential campaign (video link blow to Hannity’s America). Obama’s media henchman Robert Gibbs went on Fox News to attack me with extraneous accusations based on a lawsuit over a quarter of a century old, where I was the victim of a crime.

My research in Honolulu has stood the test of time. In eight years of writing and research, neither Obama nor anyone else has ever undermined any of the facts I brought forward. It took the Washington Post’s David Maraniss eight (8!) years to catch up with my research (which he failed to credit). Maraniss was still too afraid of repercussions from Obamabots to even mention the “Davis” theory.

Yesterday’s New York Post has a full-page ad for a DVD that advertises “Barack Obama’s real father — Frank Marshall Davis.” I have never met auteur Joel Gilbert and cannot vouch for the movie itself. A new book on Davis also points in the direction of Obama’s biological father being Davis. As I have worked with the puzzle of Obama’s past over the past four years, most of the episodes in Obama’s early life make no sense without the presence of Davis. With Davis in place all of the pieces of Obama’s Hawai’i years fit snugly. More and more analysts are agreeing with my “Davis” theory.

I also produced the first Hawai’i movie in 2009 providing “pictures” of some of the Honolulu way stations in Obama’s life (video link below). You can view the movie in segments.

Why has my research been increasingly accepted, and stood the test of time, while other Obama writers turned out to be flash-in-the-pans? There are two reasons.

First, although I am a political opponent of Obama, and will be announcing a new anti-Obama effort in Manchester, New Hampshire next week, I have scrupulously separated my political views from my scholarly research. If I can’t prove a fact, I won’t allege it. If I have a theory, I label my views a theory, not a fact. I keep my political views and my scholarly research completely separate.

Second, I have not gone where the facts do not take me. Many people have written about Obama’s Kenya “birth.” Very honestly, I have never seen any evidence that would support such a claim. As a respected public interest litigator for forty-four years, I have a simple test: could I stand up in court and present Obama “evidence” to a federal judge? If not, the material is not “evidence” but merely argument or speculation.

Orly Taitz, who is a favorite of the liberal media because she is so over-the-top — the liberals love to feature her as a leader of the anti-Obama movement because Taitz is a caricature of Obama’s opposition with her heavy foreign accent and Soviet-era conspiracy theories – constantly files fictitious claims in courts (this is not to say I disagree with all of Taitz’ claims and theories, only that her dross drives out her legitimate issues). She has been sanctioned for some of her claims.

No judge has ever sanctioned any part of my Obama litigation. We often disagree on legal principles, but I have been extremely “conservative” with my pleadings and presentations in court.

I have also avoided the temptation to engage in conservative-style “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” the way liberals once attacked President George W. Bush with “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” In the words of Dragnet’s TV Sergeant Joe Friday, whose test I adopted as my own, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

So where do we go from here, and where do you fit in? Here are three principles to consider:

First, I no longer consider myself a leader of “Birthers” per se. Rather the movement I launched in 2004 and expanded in 2008 has become the “Anti-Obama Underground.” We operate on the Internet beyond mainstream media manipulation and control. Even Obama continues to recognize the potency of doubts about his family history. He jokes about his “birth certificate” fairly regularly. That’s Obama’s version of gallows humor. Obama knows that my seminal efforts have grown into an enormous but amorphous movement that he can’t stamp out and that now numbers over 100 million Americans with varying doubts about Obama’s character, religion and family history.

Second, if you would like to join our research team in Honolulu, and see some of our activity in action, please get in touch. We land in Honolulu two weeks from today, September 25th, with a fresh briefcase of material including explosive new leads to verify and investigate. We don’t charge a penny to “join the team.” It’s free. Just make your own way to Honolulu and your own arrangements for a place to stay there. Let us know if you are coming.

Third, in the remaining days of the campaign I will be launching various operations which are all directed at defeating Barack Obama for reelection. One of the popular memes of the left is that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell launched the “defeat Obama” effort on inauguration day in 2009. The truth is somewhat different. I launched the “defeat Obama” movement in 2008. The sad truth is that Republicans from Senator John McCain on down to his campaign staff were totally incompetent and unable to understand how to deal with Obama’s opaque personal history. Republican Party incompetence helped elect Obama president in 2008.

I pray Mitt Romney doesn’t make the same mistake. Character counts in the Oval Office. The American people ignore that reality at their own peril. Romney has to raise doubts about Obama’s character and integrity (e.g., would a writer lie about his “autobiography? Obama did).

Despite my eight years of efforts to expose Obama, and four years of efforts to defeat him, I will continue to base my reporting on the facts and only the facts. My opinions are opinions based on my analysis of the incomplete evidence and my synthesis of the missing threads in the Obama tapestry.

Ironically, Obama enjoys and exploits the most outrageous “Birthers” because he uses extreme Birthers to excite his base. Obama dislikes me because I have the “Chicago experience” to know where Obama's dirty tricks come from, and to expose how Obama has exported the “Chicago Way” to the Oval Office.

If you know someone who would like to read my reporting and commentary, by all means invite them to join our list. Because operates on a shoestring, we can’t accommodate everyone. But we always try to “make room for one more.”

For those of you who have been readers over the past decade, much of the foregoing is common knowledge. For our new readers, welcome. For America, a prayer that President Obama will become former president Obama on November 7th.



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